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  1. Depends on how many planes you have on the ground at a time. That said, if you have negative balance you won't be able to lease a gate. So it might be worth it to either fly your planes more (to avoid overages) or restart your airline.
  2. If you have long turnarounds slot leasing can really add up
  3. Options are a thing that's coming, although not sure what version yet. It's actually partly implemented already though not usable.
  4. Check your gate slot leasing, you might need to lease some gates. Look to your financial report to see what your biggest costs are.
  5. We moved the server and the tomezone was changed between the servers, I will make the change when I get back home. I'm currently out of town
  6. It depends, leasing a gate doesn't decrease your landing/takeoff fees but it does eliminate the gate use fees. Gate use fees only kick in after your plane has been sitting at the gate for more than an hour (one hour gate time is included in the cost of landing/takeoff fees), so as long as all your turnarounds are under 1 hour there is no advantage to leasing a gate from rent costs perspective. The only other expense associated with gate slot rentals is the ramp agent staffing costs which are a flat fee based on your aircrafts MTOW, for leased gates you hire your own staff. Generally speaking, since staffing costs are per cycle if you have a lot of flights in/out of an airport you'll save money on staffing, but if you only have one or two flights it's probably cheaper to use airports staff. You can look how much you're spending at each airport on slot rentals using the slot rental page under the facilities tab
  7. For the most part yes, old flights are grandfathered into the update. The only exception to that is the new demand model, which will probably have to be recalculated. Also to maintain everyone's sanity I will probably automatically update prices to match inflation so that it doesn't have to be done manually.
  8. I definitely might up those values
  9. Marketing is not implemented yet (probably 0.4), once it is it will have a small impact For connecting flights it will be the average of the two or three flights rating except for the travel time, departure/arrival times, and price/value
  10. Depends on the alliance, some require a membership beyond the sim world (also known as the super-global alliances, you can apply to alliances you're interested in on the alliances tab at the top of the forum), while others simply operate in game and thus only require an application in the world.
  11. Hey folks! Those of you who have been around the Discord (link at the top) are familiar that one of the main features I have been working on for 0.3 is the new demand system. In fact, I am redesigning it basically from scratch. While the present system works, it is at its core very simple. Pax will rank their preference of flights based on different attributes and will select the flight they prefer the most that they can afford (which is decided by a separate Poisson distribution). Add on that the value calculations to give a boost to low cost carriers that provide comparatively cheap flights for what they offer and you have the existing passenger model. This model has largely remained unchanged since the earliest stages of the sim development (while the different weights were changed around, and other factors to consider added, the design itself did not change). This approach works but it does create issues, namely the following: Every passenger favors the same 'type' of flight, and thus favors a single type of airline Two flights that are comparable in their appeal will not split passengers in the way you'd expect since one flight will be ranked above the other Due to the simplicity of the mechanic it is possible to game the system in unrealistic ways Now I'm generally weary of releasing details about how the various game mechanics work in large part because I want to avoid giving any information that would allow people to game the mechanic and gain an unfair advantage. However I feel with this new model explaining how it works would serve to inform players strategy and prompt more engagement with the sim (and if I'm wrong I guess I'll have to rewrite the model again), plus this is likely to change in future versions and thus should be used more as a rough outline then a definitive guide. With that said here is how the new model works: First, there are 7 different types of passengers, the exact proportions of each for each route pair is something that I'm still working on, however they will not be the same, thus some routes will have more business demand for instance than others. Either way, here are the 7 types: Low Cost Leisure Traveler Middle Cost Leisure Traveler Upper Cost Leisure Traveler Middle Class Business Traveler Upper Class Business Traveler Executive Urgent Travel (think those flying for emergency purposes) In the same sphere, there are 11 different criteria that they weigh in deciding what flight to take: Price: pretty self explanatory, the lower the price the higher this score Value: The sum of all the other factors divided by price, basically a measurement of how much 'bang for the buck' a passenger can expect compared to other options on the market IFS: This is weighed equally between 2 factors, first is the soft product on the plane (things like food, amenity kits etc.), and the effectiveness of your flight attendants IFE: Entertainment and productivity options that your airline offers Seat: The quality, comfort, legroom and width of the seat Departure time: The day of the week and time (local time) that the flight departs) Arrival time: Same as above, but for arrival time Airport: Mostly a placeholder for a certain 0.4 feature, but for now deals with the airport and booking experience. Influenced by efficiency of your customer service, airport agents and airport crowding Loyalty: Another one mostly reserved for the future, but is also influenced by how many flights an airline has out of a particular airport (for instance for a flight between A and B, and A is significantly bigger than B, an airline that has a lot of operations in A is going to have an advantage over an airline that has comparable operations in B), as well as the country of the airline (same rules as for cities, pax prefer to fly on their countries carriers, so flights between India and the US will favor Indian airlines since most of the passengers on that flight are probably Indian and thus have a national preference) On-Time rating: Based on the efficiency of your pilots, maintenance workers and ground workers, aircraft utilization, turnaround time and operations at departure airports (more flights out of departure airport mean less likely to have a delay since more likely a spare plane is available in case of issues) Flight Time: Self explanatory, shorter time traveling = higher rating With that in mind, here is the 'grid' for how different pax prioritize different aspects: Keep in mind, a lot of things will still change between now and the release of 0.3 and many things about the model (such as the exact equations used to distribute pax or calculate proportions) will not be released, but for now, this is what I've been working on. And as always, I am open to suggestions or any other ideas y'all have.
  12. Honestly the IFS weight is far too small currently and carries about the same impact as other factors like legroom and departure/arrival times (pax prefer to fly during certain times of day and days of the week). In 0.3 I'm changing it to where there are going to be different traveler types that will all value different things differently. There are about 9 different aspects of the flight that I have singled out, most of which are already in game but are not weighed as much as they should be.
  13. Value is calculated once a quarter. So that's probably why
  14. Correct, currently your airlines value is simply your balance + the value of the aircraft you own. I do plan to make a more complex valuation system that takes into account the value of your routes and other assets but its not a priority at the moment.
  15. Yeah, I'll fix the timing bug when I get the chance. It will probably be fixed then.
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