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  1. Interesting, I'll take a look later. Trying to finish redesigning event manager that's blocking some notifications I want to add, as I don't want to add new events without finishing the event manager redesign
  2. The new demand system is not up yet, but the current demand system should not produce those results. Which route is this on? If it's competitive enough and your competition has high enough reputation I can see something like that happening.
  3. I do have a long term plan to add cargo though not a priority at the moment. My current major priorities for 2024 are a demand system and UI redesigns, I am still unsure about the prioritization beyond that.
  4. At present I'm planning to rework the demand system to be more dynamic such that you can implement different pricing strategies depending on your strategy. With that in mind, such a system would not work. I haven't decided what the default price should be in that scenario either, though I'm at present steering towards some kind of a default price per mile for each service class.
  5. I have added the new notifications which have been deployed throughout the sim as a replacement for the existing mail system, but also as part of the notifications card. I still have a few more notification types to add (as well as competitive outlook, which is just a different type of notification that is separate from all the others). Looking into the metrics everything appears to be doing well with regards to the new dashboard so once those new types get added I will enable the new dashboard as the default experience. I will leave the option to use the old dashboard for now as I am still working on getting all of the testing infrastructure in place to validate that breaking changes do not sneak into prod.
  6. Can you pass a link to the aircraft?
  7. Yeah, the flight scheduler is my biggest shame of the sim, I am prioritizing redesigning it as part of a broader UI overhaul which I'm starting with the new dashboard.
  8. I might play around with fonts more, I am using TailwindsCSS with this redesign and am still figuring out the exact design as far as fonts and the exact color scheme. I do want to go with something a bit more interesting
  9. Hi Folks! I am now putting the new dashboard into preview as I have achieved feature parity with the current dashboard, there are still a few issues to work out and notifications/competitive outlook is still not supported (though will be before full release). This is also the first step in a UI revamp, so general feedback about the look is appreciated as well. I do want to add some more color into the whole setup and plan to play around with it more. Further, while the new dashboard does show fuel prices, and those prices are 'real' in the sense that this is what the sim will use once the fuel update comes out, the flight model currently does not use those prices. As always, I look forward to hearing your feedback. To get a look into the new dashboard just go ahead to the dashboard and press the 'Try Now' button. Thanks!
  10. Yeah, I think it was something to do with your browser not recognizing the certificate and intercepting the response. I'd be willing to bet money that the request actually went through and it was the response that got intercepted. Either way glad you're enjoying the game!
  11. I mean it's in your interest to do that regardless to make sure that planes keep flying (indeed this is what real airlines do), however if you wish to keep planes stationed (say overnight) just make sure that you either own the terminal or lease the gate that it's staying in since those gates are charged a flat fee rather than a per minute one.
  12. Your revenue is number of pax * price of the ticket (plus whatever IFE you have this might bring some income). The costs of your flights do not depend on the price so may be discounted for this discussion. The default price is slightly lower than the median of what the willingness to pay is, such that with that price you should be able to capture about 80-90% of the demand, if you want to capture 100% you'll have to lower prices, similarly if you capture less of a demand, you may increase prices to generate more revenue per passenger. Further consideration is which passengers you're capturing, for example if your aircraft has 2 or more classes, it's possible to see that pricing your economy class might drive passengers away from business class as you have excess capacity in economy from lower cost pax opting to not fly (admittely there is no mechanic in the sim to say that if the prices are similar enough some passengers will opt to 'spoil themselves' and upgrade, this is covered in my plans for demand redesign). In this scenario, you might have passengers who are willing to pay a premium price but would still opt for the cheapest option, as you price people out of economy those folks will buy an economy ticket rather than a business class which may also decrease your revenue. Essentially it's important to remember that the passengers are 'fluid', and do not attach themselves to a particular class just as in real life your business class competes with your premium economy class and economy class etc. As for an ideal formula, there isn't a mathematical formula that I'm aware of, and while I'm sure that it exists, I try hard to make sure that there isn't a hard and fast way to 'win' the system. I aim for realism with the sim so want to keep some variability to keep things interesting.
  13. 'Recommended' prices are just slightly below the price a median passenger is willing to pay, if you're well below the demand you should be safe to increase the price by quite a bit. If you're still having issues making a profit, it's likely that the aircraft you're using is not a good fit for that flight. The price passengers are willing to make do not take anything about the aircraft you're using into account to determine their willingness to pay (reputation impacts associated with your configuration and other aspects like how fast the plane is impact how preferrable your flight is, which plays a role when consideration competition as your passengers might still prefer your airline even at a slightly higher price but it makes no impact when there is no competition).
  14. Here is the new Arcade world, apologies for the delay as I didn't want to reset the world so close to reset of world B, I was also investigating an issue that turned out to be false alarm. World Arcade I Timeframe: 2020-2200 Starting Money: $10 Million World Speed: 7 Days/30 Minutes Difficulty/Rules: Arcade, no political restrictions or aircraft release dates.
  15. Ok, I did a deep dive into the increase of latency since last update and it appears to be false alarm, after not being able to understand where the latency was coming from (since all of the page specific metrics/alarms were not showing any increase) I discovered that the issue is in the metrics scraping request which has seen a massive increase in latency. Not sure why, no updates to metrics were released in the update but either way there is no impact to the players. See graph below where green represents the total P95 latency (latency of the slowest 5% of requests) and yellow represents P95 if we exclude metrics requests (note that the update in question was released to prod on 12/27). As such, I will be launching Arcade I later today seeing as there are no latency concerns.
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