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  1. Employees are hired at the start of every quarter automatically. Before then salaries for pilots and flight attendants are still paid as those are charged per flight hour which is what you're seeing in the financial report.
  2. Bookmarking flights is planned, as for finished worlds I just haven't gotten around to closing OC III as I have been a bit AWOL, though I will do it in the coming days. Also I should mention that the flight research page is getting redone from scratch for 0.3 (hence why it's taking a while, getting motivated to do anything front-end related is not easy when you're a back-end dev)
  3. Hey Folks! We're back and running on AWS after a hard drive failure on my main server. I apologize for the inconvenience. While I had the backups of both the database and the files of the sim and the forum, the forum database backup was corrupted and couldn't be recovered. I was able to find a (really) old backup but it unfortunately means that the vast majority of your forum accounts are lost. That said, YOUR AIRLINES ARE SAFE. Here is how to get them back! First, you will need to recreate your account on the forum. USE THE SAME USERNAME AS YOUR ORIGINAL USERNAME ON THE FORUMS, if you changed your name use the original name you registered with. This is important so that I can find your sim account, you can change your display name once you create your account, but your actual account name must be the same. Second, once you have done that, please GO TO OUR DISCORD: https://discord.gg/qudNez3 In the discord, go to the channel #account-relink and post a link to your forum account, this can be found by clicking your username at the top and then profile, for example, my profile link is: https://airsim.world/index.php?/profile/1-sviridovt/ Third, WAIT. Do not create any airlines in the meanwhile as they will be lost. Once I have re-linked your account, I will post on the #account-relink channel and thumbs up your comment. Please avoid making any extranious comments on the #account-relink channel to make this process as quick and easy as possible. If you want to ask questions or leave comments use the #general or #game-chat channel instead. If for whatever reason you prefer to not use discord, you may also PM me on here. That said, it would be much easier and quicker if you use the #account-relink channel. Again, I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for sticking with us over this challenging time. We are now running on AWS and should hopefully not have these issues again (and the sim should run a little bit faster as well). Thanks!
  4. Hey Y'all! Just wanted to give you a bit of an update on 0.2 as well as give you all a bit of a roadmap regarding what to expect in future releases of the game as we go through the Alpha development stage. 0.2 is going to have a lot of new features and I hope that you will agree with me that these features are worth the wait. AirSimWorld 0.2 Alpha (Release mid to late June): More details on your airlines finances (including breakdowns of how each of your cabins, aircraft and configurations are performing as a whole, more detailed flight financials etc.) Credit Ratings, Loans and Leases Ability to Bankrupt your airline/go into Bankruptcy Protection Airport Gates and Terminals Alliances Airline Reputation and Reach Staff options (setting salaries, dealing with unions, employee morale etc.) Logos, graphics and branding options Better mail system (aircraft deliveries split from general mail, mail reserved for important information Various bug fixes AirSimWorld 0.3 Alpha (Release mid July): This update will primarily be a UI update, that wont add many features but will be a significant overhaul of the UI. This will include things like making all the tables sortable (currently only flights and aircraft pages have those), add ability to add other columns to tables as well as have the ability to customize the UI to your own needs (One such feature is the ability to customize what is shown on the dashboard). This update wont do too much in terms of new features except bug fixes and tweaking of some game mechanics. AirSimWorld 0.4 Alpha (Release early August): This update will primarily add depth to existing ingame features, examples include adding aircraft options (winglets, extra fuel tanks etc.), more maintenance options, have aircraft maintenance actually take aircraft out of service (currently it only charges your airline money), more facilities upgrades (lounges, maintenance facilities etc.), better alliance options, realistic flight delays (cascading flight delays) etc. AirSimWorld 0.5 Beta (Release late August/Early September): This update will primarily overhaul the way you interact with agents in game (aircraft manufactures, banks, airports) by adding contracts and negotiations to the game, so you'll be able to negotiate with an aircraft manufacturer or an airport to get a certain price on things etc. This will also add more complicated things like aircraft options, termination fees etc. This contract system will also be used for player interactions for things such as inter-lining agreements (potentially but probably not in this update) codeshare agreements, and leases between airlines. Its also worth noting that minor bug fixes will be released between updates similar to 0.1. I would love to also hear your feedback and thoughts. Thanks!
  5. I'll definitely look to add something like that following 0.2 update or maybe 0.3
  6. AirSimWorld 0.1.6 Alpha Database Optimizations in Event Manager Database Optimizations in route management Night Mode (leaked in from early 0.2 build) Better Logging Support
  7. They should be different countries in game, however, currently the way that countries are assigned to airports is a bit screwed up. This will be fixed at some point soon
  8. Hey y'all, The game is live again. No major changes for 0.1.5, just needed to make some changes for it to work on AWS: AirSimWorld 0.1.5 Alpha: AWS Support Changes to authentication When you first log in to the game, it will ask you to verify permissions with the forums and again every few hours.
  9. Hey y'all! I am currently in the process of moving the game over to AWS, as such, the game server has been temporarily shut down. Should be back tomorrow hopefully.
  10. Hi! I'm sure many of you noticed that there was a bug that emerged recently whereby flights werent updating, this has since been fixed. The problem was that the code that runs the background tasks crashed, I'll be investigating the reasons for this but in the meanwhile it has been restarted and any updates you run should work now. You will need to refresh affected routes. I apologize for the long wait as I was busy with exams.
  11. I mean part of what new features add are new expenses which are currently not modeled correctly. I do agree that finding a balance is a must right now, and it will continue being tweaked and worked on as time progresses. I honestly have just been too busy with school in recent weeks (end of semester) to be too involved in development, but an update is coming.
  12. All of those are planned for 0.2 although lounges might be pushed back to 0.3
  13. I dont think this is going to happen, there might be in far future an app that people may use, and maybe an ability to have custom worlds (although I don't see any way for that particular feature to be free due to the computational requirements involved). I don't have plans to release the games source code both because of the effort that went into it and because the game benefits from the social network effect (the more people that play the game the more people it attracts), so having everyone play in their own world worsens the game for everyone. Although smaller worlds are definitely going to be a part of the game.
  14. Most of this will be implemented programmatically, and even in cases of ip spoofers and stuff all deals will be evaluated by the anti-cheat and flagged for review of something seems sketchy (ie, someone sells a plane for way less than it's value). You may very well be right that I'm being too optimistic, but it's worth trying it to ensure maximum realism and avoid arbitrary restrictions.
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