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  1. Alright, I want to look into starting a new world within the next few weeks. Please vote on what time period y'all are interested in and whatever wins out will be the new World B. Please note that World A will be reset once it reached 2020 in game and will be reset back to 1970. Feel free to select multiple options, if everyone selects options that they are ok with then the winners in each category will be what is acceptable to the most number of people!
  2. Yeah, The demand model will probably be adjusted for 0.3, although I can't guarantee changes for specific countries since the demand is generated dynamically based on a number of factors. It will expand for 0.3 though.
  3. That's already a part of the next update that will be released soon. 🙂
  4. Maybe, I'm working on aircraft schedule transfers
  5. Fixed. The server is having a few issues with running out of hard drive space which is causing the DB to freak out. *should* be fixed now
  6. Yeah, there was a bug with 0.2.0 (or actually not 0.2.0 persay, it existed prior to it but was triggered in the past week or so) where time wasnt advancing properly. It is now (or should be) fixed in 0.2.1
  7. Hey y'all! I apologize for the delay in getting this update out, I've been unexpectedly busy with IRL work and thus had little time to work on ASW. Bug Fixes Financial Report Bug #110 / #109 Fix unable to select seat types #98 Fix page not redirecting properly when not enough money to lease Gate Leasing Fixed Lease/Loan fix Staff morale/effectiveness not calculating fix Default Seat Type fixed Other Changes Ads added in game I realize that ads are somewhat annoying, however they are a necessity. Hosting is expensive and is putting quite a dent in my pocket, which is why the ability for the game to raise money to help offset that is very important. Your support for this is appreciated!
  8. I've been notified of a few issues with the financial reports not working (and planes not delivering as a result). I have paused the game temporarily, a fix is on its way tomorrow
  9. Yeah, it's a bug that will be fixed for 0.2.1. you're still being charged the correct amount (as shown in financial report), but it doesn't show properly.
  10. Yeah, currently my plan is to make it so that it would set a default price based on distance * average price per mile of the service class. Although I'm not yet sure when I'll add that in.
  11. There will be ads in game. I'm currently working on getting approval from Google for ads. Have to pay for servers somehow.
  12. in fact, its literally at the top of my list for 0.2.x updates (things with a dash next to them are implemented)
  13. It is coming prior to 0.3 as part of an 0.2.x update. and its one of the things at the top of my list.
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