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  1. To delete airline, go into airline overview, then airline settings. There will then be a red delete button on that page.
  2. I see. I do think that the ultra-realistic game mode would be nice to see. Thanks for the great information.
  3. This is a great change of ideas! Love it! Would it also be cool if you could ‘buy’ certain routes from other airlines. The reason I am thinking this is because once a route fills up, let’s say JFK to LHR, you can’t add a flight and get profit without making the price smaller, which would make less profit. I think that airlines should be able to buy other airline’s routes. It would also make the game more realistic, like when Pan Am went out of business, other airlines, such as United, bought their important routes.
  4. Airport Name: Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport (Guam International Airport). Country: Guam (USA territory) Longitude/Latitude: 13.4853 N, 144.8008 E. Longest Runway: 6L/24R: 12,015 ft. Source: guamairport.com By the way, a problem I have been noticing is that even if your home country has territories (like USA has US Virgin Islands), you can't operate flights from the territory to an airport that isn’t in your home country. Like, I can't operate a flight from the US Virgin Islands to LHR, because of political restrictions. I think this should be fixed.
  5. Hi everyone, I was just playing, and I noticed that if you go into aircraft explorer, the range for the 787-10 is only 1026 miles. This can’t be right, can it? Let me know if I made a mistake or if I am right.
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