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  2. I would like to suggest the ability to reconfigure your aircraft outside of a C or D check and/or give the ability to force the plane to perform X maintenance type. Obviously from a realism perspective you can't just reconfigure a plane willy nilly. So if you give the ability outside of a check you can simply charge a monetary fee. It could be scalable fee say based on plane size, etc. Airlines often use the heavy maint checks to do major changes/upgrades but not always depending on the situation so its not unrealistic of an option. Plus naturally it would cost money anyhow. Doing it
  3. Old thread but since its still relevant I wanted to say I really support #1, 2, 3. I know #2 would be more difficult to implement. So I'd throw extra weight behind 1 and 3. 4 is a given 5 and 6 don't bother me
  4. Last week
  5. Cleveland, OH USA May 1959 ((Game World BIII)) WindSail Airlines (IATA: WS / ICAO: WSE) finally received their air carrier's operating certificate after over a year of intense planning and capital raising. WindSail is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio at the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. Upon finalizing their contract of carriage they began operations securing aircraft leasing, hiring personnel, and route arrangements. WindSail is initial offering daily service to Chicago - O' Hare and New York - LaGuardia. WSA has negotiated some long term commitments with the Cleveland Port Au
  6. I've noticed the city information for quite a few US airports is quite wrong. In some cases the city listed is actually the city of another major airport so I could see how that data easily got twisted during an import but in other cases some cities listed don't even have an airport so its just odd can't explain those. In one case like Chicago O' Hare its even reported in the wrong state, though the coordinates seem fine. Doesn't really effect the game but it bugs my OCD so figured I should probably start a list, lol. My list is kinda growing should I just post all of it here in a thread
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  8. Just a quick update: As of February 11, 2021, there are currently options to Loan or Lease an aircraft. You will see these options under "Order Options" after selecting your seating arrangement. Loaning and leasing are very similar, but the key difference is that with a Loan you keep the aircraft, but in a Lease you have to return it when the contract is fulfilled. With both forms of contracting, you enter the number of aircraft you want and how long you want to pay them off. Long leases are cheaper than short ones, but longer loans can be more expensive. You can select between 5 and 15 years
  9. Series Name: De Havilland DH-106 Comet Model Name: 4/4C Base Cost: 40,000,000/41,500,000 Crew Count: 3 Cabin Length (m): Unknown Cabin Width (m): Unknown Number of Doors: 4 Maximum Capacity: 109/119 First Flight Date: 1958 Stop Production Date: 1982 Maximum Cycles: 20,000 Take off Roll (m): 2,290 Empty Weight (kg): Max Fuel Weight (kg): 40,455 Max Hold Payload (kg): 5,670 MTOW (kg): 71,000 Turnaround time (min): 45 Engine Manufacturer: Rolls-Royce Engine Model: Avon Mk 524 Cost: 40,000,000 Emp
  10. Me too. I think Mr Sviridovt forgot to start the world
  11. As am I. It wont move for me.
  12. Having the same issue, yes
  13. The game world is still at Jan. 1st, 1950 for me. Anyone else having this problem?
  14. No, It's all rental. I found out that KIX doesn't have gates available for lease and you need to build a terminal to get your own gates
  15. Hey folks! World B III has been reset! All the same rules, dates and speed, the only difference is that just as in World A III, you will now have 5 instant deliveries and the starting money has been updated to reflect that as well (as it seems like people like having more planes delivered at the start). As always, time will be kept to 45 minute days for the first 3 days and then will speed up to the normal 10 minute days (same as B II) World B III Timeframe: 1950-2010 World Speed: 10 Minutes/day (45 minutes/day until Wednesday, February 3rd to give people time
  16. I would imagine you have a lot of gate overages, are you leasing a gate or did you just create a flight without leasing a gate first? You can check your gate overages by going to facilities -> slot rental
  17. I'm quite new to this game. I only have one plane. I was going good for a while, but then my gate rentals of $21,787,920 caught up with me, and all my saving were gone in 2 seconds. All of my flights stop at KIX, and most of the gate rentals are from there. My saving are in the minus zone so I can't make a terminal. Can someone tell me how to get out of this situation?
  18. I wouldn't mind a world that runs shorter, such as 1990-2020, 1990-2030, or 2000-2030.
  19. A very helpful feature that I haven't seen mentioned yet is the ability to view world data from the world selection screen. That way, you don't have to create a phony company to research airports. I have no idea how easy or difficult this would be to ad from a coding standpoint, and I also have no idea if it is actually a feature because I am a complete noob.
  20. The rows disappear when the total number of pax is over the generic maximum for the plane. Otherwise they are there.
  21. No upper deck is fine, just have to make sure that the total number of pax in your setup is equal or less then the maximum for the plane. If the total goes over the maximum the second deck rows disappear first to fit.
  22. Airport Name: Beijing Daxing International Airport Airport Country: China Decimal Lattitude: 39.509167 Decimal Longitude: 116.410556 Length of Longest Runway: 12,467 Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beijing_Daxing_International_Airport
  23. Hey, I was wondering if we were going to get a new game in here soon, and if so if it could last from 1930-2020 or 1950-2022. Thanks!
  24. Yes, All Double Decker aircraft's Upper Deck are Unavailabe Currently. I have had this issua with all double decker aircrafts.
  25. I have had this same problem with the 747-100 and -200. I think the dev is working on it.
  26. Global Connection Airways is introducing, it self to the world. We are based in BLR. We would like it if you guys please join us the way. We have following routes ready for travel: - BLR-CCU (Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport) - BLR-MAA (Chennai International Airport) - BLR-VTZ (Vishakhapatnam Airport) - BLR-DXB (Dubai International Airport) - BLR-TLV (Ben Gurion International Airport) - BLR-CTU (Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport) Thanks For Coming Guys, Please support by flying in our airlines. Regards, Global Connec
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