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  16. Interesting, I'll take a look later. Trying to finish redesigning event manager that's blocking some notifications I want to add, as I don't want to add new events without finishing the event manager redesign
  17. all route from italy to india (DEL & BOM) and from brazil GRU e GIG on ny area all operated with 747-100
  18. The new demand system is not up yet, but the current demand system should not produce those results. Which route is this on? If it's competitive enough and your competition has high enough reputation I can see something like that happening.
  19. does it work today? all new routes are at a loss with no passengers. even with $1 tickets
  20. I do have a long term plan to add cargo though not a priority at the moment. My current major priorities for 2024 are a demand system and UI redesigns, I am still unsure about the prioritization beyond that.
  21. I think adding cargo routes would add so much to the game. Devs, please add it
  22. At present I'm planning to rework the demand system to be more dynamic such that you can implement different pricing strategies depending on your strategy. With that in mind, such a system would not work. I haven't decided what the default price should be in that scenario either, though I'm at present steering towards some kind of a default price per mile for each service class.
  23. A system that does its best to recommend ticket prices based on how much pax are willing to spend and costs of running the route. Basically a thing that min-maxes costs-profit.
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