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  3. Join the Yang Gang, the finest airline alliance in the skies! What makes the Yang Gang the right choice for your airline? Well, ask not what you can do for the Yang, but what can the Yang do for you! Every airline is offered a free thousand gates at any alliance member's hub for easy connections!* Not convinced? All of our destinations offer you the luxury of a free extra one thousand feet of runway for excursion protection, so your hot and high landings are safe and sound! How does that sound? Remember, the Yang Gang is here for you, for no exorbitant fee, because all is free! Yang Gang! Fly like a thousand bucks. *We say this meaning 10.00
  4. Hey y'all! It's finally here! The 0.2 update has arrived, although I wasnt able to finish everything I wanted to, most of the features are in and the rest will be implemented over the next few weeks as part of 0.2.x updates. With that said, here is the changelog: AirSimWorld 0.2 Alpha: Major Changes: Optimizations of the backend, massive speed improvements over 0.1 Some pages improved by as much as 6x the speed, most over double speed Gates, Gate Leases, Terminals All flights are now by default rent slots at airports, which charge per minute gate usage fees Airlines may lease gates for a monthly fee Terminals can be built for a modest fee Alliances Alliances able to share gates Alliances have logos/headers Airline-wide reputation (although the UI for that will be coming as part of 0.2.1) Airline reputation now impacts individual flight reputation Many more aspects are tracked for reputation, including employee morale and effectiveness, on time performance, maintenance record etc. Aircraft Loans and Leases (player to player leasing will be coming in 0.2.x) Staff Management Employee morale/effectiveness effects not just their own effectiveness, but effectiveness of their subordinates or other employees they interact with Different employees have a different effect on different aspects of your airline Minor Improvements: Map Night Mode Airline Logos/Headers Flight Research finance screen New UI on aircraft order page Aircraft Explorer Rankings page updated with sortable tables Most tables have been made mobile-friendly Some pages now have buttons at the top to make navigation easier Different seats are now able to have different reputation impacts beyond legroom/width (I'll work on adding additional seats later) IFS page now shows the prices of different options Ability to remove airline Bug Fixes: Its now impossible to delete configuration thats still in use Dark mode dropdowns fixed Aircraft that are out of cycles no longer fly That should be most of the updates, but there is a bunch that I'm missing. You'll just have to explore to find the rest ­čśë Patreon Although it was never my intention to monetize the game, ever since we moved to hosting it on AWS I have been paying roughly $100 per month in hosting fees. This was manageable while I was living at home on break, but now that school is back in session and I have to worry about living expenses, this is becoming unsustainable. As such, I would like to ask for your help if you can afford to by becoming a Patreon of ASW. There are a number of benefits, ranging from custom roles on here and Discord, to access to early builds, to ad removal (I'm in the process of getting approved from Google for ads, they will be on the website as soon as they get back to me), to regular dev blogs. If you also have any other ideas for perks you'd like to see, please let me know and I'll see what I can do. https://www.patreon.com/AirSimWorld Note: Although early access to dev builds will be primarily for Patreon subscribers and staff, I do reserve the right to give access to people on a need basis. Now that 0.2 is out, I will be taking a week or so off from working on ASW, both because I've been working on it pretty non-stop for the last month and need a break, and to catch up on some IRL stuff. As such, dont expect any updates within the next week or so unless some major bugs come up. I will also be posting an updated thread about features you can expect to see coming up in 0.2.x, 0.3 and 0.4 updates soon.
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  6. Both already planned for implementation pending accurate data. The reason I suggest regional is in order to allow new players or new airlines a better opportunity to succeed by providing more available options at a lower cost. BAC/Aerospatiale Concorde is currently in the works, again pending a few dribs and drabs of missing data and will be ready for the next round.
  7. A Concorde or Tu-144 would be fantastic (although I guess we're too late for those?)
  8. Hey y'all! ASW 0.2 update will be released tomorrow, this will be a major update that will take an hour+ to update. As such, I wanted to update y'all on the process. Tomorrow at 10PM EST (or thereabout) the game will go down, then, following a database backup I will start the update. I will be posting regular updates on the Discord, so please be sure to check the announcements page there to stay up to date!
  9. I believe widebody aircraft is better since those are generally more popular, and at the time being it's quite easy to grow quickly, so narrowbody aircraft are quite underutilized
  10. Again, I'm in two hearts, help me decide. All voting is anonymous and there is no right or wrong answer. If you want something else or something rather specific, please let me know by replying here or if it's a specific aircraft, reply here:
  11. The following aircraft have now been added: Fokker F28 Fokker 100 (´╗┐already in-game but I have corrected aircraft family and data set) ´╗┐ ´╗┐ Fokker 70 (´╗┐already in-game but I have corrected aircraft family and data set) ´╗┐ ´╗┐
  12. The following aircraft have now been added: Boeing 777 777-200 P&W PW4077 GE90-76B Trent 877
  13. The following aircraft have now been added: Bombardier CRJ Series (Canadair Regional Jet) CRJ-100 CRJ-100ER (´╗┐already in-game but I have corrected ´╗┐name and data set) ´╗┐ ´╗┐ CRJ-100LR CRJ-200 CRJ-200ER CRJ-200LR CRJ-440
  14. Earlier
  15. Yes, although not in 0.2, but it is planned for 0.5
  16. The following aircraft have now been added: Airbus A320 Series A321-111 A321-112 A321-131 A321-212 A321-213 A321-231 A321-232
  17. Will/are we able to codeshare routes within the alliance?
  18. Good to know! Wasn't sure what would actually be changed in the redesign ­čÖé
  19. As I've mentioned earlier, the mail system is being redesigned in 0.2.
  20. Something that has come to my attention recently... As I'm currently stuck with 1 'new mail' and I can't find which one is supposedly 'unread' ­čśü Can there be some sort of difference between old and new mail? Bold? Different colour? Italics? Anything? We just need a way to see what is read and what isn't really, otherwise it's a pain to go through each and every one until you find which you're yet to read!
  21. (Sorry for the large amount of airports) Airport Name: Brigadeiro Cabral Airport (DIQ) Airport Country: Brazil Decimal Latitude: -20.180713 Decimal Longitude: -44.870888 Length of Longest Runway: 5053 ft Source: http://www.gcmap.com/airport/DIQ Note: Not sure when this one opened Airport Name: Gov. Jo├úo Durval Carneiro Airport (FEC) Airport Country: Brazil Decimal Latitude: -12.200277 Decimal Longitude: -38.906805 Length of Longest Runway: 4921 ft Source: ´╗┐http://www.gcmap.com/airport/FEC Airport Name: Drag├úo do Mar Airport (ARX) Airport Country: Brazil Decimal Latitude: -4.568610 Decimal Longitude: -37.804721 Length of Longest Runway: 5906 Source: http://www.gcmap.com/airport/SNAT Note: Opened in 2012, not sure if its in the game already Airport Name: Feij├│ Airport (FEJ) Airport Country: Brazil Decimal Latitude: -8.140832 Decimal Longitude: -70.347221 Length of Longest Runway: 3937 Source: ´╗┐http://www.gcmap.com/airport/FEJ Note: Replaced a closed airport, if you want I can give info for that one. Airport Name: Gov. Carlos Wilson Airport (FEN) Airport Country: Brazil Decimal Latitude: -3.854927 Decimal Longitude: -32.423335 Length of Longest Runway: 6053 Source: ´╗┐http://www.gcmap.com/airport/FEN A´╗┐irport Name: ├ügua Boa Airport (HPX) Airport Country: Brazil Decimal Latitude: -14.019443 Decimal Longitude: -52.152221 Length of Lon´╗┐gest Runway: 5338 Source: ´╗┐http://www.gcmap.com/airport/SWHP
  22. Yeah, the game just finds the closest city to the airport, and sometimes that closest city is not entirely accurate. In 0.2 I'm making it so that regenerating passengers only happens for airports without a nearest city so that way it would be possible to change the city in the database without it going away with every new airport
  23. Actually a lot of the airports in the US are claiming the wrong city. O'Hare is saying it's in Racine, Wisconsin instead of Chicago, Illinois.
  24. The following aircraft have now been added: Airbus A320 Series A321-211 (´╗┐already in-game but I have corrected ´╗┐name and data set) ´╗┐ ´╗┐
  25. Another little feature that could be rather useful at times, depending on what your plans are... Perhaps they change, so you need to delay the delivery? Can there be an option to postpone/delay an aircraft delivery, and the ability to set how soon the aircraft will be delivered? For example - ordering 10 planes but making the first delivery in 8 months time, instead of soonest available time. Or if you wish to simply delay a few deliveries! ­čśÄ
  26. The game says YQG is in Toledo, Ohio, while it's actually in Windsor, Ontario.
  27. Subsidiaries are coming, cant tell you when but they are coming and sooner rather than later. Mergers are coming eventually Wet leases are not planned persay, although I do have plans to at some point (originally I was planning it for 0.4, but its probably not going to happen then) to introduce chartered flights into the game. This would allow a wider range of airline options, including VIP/private flights to be added to the game. Although this will involve a change in how the game keeps track of aircraft and thus is not a priority at the moment.
  28. Premium passengers will usually pay for the airline that offers the best experience (this is based on a number of factors including time of departure, legroom, IFS etc.) while still being under their willingness to pay. There are exceptions (for example there is a bonus added to your flight reputation if your airline provides really good value compared to other airlines), but generally they will go to the best service they can afford.
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