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  3. We're experiencing issues with the event manager (that manages the calendar and is basically the heartbeat of the game). I have something in the works that should be deployed soon. Apologies for inconvenience!
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  5. Fixed one thing but Im seeing the game still stuck on 3/30/1985. Been this way for about 2 days now.
  6. Yep, pretty much. Maybe the dev has problems with the new serves, and pending he's not getting paid for this project, he solves what he can do in his spare time. Would love this game to run smooth though. Much better than everything I've been seeing around.
  7. I'm getting Internal Server Error. Is that what everyone else is getting?
  8. Can't even access my airline
  9. It is also stuck on 1/26/85 for me.
  10. It has been working fine since yesterday, they say the migration is finished
  11. Hello guys, Just created an account on this website and after setting up my airline I noticed the game got stuck on Feb 26th. Is the game dead or there's something I'm doing wrong?
  12. Would dividing Germany until 1989 be realistic? same thing for soviet union
  13. Time outs are happening due to server migration, I am working on a deployment today to address it. Thanks!
  14. The time out error messages have become ridiculous. Is there any reason they've gotten out of hand lately? No matter what route I try I am always getting these messages and then every once in a while, things just miraculously start working again.
  15. How do I stop the game from automatically leasing gates at every airport when I add a new route?
  16. BUG REPORT: Trieste–Friuli Venezia Giulia Airport is in Italy not in another country!
  17. can you make a new route profitable from the restart of the game time?
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