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  2. There already is a turnaround time feature built in, so the arrival/departure procedure is replicated fine. Also, I don't think what time the flight takes place at has any real impact. I definitely agree that the UI needs an upgrade. The loadfactors and profit should change immediately, not after having to reload or save the prices again. I also agree with the idea of a default price algorithm, it can be difficult to determine what price I should set my routes at since the price just starts at $100 for every flight.
  3. Hi guys and hi developer if you read this. Ive been playing a lot of different airline simulations recently and came to the conclusion that this one really has the biggest potential and could be the most fun of them all if done right. So in order to provide some feedback, here are my two thoughts of things that I think the game could do better. I really hope this game gets improved further and becomes an awesome airline sim, as its already pretty good and only needs some love here and there: In general the game seems a little bit too fast for my personal taste. With low levels of players and thereby low level of competition a player can make insane progress really fast. Especially because the passenger demand on routes seems to be a fixed number and doesnt take the year into account. Pretty sure there wasnt demand like this back in the 1950s. Also its oddly easy to establish a new airline, which has every single seat sold from day one. Maybe the developer should add an awareness mechanic into the game that slowly builds up and is influenced by time, marketing, network and alliance size etc. On top of that it seems a little unrealistic that you can 100% fill your planes on every single flight if you just manage to get the pricing right. There should be some variation here and there so I dont have 100% loadfactor on every flight, even if I manage to have the best and most famous airline in the universe. Which prings us to the next and most important point: Setting up flights General responsiveness of the scheduling and pricing process seems a little lackluster and makes setting up new routes a chore, especially if the game progresses so fast, that you have to do it over and over again. The interface of the scheduling timetable needs some adjustments, so that you can simply move the flights around in the schedule without calculating turnaround times in your head for every flight. Also please give the players some information about viable departure and landing times. What happens if i decide to depart at 3am? The game currently doesnt provide any feedback on that matter. The flight times seem unrealistically short and probably dont account for lengthy departure and approach procedures that can add a lot to flight times at busier airports, especially on short haul flights. If I fly from Frankfurt to Munich IRL the plane will be stuck in some departure and arrival procedures for longer than the actual flight time is. Maybe just add a default 15-20 mins to every flight in order to simulate that. When it comes to pricing, please add an option to set some standard prices for my routes with a base price and an added "per mile" price so the game automatically calculates prices for me and fills them in, so I only have to make adjustments if there is competition on that route that I want to beat. In general the passenger seat/pricing calculation seems quite unresponsive at the moment and often requires me to reload the page and sometimes wait several minutes until the server gets the numbers right. Just for me to find out afterwards that I stepped over the magic border where passengers dont want to pay these 20$ more I just added and I then end up with zero passengers. This also adds on to the mediocre user experience when setting up a flight. Anyways these are my thoughts. Feel free to ask if anything is unclear. Also pls dont feel personally attacked by any of the criticism. I just want this game to succeed and wish you all the very best.
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  5. Updated the My Airlines link to point to the new URL, forgot to publish changes to the header last night.
  6. World B VI Timeframe: 1950-2010 World Speed: 10 Minutes/day (45 minutes/day until Wednesday, November 26th to give people time to join and set up their airlines) Starting Money: $5,000,000 Rules/Difficulty: Normal/5 Instant deliveries for new airlines Note: This new world is running on a new server, so please let me know if there are any issues. Please also note the URL change from play.airsim.world to prod.airsim.world. Thanks!
  7. I might make open worlds in the future but for now there is not a scale for that.
  8. Can you send me your airline link and I'll take a look
  9. My game is charging 7mil extra for overages, even though It says 0hrs overtime. Am I missing something? I'm already at -2mil :,(
  10. Hi folks! A small bug fixing update, more substantive updates incoming soon as well as a devblog update. AirSimWorld 22.10.16 Fixed terminals not being named properly/causing crashing All terminals updated, so should be a thing of the past Lack of leasable gates causes a crash Trying to change an empty config now shows an error rather than crashing Fixed scheduler hour > 24 causing a crash Fixed empty price causing a crash
  11. Could we please have the political restrictions removed? Mike
  12. Hi all, does anyone have info on this topic. How much longer..? Regards Mike.
  13. The world is fixed now, sorry I forgot to save after changing the status to active (I usually first create the world as inactive so I can run my new world script and then activate the world). It's fixed now, and I will keep the 45 minute clock until Friday.
  14. Alliance Requests and Suggestions Ways to make the Blue Horizon better
  15. General Chat and Discussion for the upcoming World of BVI
  16. Wait I'm confused is World B VI starting today?
  17. World B VI Timeframe: 1950-2010 World Speed: 10 Minutes/day (45 minutes/day until Wednesday, June 15th to give people time to join and set up their airlines) Starting Money: $5,000,000 Rules/Difficulty: Normal/5 Instant deliveries for new airlines PS: I am also in the finishing stages of the new demand update, so watch this space.
  18. I am still planning on releasing the update (I know, its been a while but I am slowly working on it! I promise!), and World A would be re-instated then.
  19. Will There Be a New World Opening Soon?
  20. Rimini airport is not in italy for the game, but in real life is shared by RSM, what can i do? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federico_Fellini_International_Airport
  21. you have employee???? in Employee Settings my total is 0 🤭
  22. I am not exactly sure on what they are either, but I think they are an extra, backup percentage of staff that can be used to fill in for any absent staff. If I have 10% reserves and 160 Customer Support Reps, There are 16 extra customer support reps ready to fill in at any time.
  23. So when I go to employee settings and go to, for example, ramp agents, there's this thing called reserves. Can someone explain them to me? Thanks, thecat 🙂
  24. Hey guys! So, I have debt but recently I discovered a very profitable route, and pocketed some money. I thought I should repay the debt, in order to save money. But alas, there was no such option! Can you guys help me find where to find where to repay debt? Am I looking in the wrong place? Thanks, thecat 😺
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