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World B VIII

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World B VI

Timeframe: 1950-2025 (extended the end date to make this the long running world, we might re-introduce world A as a second world halfway through this one)

World Speed: 10 Minutes/day (45 minutes/day until Wednesday, June 14th to give people time to join and set up their airlines)

Starting Money: $5,000,000

Rules/Difficulty: Normal/5 Instant deliveries for new airlines

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Will take a look, I can't make any changes to code at the moment due to my home server being down (which maintains all deployments). I have made sure that the planes will get delivered (they're not lost) in the meanwhile. 

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Also having trouble adding ORD-ORL ,ORD-CDG, and ORD-MAD flights when I have a DC-6 available.  It is telling me that I do not have any planes capable of flying that route which isnt true.  Thanks.

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