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    Hey Folks! Today is the one year anniversary of AirSimWorld going live. It was on this day last year that World A I first went live and I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank of y'all for sticking around. I would especially like to thank @Gibus and @erroneous for supporting the project on Patreon and @Peter Marxen and @monchichi for making a one time donation. This project would not be possible were it not for your support. I would also like to thank all of those that have stuck around since the very buggy early days, I realize that the sim was hardly playable at some points and I appreciate all of y'all sticking around. To recognize this, I want to honor the 10 oldest players that are still active (have logged on in the past 2 weeks) by giving them a Veteran status on the sim (as of right now that includes all active accounts created on or before 6/20/19), which both makes them stand out on the forums and discord (do let me know your discord username as I dont know all of y'all on there), and gives them the same perks as the second tier of Patreon for life (including access to early private builds and the cosmetic Patreon perks coming in 0.3). These people have stuck around through many of the unstable times on the sim, including some game-breaking bugs that have seen many leave the sim for good, I appreciate you sticking it out and providing me with valuable feedback along the way. I hope to announce new veterans every year, so stick around. Without further ado, here are the people receiving veteran status for the 1 year anniversary in the order of their seniority: @G.J. (Joined 3/12/19) @sk0step (Joined 3/12/19) @Saip (Joined 3/15/19) @Ryan_D96 (Joined 3/17/19) @frequentflier (Joined 3/19/19) @dragoon20005 (Joined 3/21/19) @AndrzejSzymanski (Joined 4/7/19) @Air Australia (Joined 4/20/19) @Mutation (Joined 5/18/19) @Erik (Joined 6/20/19) Its also worth mentioning that both @KJS607 and @Gibus (Previously @Gibus Airline Group) would have satisfied this criteria, but because they are staff members they already receive those benefits, and should they retire they'll become veterans as retired staff members. With that done a couple of announcements: Staff Changes A few changes to the staff are in order as well: First, as @Northern has been MIA these past couple of months and attempts to reach him have been unsuccessful, he will be retired as a staff member and become a veteran. He was an important member of the data team in the early days and his contributions to the sim will live on. Secondly, I am happy to announce that @Gibus has been appointed as a community moderator. We ran into some moderating issues on Discord recently and Gibus was great in helping setup the bots to help with that, so I decided to keep him on as a broader moderator on the forums and discord. Private Alpha Build I'm still working on finishing up the private alpha build of 0.3 which should be available shortly. Those of you who are eligible to participate will receive instructions by a PM from me here on the forums when it is available so please be sure to keep checking your PMs in the coming days. As of right now, the following are the people who are eligible All Patreon supporters All staff members All veterans @Peter Marxen and @monchichi who will receive access for 0.3 as a token of appreciation Overall this has been an awesome experience and I'm glad to have all of you here to enjoy the sim and watch it grow. Here is to more years to come! EDIT: Forgot to add a few things: 1. There is now a new role for 1 year, 2 year, 3 year, 4 year and 5 year members that will be given to you automatically when you reach those goals on the forum and have logged on in the last 14 days. You will maintain your last role even if you dont log on for 14 days until you logon at which point it will update to whatever role is appropriate at that time. 2. Open Challenge I has been sped up to 5 minute days as scheduled, this change will take place after the next day change.
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    Idea - Just an idea, To have events in the game, for example - FIFA World Cup in Russia - Demand goes up, or Civil war demand goes down. Also for situations like now with COVID- 19, demand everywhere could go down. Cheers
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    Hey folks, Although I originally planned to have OC worlds only run occasionally, due to the continued quarantine due to the Corona Virus I have decided to run OC II right after OC I is concluded. I think the 15 year timeframe with 5 minute days is pretty good, so I'll keep that. As for what the challenge is I want to put that up to a poll, as well as the time period. I would like to hear your feedback on these options as well as your general feedback about OC I. Do note that for technical reasons, the dates in game would be increased by 100 years, so 1975 would be 2075 for instance. This is because there is currently no way for me to limit aircraft by world, so instead I'm just copying certain planes to the future to model that restriction. Because I recognize that the time frame that you want might be different depending on what the challenge is, I have put those two polls separately.
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    Most likely, the way alliances work is that when a leader of an alliance leaves it gives the ownership to the most senior member of the alliance. To fully delete an alliance from the world everyone will have to leave at which point it will be deleted
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    Yeah, I dont like releasing timelines anymore because I always break them. Unfortunately I've been running into some issues with connecting flights that are putting me behind atm. Its one of those things that I don't want to give up on but I'm afraid I might have to. Depending on when/if I do will change the timeline.
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    Airport Name: Pyongyang Sunan International Airport Airport Country: North Korea Decimal Latitude: 39.019444 Decimal Longitude: 125.738052 Length of Longest Runway: 3,800 m / 12,467 ft Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyongyang_International_Airport IATA Airport Code: FNJ ICAO Airport Code: ZKPY
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    Airbus A320neos have a base price of $110m but an engine-option price of only $11m. 90% discount, probably someone left out a 0.
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    ah. wendover. quality. I like your tastes.
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    Congratulations for the 1 year anniversary! Also, congratulations to everyone who has been here from the start and recieved the vet role 🙂
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    The Embraer E-Jet family is really off size wise, the E-170 is listed at 150 pax when it should be 78 pax, the E-195 is listed at 240 pax / 118 pax is the actual exit
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    It goes by seniority of airline not membership, the game doesn't keep track of who joined when. So if your airline is older it would get it.
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