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    Another little feature that could be rather useful at times, depending on what your plans are... Perhaps they change, so you need to delay the delivery? Can there be an option to postpone/delay an aircraft delivery, and the ability to set how soon the aircraft will be delivered? For example - ordering 10 planes but making the first delivery in 8 months time, instead of soonest available time. Or if you wish to simply delay a few deliveries! 😎
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    I've now closed the poll, as there is a clear demand to improve the existing aircraft data and add new engine options/features at present, which myself and Northern are working on. (Northern is doing some amazing work as we speak!)
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    Choices usually aren't as cut and dry as far as "most profitable" imo, a lot of people went for the 727 series and I bought tridents, I think I was one of the few to operate Tridents in this game and I was fairly successful with it. Families are getting introduced soon which will allow more strategy as long as the price isn't negligible so for example, do you want to operate the A330 which leaves you with the A330-200 and A330-300 which gives you some flexibility or go with the MD11, does the MD11 give you additional options as far as range at the cost of blowing a family on one type or maybe the ER gets you there. Geography is also a factor, If you're operating from Australia for example, you're looking at long range where you're looking at fuel costs and range vs. if you're a European carrier you're gonna be looking at a lot shorter range planes with low turnaround costs where you have a lot more options. You could run ATRs or Dash 8s which is kind of the mainstream option, but Embraer has some turboprops that might work for specific cases, and the F50 could work. In jets you could run the A320 series or 737 which is mainstream but you also have the MD80 series, Fokker jets, or you could maybe run CRJ1000s later which would mean you'd want to start with the CRJ700, or ERJs. The other feature that's coming is negotiations so realistically, for more niche planes, airlines are going to be able to negotiate which adds a lot of possibilities there. I'm not sure if plane size categories for airport handling is a factor/is going to be a factor but that would also have an impact. This game seems to have a lot more viable countries than others I've played so I'm thinking overall you're going to be able to make more use of niche planes than usual.
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    Again, I'm in two hearts, help me decide. All voting is anonymous and there is no right or wrong answer. If you want something else or something rather specific, please let me know by replying here or if it's a specific aircraft, reply here:
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    Yes, although not in 0.2, but it is planned for 0.5
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    I would look at IFS settings, upper class passengers expect a lot more in terms of in flight experience.
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    1-- Custom Classes are actually already implemented. 2 & 5 -- You could run subsidiaries as part of an alliance (in 0.2) and contracts are coming later where you could (I assume create feeder contracts). 4 -- Leasing is coming in 0.2 7 --Seat config is already in the game and is getting expanded with more seat options I think in 0.2.
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    I support this and I want as many options as possible as a result of this, including every variant and sub-variant of specific aircraft, so that you can customise your airline's fleet as much as you wish and have the right aircraft for your fleet. In having these options, it should also make aircraft more competitive by not just having the best capacity and fuel usage, but also being adapted to your airline's niche, which some aircraft can do more so than others - pricing may also play into this.
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    Also to add something, I feel like limiting the options would be antithetical to goal of the game, that being to create the most realistic simulation possible, that is, anything that is possible IRL I want to be possible in game as much as possible. It's the same reason why you're able to sell a used plane for $1, because in theory there is nothing stopping an airline IRL from doing so, and setting arbitrary limits is inherently unrealistic. So the best thing to do for the sake of realism is to add as many planes as possible (and Kai and Northern have been doing fantastic job at adding planes with high quality information), and let the markets decide so to speak.
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    The number of airport is of no consequences, its the number of itineraries. Either way, I think I found a way to implement it with minimal sacrifices (namely setting a limit to the amount of itins it considers, its not perfect but its good enough, and probably fairly realistic anyway since IRL pax wont necessarily find every single itin imaginable)
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    0.2 has an aircraft explorer that gives all the aircraft in game and their production times that I think accomplishes this.
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    Hello Everybody, Since this new feature has rolled out onto the AirsimWorld Forums, We here at Venture Alliance have decided to try our luck at starting our alliance here. We are originally from Airline Empires, where we began operations over 2 years ago. Since then we have become an active community of over 15 members and staff. Alliance Details We like to think of yourself as the newcomers alliance. We want to create a constructive space and guide members in their game ability, as-well as their graphic design and with all of this connect people to one another. We put our focus on members and creating a positive, safe and of-course fun time at Venture. Alliance Interest If you are interested in learning more, or even joining our forum/game alliance, Feel free to message me here or on discord I will be happy to answer any of your questions πŸ™‚ Thanks, - The Venture Alliance Administration
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