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    That can be done. 0.2.x/0.3
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    Hey y'all! Some of y'all showed interest in having a bit more updates about the development as well as other stuff, so rather than having that one really outdated roadmap (which is still accurate in regards to features, just not time-wise), I want to try having this section of announcements to just give updates in regards to development and other stuff in regards to the sim. 0.2.2 0.2.2 is currently in the works and is about halfway done, I'm currently in the middle of finals for school so it probably wont be released until I'm done with those in a week or so, but 0.2.2 will fix many of the bugs in 0.2.1 (including the 502 bug hopefully), as well as add some new features including the ability to replace aircraft, buy from leasors/extend leases. It also sets out a number of important UI updates that wont really have an impact this time around (except for the airline selection and maybe flight research pages which are going to be the first pages to be updated), but will be important come 0.3 which will be released sometime late December/early January and feature primarily usability features and UI improvements that should make the sim a lot more stable. World B As per the poll, World B will be set in 1950. While everything is ready on development end for a second world, the biggest issue currently is that there is only about 2 planes in game that would be available then. @KJS607 is working on bringing more early era planes into the sim but obviously research takes time, if you want to help feel free to drop suggestions in the New Aircraft Topic. Just be sure to cite your sources so that its easy for Kai to verify and I'm sure he'd appreciate the help. World B will start as soon as there are enough aircraft in the sim to give some variety.
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    Alright, I want to look into starting a new world within the next few weeks. Please vote on what time period y'all are interested in and whatever wins out will be the new World B. Please note that World A will be reset once it reached 2020 in game and will be reset back to 1970. Feel free to select multiple options, if everyone selects options that they are ok with then the winners in each category will be what is acceptable to the most number of people!
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    The poll is closed There were a few ties in the time and era questions, they were broken for slower speed (in favor of increased accessibility) and earlier era (World A will reset to 1970, while there is no world for 1950). As such the following will be World B, to be opened in a week or two depending on my time availability. Its worth noting however that I am not sure whether we have enough aircraft available in 1950 so I might have to talk to @KJS607 in regards to whether or not we'll be able to have planes for the time period. World B Time: 1950 - 2010 Speed: 20 minutes per day (30 minutes for the first week) Real world time: approximately 380 days. Please note that whenever World C gets started, it will be a modern and faster world.
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