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    This is outrageous! $1 fares! This is a trick because a fare of $1 means no one can compete with them! ExpressJet must be stopped! This message was paid for by CP Air and LAN Airlines.
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    Hey folks! Currently there are no requirements on activity in the game worlds, that said there is also no limit on how many airlines can be in any given world. As the sim grows this is going to have to change. The following are the limits and requirements I plan to introduce with the 0.3 update, I would love to get your feedback as I am definitely open to suggestions on this and anything else. Airline Limits (World dependent, but this is the general template) Maximum of 250 airlines per world Maximum of 50 airlines on any major continent (Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America), 25 in Oceania Maximum of 1 airline in a given country per user per world (2 in certain large market countries) Activity Requirements 1 Week of inactivity and the airline has no flights -> removal 2 Weeks of inactivity -> limbo, after further 1 week -> removal Balance of -1 billion -> removal Keep in mind this is only the rough draft of what I was thinking. Very open to suggestions as we move forward. Also, those of you who are Patreon Supporters will hopefully see a private build of 0.3 sometime over the next 2 weeks (since I finally have a weekend where I dont have to leave town and have time to work on it 😛 )
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    We've now expanded services to Paine Field (PAE) in Everett, Washington! Coyote Airlines: You yell, we yell, we all yell, cuz' we're going to hell
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    Expressjet loves its employees. #DOESYOURS?
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    Dear AirGEL, Thank you for showing interest for our opening. After carefully reviewing your qualifications, we have decided to pursue other candidates whom we feel more closely meet our needs at this time. We appreciate your interest in our company, and the time it took to post your feelings on the thread. Please feel free to apply for open positions with us in the future. Again, thank you for considering us as a potential partner. We wish you success in your airline simulation. Sincerely, [Expressjet] Monchichi
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    Hey! I'm thatloserben aka Soop. Here are a couple examples of my work! If you're interested in a logo, livery, and/or header, shoot me a message/reply either on here or on the Discord. My name is Soop#9487.
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    I'd like to add: It should be possible to see directly in the aircraft list whether each aircraft is leased or owned and when the lease term ends As an example: Registration Model Weekly Hours Weekly Cycles Weekly Profit Value Term End N667HF B 738 112.5 43 $1,354,720 Leased 10/03/24 As an example of an aircraft which is owned: Registration Model Weekly Hours Weekly Cycles Weekly Profit Value Term End N667HF B 738 112.5 43 $1,354,720 $99,834,578 Owned
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    Greetings! Since our establishment last Sunday, we have commenced operations! Utilizing our hub at Portland International Airport (PDX,) we have begun offering services to the following locations! Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) Tri-Cities Airport (PSC) San Francisco International Airport (SFO) More destinations are expected soon! Please stay tuned as we prepare to expand our business further with the acquisition of three new DC-6 passenger aircraft! Coyote Airlines: The only trick? Our affordable prices.
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    After a little time in the red, we have changed around a few things with no cuts to jobs or flights, but instead, we have expanded service! From our main hub at PDX, we now serve: Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) More destinations are expected soon! Please stay tuned as we prepare to further expand our business! Coyote Airlines: ACME-Free since 1953!
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    I've noticed some errors in where airports are located. Just now I noticed that O'Hare is said to be in Racine, WI. Likewise Boston's Logan Airport doesn't mention Boston at all in the name given on the dropdown list, and is listed as being located in Rhode Island, and typing "Las Vegas" gets you to Las Vegas Municipal Airport in New Mexico, not McCarran International in Nevada. The location doesn't affect gameplay, but data errors always stick out like sore thumbs to me. The issues with Boston-Logan and Las Vegas are more concerning to me, given that both airports are large international airports and they're what I consider "key airports" in building my airline's first routes in worlds if I choose the US, or airports I fly into if I'm a foreign airline flying into the US. Logan especially tends to be an overlooked destination. I figure the game already runs off a database of airports, but it seems there are many errors in the data. I'd be willing to offer my services to review and compile data for the database to relieve some of the workload of the dev team. In high school, I compiled a list of over 5,000 airports for my VB6 programming class final assignment, I'd planned on having it be an airline simulator, it ended up only being a Great-Circle Distance calculator in the end because i had bit off way more than I could chew with a game. The amount of data I had compiled was massive, including information on the lengths and numbers of runways and terminals and numbers of gates. Re-compiling that information today should be significantly easier. Seeing as this game spans generations, I'd also include opening and closing dates for airports (ORD didn't have commercial service until 1955, and Kai-Tak Airport in Hong Kong closed in 1998 when Chek Lap Kok Airport opened) to allow even more realism to be included in certain worlds. Since I don't have the spare money to pitch into Patreon, I figure offering help to build the airport database is the best way I can offer to help. Please drop me a message if you're interested.
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    try hard. try soviet aircraft.
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    The English links: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tupolev_Tu-154 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soloviev_D-30
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    This is an obvious PR stunt. Expressjet is to big to charge everyone only $1.
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    Series Name (eg. Boeing 737, Airbus A330 etc.): Tupolev Tu-154 Model Name (eg. Boeing 737-700, Airbus A330-200 etc.): Tupolev Tu-154M Base Cost: 30000000 Crew Count (pilots only): 3 Cabin Length: 43.0 meters (plz fix it for Tu-154B-2) Cabin Width: 3,56 м Number of Doors: 4 [endif] Maximum Capacity: 180 First Flight Date: 1982 Stop Production Date: 2013 Maximum Cycles (if possible, not always easy to find): 245000 Take off Roll (m): 2300 Empty Weight (kg): 55000 Max Fuel Weight (kg): 39750 Max Hold Payload (kg): 18000 MTOW (kg): 104000 Turnaround time (min): 30 min [For each engine option:] Engine Manufacturer: Soloviev Engine Model: D-30KU-154 Cost: $24,500,000 Empty Range (nm): 2423 Full Range (nm): 4101 Speed (knots): 510 I am not sure about costs, but please add, this is the best and most produced modification of Tu-154, it's not B-2 at all. Regards. Source: https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ту-154#Ту-154М https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Д-30КУ
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    They Defiantly need a new PR Person.
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    I would say there is no violation of the rules IF the airline is as a whole profitable and there exists a business motive for the move. I will audit the situation later.
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    Good thing airlines get removed with a balance of -$1Billion.
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    Alright, here we go, officially the second world to be added to the sim! Major props should go to @KJS607 who has been working tirelessly to add airplanes to the early game. A bunch of planes have been imported, including some modern planes 🙂 . He is also planning on adding some more planes in the nearest future, if you wish to help contact him either on here on Discord or contribute aircraft data on the aircraft suggestions thread. World A. Bell I (World B): Start date: January 1st, 1950 End date: January 1st, 2010 Starting cash: $1,000,000 World Speed: 10 min/day (45 min/day for the first week) Sim rules/difficulty: Normal
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    AirSimWorld 0.2.2d Alpha Fix terminal bug #163 Fix slot usage calculation
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    for requests, just ask here or ask on the Discord my name is AirGEL#2974
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    Nope, you'd have to build a new terminal. I do plan to make it expandable by up to 30% in a future version.
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    erghh... feel like I opened a Pandora's box, but ok. I'll do it later.
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    Alright folks, the first world of the sim has officially ended! Congrats on all who made it through, and I hope that you will stick around for more worlds to come. For those that have missed it, World A II is now live and at full speed. Btw, feel free to use these images in your signature if you're one of the winners That said, here are the awards for World A I: Winner of World A I: California Express Final Valuation: $21,466,139,455,745 Weekly Passengers: 3,085,476 CEO: @dtp11 Runner Up of World A I: Zuidafrikaans Final Valuation: $20,394,461,221,848 Weekly Passengers: 3,886,377 CEO: @erroneous Third Place in World A I: Sheep Final Valuation: $19,410,258,609,475 Weekly Passengers: 1,597,134 CEO: @MDK6778 The following airlines and CEOs complete the top ten: 4. WingsAir (@Nico) 5. Sunrise Airlines (@Fred) 6. Favoritism (@IQuit) 7. CirrusAir (@Ellis) 8. WingAir (@wings203) 9. American World Airlines (@frequentflier) 10. Icarus Air (@bart12) Best Reputation Award (as calculated by the highest average flight satisfaction of a profitable airline): Malaysia Airlines System Final Valuation: $308,289,038,765 Weekly Passengers: 204,691 CEO: @Sazlah Most Profitable Airline: Zuidafrikaans Final Valuation: $20,394,461,221,848 Weekly Passengers: 3,886,377 Weekly Profit: $28,354,155,579 CEO: @erroneous Most Passengers Transported: Dragoon20005 Airlines Final Valuation: $4,164,705,919,690 Weekly Passengers: 3,985,279 Total Passengers: 5,395,353,880 CEO: @dragoon20005 Congrats to all the winners, and good luck in A II! I'll leave A I active (but paused) for the next couple of days to let people look at their airlines one last time before archiving the world later this week.
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    congratulations to everyone here!
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    everything will be moved back
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    Depends on how many planes you have on the ground at a time. That said, if you have negative balance you won't be able to lease a gate. So it might be worth it to either fly your planes more (to avoid overages) or restart your airline.
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    If you have long turnarounds slot leasing can really add up
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    Check your gate slot leasing, you might need to lease some gates. Look to your financial report to see what your biggest costs are.
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    DM me on discord, I can help you analyze the situation. https://discord.gg/qudNez3
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    This is the idea for World C, which would probably last from 2000-2025 and be a slower world. I won't start it until the game has enough people to warrant 3 worlds, so help spread the word! As a side note thinking about all these worlds, I really gotta make the worlds auto reset...
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    I was thinking about this, its not an issue for now but definitely in the future I'll add some inactivity thing. What I was thinking was something along the lines of: 7 days inactivity if the airline has no planes and no revenue 14 days inactivity if the airline has operations but has negative balance + negative revenue 30 days inactivity otherwise
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    To be fair one of my goals is to stop the exponential growth...
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    Expressjet will reduce its fare to $1. The chairman and chief executive officer of Expressjet Monchichi is excited about the huge domestic discounts. “We are pleased to decrease the fare of domestic airfare to $1, as celebration of achieving #1 passenger carried in Domestic US, Expressjet the largest operator in the United States,” said Monchichi, as per the press release. Company CEO Subsequently, these planes will be operated for United’s regional branch, United Express. Important operations Altogether, 25842 weekly flights are present with Expressjet. “We are delighted that Expressjet is fastest growing and largest operator. We would like to thank all of our hard working and dedicated people for making Expressjet the airline of choice. We are looking to double our weekly flights in near future both domestically, and internationally." It is reported that Expressjet currently has over 50 fleets unscheduled due to IRL and management issues. Company recently had several meetings to solve this situation <AP>
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    If you have 23 flights going from A to B try to put them departing one per hour (with Max Turnround of 60 min) and with one gate you will process them all 😎 !!! Check your gate slots regularly and them is a question of Maths ... when you pay morte than a leased gate ... hire another one !!!
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    Hi, where can I have a look on stats about Transfer Passengers? thanks
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    When you lease a gate, how do you prevent/remove other airlines from using it?
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    We would need a holiday mode.
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    In 1996, Boeing started a program that retrofitted DC-10's with glass cockpits that eliminated the need for a flight engineer. It would be fun it make it a maintenance option for people still flying the DC-10 in 1996.
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