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  1. There already is a turnaround time feature built in, so the arrival/departure procedure is replicated fine. Also, I don't think what time the flight takes place at has any real impact. I definitely agree that the UI needs an upgrade. The loadfactors and profit should change immediately, not after having to reload or save the prices again. I also agree with the idea of a default price algorithm, it can be difficult to determine what price I should set my routes at since the price just starts at $100 for every flight.
  2. I don’t think it’s possible to change the registrations.
  3. Not much seems to be happening with this game right now unfortunately.
  4. I vote yes. I think right now you have to go into each individual aircraft and close each individual flight which is very cumbersome.
  5. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think you have to wait until the lease ends, and then you have the option to buy the planes or end the lease.
  6. When is the server going back online? It’s already Tuesday. Does this mean the world is going to go to 20 minutes a day by the time it’s back up?
  7. To make the IFS: Once you are in the world, on the dashboard, click on “My Airline” then “In Flight Service.” Then, click on “New Service Cabin” and fill out the IFS system. Add the IFS to a route: Click on “My Flights”, and go to the route you want to add the IFS to, and there will be a button right next to where you can change the price. You should be able to select your IFS from a drop down menu.
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