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  1. The game world is still at Jan. 1st, 1950 for me. Anyone else having this problem?
  2. I have had this same problem with the 747-100 and -200. I think the dev is working on it.
  3. World A3, just so you know. An edit button for the forums would help as well, when you have time, so that we don't double post in a topic to edit a previous post. Thanks again!
  4. Thanks! It is terminal B at SXF (The one with 0 gates, the one with only 1 was built that way)
  5. Hi, I recently purchased a terminal with 0 gates, and I was wondering: is their a way to add more gates, or did I just blow a billion bucks? Thanks!
  6. Series Name: Concorde Model Name: Concorde Base Cost: About $210,800,000 (Engines included) Crew Count (pilots only): 3 Cabin Length: 129' Cabin Width: 9' 5'' Number of Doors: 6 Maximum Capacity: 128 (All Economy) First Flight Date: 1976 Stop Production Date: 1979 Runway Needed (meters): 3596m Empty Weight (kg): 92,080 KG Max Fuel Weight (kg): 95,680 KG Max Hold Payload (kg): 1580 KG MTOW (kg): 186,880 KG Turnaround time (min): Unknown Engine Manufacturer: Rolls-Royce Engine Model: Rolls-Royce/Snecma Olympus
  7. Press Release #6: December 18th, 1977: All of our current fleet will be undergoing D-Checks in 1986, so expect mass groundings of all of the current aircraft. As we are continuing to expand our fleet, we will be buying more airplanes, meaning that this should not be a fleetwide emergency grounding, but instead a large-scale maintenance grounding. This is scheduled, so there should be no cause for alarm. This is merely a reminder that will be reissued at least one year away from the due date of the first aircraft. A list of planes and routes that will be affected follows: St. Petersb
  8. Press Release #5: December 15th, 1977: Since our last press release, Legacy Air Service has greatly expanded its fleet and destinations. Here is our current fleet: 9x 737-200A 4x 747-100 1x L-1011-100 And our current list of destinations by popularity (highest to lowest): St. Petersburg, Russia (2x 737-200A) Xi'an, China (1x L-1011-100, 1x 747-100) Paris, France (1x 737-200A) London, England (1x 737-200A) New York, USA (1x 747-100) Dublin, Ireland (1x 737-200A) Dubai, UAE (1x 747-100) Athens, Greece (1x 737-200A)
  9. Will an aircraft pre-order be added to the game at any time? In real life, when a plane is announced, airlines can pre-order them before the first one is built. Also, are there any plans for a route closure system that closes all your routes on one route? I know the developer is already hard at work, and I am thankful for all the hard work done so far, and want to wish this game to years of success. Thank you, developer.
  10. No, that doesn't work either... and I reduced the size of my economy seats as well. I also noticed the same issue in the -200B model as well
  11. NH04


    Thank you! That is a feature few other games have, and I am excited for it! Just curious, though. Will custom liveries be free to make?
  12. Could aircraft and custom liveries please be added to the game? Thanks!
  13. Or say, if the airport merges with another airport (like what happened to SFX [Berlin Schönefeld Airport] in October 2020) then the airline is transferred to that airport.
  14. Could you possibly consider adding something that would allow airlines to save airports from closure, if there are enough flights (maybe about 40 flights per day to save a closing airport) going in/out? Thanks!
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