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  1. On competitive routes it makes a difference, and can equalize your airlines attractiveness if you're flying at a bad time, but without competition currently there really isn't much of a reason for IFS. Though I do hope to change that for 0.3
  2. AirSimWorld 0.2.2d Alpha Fix terminal bug #163 Fix slot usage calculation
  3. They don't count if they don't have any flight
  4. That's a bug that I just noticed earlier, I'll look into fixing it
  5. Hey folks! One of the ways in which I want to make sure to put out the best updates possible is to engage with the community as much as possible, and when I released the alliances feature as part of the 0.2 update I was hoping it would become an integral part of that. This is why those alliances created on the forum before the 0.2 update got a sneak peek at the update and got early access to the private release. Unfortunately however I did not see alliances really have a presence outside of the sim, which is why as we look to the 0.3 update I want to make some changes to encourage that. As such, I want to formalize the rules for being an officially recognized alliance which grants the following benefits: A dedicated room/role on the discord A dedicated subforum on the alliances forum, allowing more capabilities than the forum available to normal alliances Alliance representative will get access to #alliance-leaders room on discord, with early previews and access to private builds To be an officially recognized alliance, I'm creating the following requirements: Must be a super-global alliance (operate in more than just the sim) and have an active membership of 5 people (please note one person may only count as an active member for one alliance) Have an active presence both in the sim and in the community (forum/discord) Have a process by which someone may become a member (ie not be a private/closed alliance) Currently, there is one alliance who has a representative in the #alliance-leaders room (from the 0.2 release) and satisfies the above requirements is the Blue Horizon Alliance led by @Air Australia and is thus recognized as an officially recognized alliance. The following alliances are represented in the #alliance-leaders room but do not satisfy the requirements and will thus be removed in the next few days unless they can meet the above requirements: UnitedWings led by @Britannia Venture Alliance led by @Namika If you wish to have your alliance be officially recognized, contact me either on here or on Discord.
  6. @erroneous and @YandolsZX, should be fixed now
  7. I'll request a logo/header/livery. Trans American Airlines, US based carrier. Please use the red/white/blue color pallet and a simple logo utilizing some US imagery would be ideal, though completely up to you. If you can do the livery on either a 737NG or 777 that would be great! Thanks!
  8. I'll add Daniel Bernoulli to the poll for world B, as for the others their last name doesnt start with either A or B so they wouldn't fit.
  9. Lease gates. If you have over 1 hour long turnaround while using gate slots you'll be charged crazy overage fees (this is by design, idea with slot rental is to use it and get out so that other airlines may use that space). If you're going to be having a longer turnaround its advisable to lease a gate.
  10. Hey Folks! I have decided that just having worlds be named World A and World B etc. is boring, so I figured it would be fun to name worlds after famous figures in aviation. The trick is though I still want to have some semblance of A/B just to make it easier for me to keep track of, as such I have decided that each world would be named after a famous aviation figure whose last name starts with the associated letter (so world A person would need to have a last name start with A etc.). I am putting up a poll of who you think should be the namesake for worlds A and B (which will launch sometime next week). Also feel free to make your own suggestions, however beware that William Boeing was excluded on purpose as I dont want to create confusion about the rules (it might be reasonable to assume that world named Boeing might be a Boeing-only world etc.). Please vote for all the names you'd be OK with. Also please note that until 0.3 releases, all the worlds would still be named World A/B in game, this is because currently there is a 10 character limit on world name since it was designed to only take one letter world names. This will be changed for the next update.
  11. Ok, so basically the city of Buenos Aires didnt exist in game, so the demand in those cities was based only on surrounding cities. This should now be fixed for both EZE and AEP.
  12. Nope, you'd have to build a new terminal. I do plan to make it expandable by up to 30% in a future version.
  13. post the link to the airline and I'll fix it
  14. erghh... feel like I opened a Pandora's box, but ok. I'll do it later.
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