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  1. Hey y'all! It's finally here! The 0.2 update has arrived, although I wasnt able to finish everything I wanted to, most of the features are in and the rest will be implemented over the next few weeks as part of 0.2.x updates. With that said, here is the changelog: AirSimWorld 0.2 Alpha: Major Changes: Optimizations of the backend, massive speed improvements over 0.1 Some pages improved by as much as 6x the speed, most over double speed Gates, Gate Leases, Terminals All flights are now by default rent slots at airports, which charge per minute gate usage fees Airlines may lease gates for a monthly fee Terminals can be built for a modest fee Alliances Alliances able to share gates Alliances have logos/headers Airline-wide reputation (although the UI for that will be coming as part of 0.2.1) Airline reputation now impacts individual flight reputation Many more aspects are tracked for reputation, including employee morale and effectiveness, on time performance, maintenance record etc. Aircraft Loans and Leases (player to player leasing will be coming in 0.2.x) Staff Management Employee morale/effectiveness effects not just their own effectiveness, but effectiveness of their subordinates or other employees they interact with Different employees have a different effect on different aspects of your airline Minor Improvements: Map Night Mode Airline Logos/Headers Flight Research finance screen New UI on aircraft order page Aircraft Explorer Rankings page updated with sortable tables Most tables have been made mobile-friendly Some pages now have buttons at the top to make navigation easier Different seats are now able to have different reputation impacts beyond legroom/width (I'll work on adding additional seats later) IFS page now shows the prices of different options Ability to remove airline Bug Fixes: Its now impossible to delete configuration thats still in use Dark mode dropdowns fixed Aircraft that are out of cycles no longer fly That should be most of the updates, but there is a bunch that I'm missing. You'll just have to explore to find the rest 😉 Patreon Although it was never my intention to monetize the game, ever since we moved to hosting it on AWS I have been paying roughly $100 per month in hosting fees. This was manageable while I was living at home on break, but now that school is back in session and I have to worry about living expenses, this is becoming unsustainable. As such, I would like to ask for your help if you can afford to by becoming a Patreon of ASW. There are a number of benefits, ranging from custom roles on here and Discord, to access to early builds, to ad removal (I'm in the process of getting approved from Google for ads, they will be on the website as soon as they get back to me), to regular dev blogs. If you also have any other ideas for perks you'd like to see, please let me know and I'll see what I can do. https://www.patreon.com/AirSimWorld Note: Although early access to dev builds will be primarily for Patreon subscribers and staff, I do reserve the right to give access to people on a need basis. Now that 0.2 is out, I will be taking a week or so off from working on ASW, both because I've been working on it pretty non-stop for the last month and need a break, and to catch up on some IRL stuff. As such, dont expect any updates within the next week or so unless some major bugs come up. I will also be posting an updated thread about features you can expect to see coming up in 0.2.x, 0.3 and 0.4 updates soon.
  2. Hey y'all! ASW 0.2 update will be released tomorrow, this will be a major update that will take an hour+ to update. As such, I wanted to update y'all on the process. Tomorrow at 10PM EST (or thereabout) the game will go down, then, following a database backup I will start the update. I will be posting regular updates on the Discord, so please be sure to check the announcements page there to stay up to date!
  3. Yes, although not in 0.2, but it is planned for 0.5
  4. As I've mentioned earlier, the mail system is being redesigned in 0.2.
  5. Yeah, the game just finds the closest city to the airport, and sometimes that closest city is not entirely accurate. In 0.2 I'm making it so that regenerating passengers only happens for airports without a nearest city so that way it would be possible to change the city in the database without it going away with every new airport
  6. Subsidiaries are coming, cant tell you when but they are coming and sooner rather than later. Mergers are coming eventually Wet leases are not planned persay, although I do have plans to at some point (originally I was planning it for 0.4, but its probably not going to happen then) to introduce chartered flights into the game. This would allow a wider range of airline options, including VIP/private flights to be added to the game. Although this will involve a change in how the game keeps track of aircraft and thus is not a priority at the moment.
  7. Premium passengers will usually pay for the airline that offers the best experience (this is based on a number of factors including time of departure, legroom, IFS etc.) while still being under their willingness to pay. There are exceptions (for example there is a bonus added to your flight reputation if your airline provides really good value compared to other airlines), but generally they will go to the best service they can afford.
  8. Also to add something, I feel like limiting the options would be antithetical to goal of the game, that being to create the most realistic simulation possible, that is, anything that is possible IRL I want to be possible in game as much as possible. It's the same reason why you're able to sell a used plane for $1, because in theory there is nothing stopping an airline IRL from doing so, and setting arbitrary limits is inherently unrealistic. So the best thing to do for the sake of realism is to add as many planes as possible (and Kai and Northern have been doing fantastic job at adding planes with high quality information), and let the markets decide so to speak.
  9. The number of airport is of no consequences, its the number of itineraries. Either way, I think I found a way to implement it with minimal sacrifices (namely setting a limit to the amount of itins it considers, its not perfect but its good enough, and probably fairly realistic anyway since IRL pax wont necessarily find every single itin imaginable)
  10. Hey Y'all, As some of you are aware, 0.2 will introduce logos and headers/liveries into the sim. So far I've been using logos and headers that I came up with in 5 minutes which hardly looks professional. As such, if anyone could design a logo and a header/livery for my airline Trans American Airlines (or one of your own if you dont mind it being used in screenshots, I just need it for the screenshots so the airline doesnt really matter, just should be something professional). Here are the size requirements: Logo: 190x60 Header/Livery (its one image, but the idea is to let people decide what they want to use it for): 1635x250 Thanks!
  11. 0.2 has an aircraft explorer that gives all the aircraft in game and their production times that I think accomplishes this.
  12. I'll definitely do that at some point, although its not a priority at the moment
  13. Are you using the one in the header? Cause that one still works, it's set to never expire https://discord.gg/qudNez3
  14. That's actually coming soon, I don't think the game is big enough yet to warrant multiple world's, but after 0.2 comes out I'll be marketing it a bit more and then I'll put up a poll for what era the second world will be in.
  15. Yes, alliances have a connecting flights and may share leased gates/terminals (depends on how the airline that owns the gates sets it up)
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