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  1. Yeah, Brexit does throw a wrench into the plan, but then again, what doesn't it throw a wrench into?
  2. Hey folks! World B III has been reset! All the same rules, dates and speed, the only difference is that just as in World A III, you will now have 5 instant deliveries and the starting money has been updated to reflect that as well (as it seems like people like having more planes delivered at the start). As always, time will be kept to 45 minute days for the first 3 days and then will speed up to the normal 10 minute days (same as B II) World B III Timeframe: 1950-2010 World Speed: 10 Minutes/day (45 minutes/day until Wednesday, February 3rd to give people time
  3. I would imagine you have a lot of gate overages, are you leasing a gate or did you just create a flight without leasing a gate first? You can check your gate overages by going to facilities -> slot rental
  4. If you go to account settings you should be able to change your display name
  5. There isn't a way to expand a terminal (I should probably set a minimum limit for gates per terminal), if you let me know what terminal it is I'll add 10 gates to it.
  6. Hey folks! Although I didn't have time to work on ASW too much over the past few months with grad school deadlines coming (I am now done for the semester 🙂 ) , it doesnt mean I totally didnt do anything ASW related. One of my term projects for one of my classes involved developing an algorithm for clustering cities, a variation of which I plan to use for the new demand model in order to unify demand between two airports in the same city (JFK will compete with EWR and LGR etc.). Now that that class is done, and that this algorithm is not core the sim (there is nothing to be gained b
  7. Ok, I'll check on that. Would you mind submitting a bug report on the issue tracker? https://airsim.world/index.php?/forums/forum/6-bug-reports/
  8. I will add the ability to remove all flights from a route, although this will probably come with the new demand model which also brings the new flight research page (no point in adding a feature to something thats going away soon anyway). For pre-orders I do want to implement it at some point, but I can't say I thought about it too much.
  9. My current plan is to have the ability to upload an airline livery for free, and an ability to upload livery for each aircraft type be Patreon only (in time also a feature for Patreon supporters to also upload custom liveries for a particular aircraft, but not yet as AWS storage is quite low so until we move away from it this probably won't be implemented).
  10. Yep, planned for the next update 20.12
  11. hmm, I wonder if something is up with the size of the upper decks of the older 747s, since they were quite small. In fact they weren't originally used for seats but inflight lounges. Try putting economy seats in there and see if you could do that?
  12. It might be that the seats are too big for the upper deck, the upper deck is not shown as part of the seat map but it is there.
  13. I should mention that you are able to lease planes with the starting budget (I believe ~5 planes of the A320/B737 type). I plan on making leasing a more obvious option as I realize its kind of hidden but when you go to order a plane you can select to lease it.
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