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  1. I mean, there is no set value but yeah, $1000 should be high enough
  2. Sure, although for now if you set it unreasonably high pax wont pay that much and it wont impact your IFS score (only things pax use impact IFS score).
  3. I honestly havent thought too much about it yet. It's something I'll look more into when I start to look to implement it.
  4. To be fair one of my goals is to stop the exponential growth...
  5. You might want to contact @KJS607, he's in charge of all the data. He's the easiest to reach on Discord (link at the top)
  6. An ability to transfer a schedule is coming in some form in 0.3
  7. I'm glad you're enjoying the game! The demand model should improve for 0.3 as it is being completely changed. In the current model only population matters and the rest is modeled on the US. This is changing. As far as missing aircraft and airports feel free to suggest them in the pinned topics on this forum
  8. You already can terminate and extend leases, go to finances -> debts
  9. I would say there is no violation of the rules IF the airline is as a whole profitable and there exists a business motive for the move. I will audit the situation later.
  10. Maybe I'll add some sort of a thing where you can put your airline into limbo (a state where it exists but doesn't many or lose any money), but I haven't fully decided how I want to handle that.
  11. Hey folks! Currently there are no requirements on activity in the game worlds, that said there is also no limit on how many airlines can be in any given world. As the sim grows this is going to have to change. The following are the limits and requirements I plan to introduce with the 0.3 update, I would love to get your feedback as I am definitely open to suggestions on this and anything else. Airline Limits (World dependent, but this is the general template) Maximum of 250 airlines per world Maximum of 50 airlines on any major continent (Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America), 25 in Oceania Maximum of 1 airline in a given country per user per world (2 in certain large market countries) Activity Requirements 1 Week of inactivity and the airline has no flights -> removal 2 Weeks of inactivity -> limbo, after further 1 week -> removal Balance of -1 billion -> removal Keep in mind this is only the rough draft of what I was thinking. Very open to suggestions as we move forward. Also, those of you who are Patreon Supporters will hopefully see a private build of 0.3 sometime over the next 2 weeks (since I finally have a weekend where I dont have to leave town and have time to work on it 😛 )
  12. Alright, here we go, officially the second world to be added to the sim! Major props should go to @KJS607 who has been working tirelessly to add airplanes to the early game. A bunch of planes have been imported, including some modern planes 🙂 . He is also planning on adding some more planes in the nearest future, if you wish to help contact him either on here on Discord or contribute aircraft data on the aircraft suggestions thread. World A. Bell I (World B): Start date: January 1st, 1950 End date: January 1st, 2010 Starting cash: $1,000,000 World Speed: 10 min/day (45 min/day for the first week) Sim rules/difficulty: Normal
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