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  1. hmm, I wonder if it's still updating in the background but removed the box too early, these are the kinds of shenanigans I would expect if that were to happen.
  2. World B IX will have all the same configuration as B, though I might play around with game balancing to reduce revenue and balance the game out during the swap. There is also a new world in the works to be an open arcade world where there are no political restrictions, planes can be bought at any time, and time will advance by a week at a time rather than a day. That world would also reset every IRL year and be 'endless' rather than fixed to a timeline. Currently working on all of the required changes for that and plan to get a preview world out hopefully within a week as a test run to run for the rest of the month.
  3. Ok, I'll take a look later. It does appear that something hasn't gone right since you do have gates without any flights in your new terminal, so there should be capacity.
  4. Update on the new dashboard I haven't had quite the time to work on it as I had hoped due to work commitments, but have made some progress. For one, I have made a decision to move away from the 3 pane approach and instead have 2 equal panes with the left pane being the informational pane, showing cards that will show up all the time including valuation graph, fuel prices, top/worst flights etc. with the long term plan to support user customization on which cards there are and where they appear. The left pane, or the notification pane will show notification cards, such as alerts about issues with your airline (plane leases expiring, aircraft running out of cycles etc.), aircraft deliveries, as well as competitive outlook when any of your competitors update prices, add/remove flights etc. This notification system will also replace the current in-game messaging mechanic thus deprecating that system. On mobile and smaller screens the two panes will appear as tabs instead, thus furthering support for mobile users which is a priority for me. The other use of the new dashboard is the introduction of React into the game as part of an effort to refresh the UI and add interactivity to the sim as well as increase performance. At present, the entire UI is processed server side, which results in some issues such as high latency on certain pages that require a lot of data, as well as limitations on the interactivity we can do (we do leverage APIs to enable interactivity in some places such as the seat map generator or lately in dynamic tables, but currently this is very much an exception rather than the rule). This is a quite dated approach and one I hope to replace. The long term plan here is to completely sever the front end and the back end, however with the amount of pages we have, with most requiring some amount of new APIs this is significant amount of work. Instead of stopping working on new features in favor of dedicating significant effort to purely front end work (or as I would call it, hell), in the interim I am redesigning pages as I go to embed react pages as components within existing site. Since the dashboard is the first such page, there is a lot of additional work to set everything up, especially since I want to be cautious about having all of this new work in a separate package such that whenever the full migration does happen, I can just import it into the new UI rather than needing to put in a lot of effort migrating everything over. I'm happy to say that much of this pre-requisite work is completed and I can now start working on the actual dashboard.
  5. Your flights should move in automatically assuming there are enough gates in the new terminal to support them.
  6. Released a small fix, there was a minor bug whereby if there are services classes with 0 seats, they would cause the routes API to error out and table to not load. This resulted in 11 requests failing over the course of the day. This is now confirmed to be fixed. Let me know if there are issues.
  7. I am playing with an idea of an arcade world, so a new world might be coming. Whereby the world is unending (or at least runs for a predefined real world period), has all aircraft unlocked, no political restrictions and time advances by a week at a time. All of those features except the last are already supported (done through a world configuration). Was going to play with that idea this weekend but haven't had the time. Not sure if that will help with inactivity and I do plan to do something about that but since the idea of a new world was brought up 🙃
  8. Hi folks! In addition to a small update to the ranking page a few weeks back to make the ranking table dynamic, the my flights page has also been updated. This should make those two pages, which have been some of the slowest pages as far as latency is concerned much faster. Further the APIs that were implemented for those changes will be used as part of the new dashboard. Further APIs were added for the new fuel model, though at present they're unused but progress is being made on that front.
  9. Is this after waiting for the blue box to disappear? The recalculations are weird until the flight updates.
  10. Which tutorial are you referring to? The blue notifications at the top of the screen?
  11. That's probably why it is in weight as I was (am) quite a fan of flight sims so it was natural, but most sources use volume (liters, gallons etc.) when citing fuel capacity as well as fuel prices are typically volume based, hence to avoid errors it would make sense to use that.
  12. I probably won't add a route map to the dashboard as I would prefer to keep the dashboard as a 'quick summary' of sorts rather than omnibus of all the information (you can go on your airline page or flights page to get that info), though I do think having options to decide what metric top 3 best/worst routes are shown (by default this is revenue currently) would be a useful feature. It should also not be particularly difficult thing to add, since the APIs I'm working on should already implement these filters (I've been working on adding/relying more on reusable APIs both to speed up development as well as to move away from server side rendering which is a major driver of latency)
  13. No issues, I'll look into it some time this week, working on an issue with my development server at the moment.
  14. It's actually stored in weight, so in Kg (not ideal, not sure why I implemented it this way as it was years back). There are conversions involved in saving fuel costs so definitely an error prone process. I have to go through and check for errors. Might refactor this to a more sensible unit as part of fuel update.
  15. Yep, that is a bug that I intentionally have not fixed, I plan to fix it when there is an easy way to move schedules between aircraft.
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