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  1. Alliance Requests and Suggestions Ways to make the Blue Horizon better
  2. General Chat and Discussion for the upcoming World of BVI
  3. Wait I'm confused is World B VI starting today?
  4. Will There Be a New World Opening Soon?
  5. The aircraft has to come back to it's departure airport
  6. I use to Play Airline Mangers 3 an 4 , but I prefer this
  7. Yeah , you don't have designated hubs as such , like in AM3 or AM4 as long as either the destination or departure is from your home country you can fly without need to buy hubs
  8. Air Australia , Dear Customers , Air Australia are delighted to announce new routes in a new phase for the airline . PLAN Americana. New Routes include , major cities like - Detroit - Miami - Los Angeles - San Diego - Denver -Houston - Seattle - San Francisco - Dallas - Kansas City - Chicago Central and Caribbean - Panama City - Mexico City - Kingston - Havana South - Rio - Buenos Aries - Bogota - Quito - Caracas - Brasilia These routes will be from - Brisbane - Sydney - Melbourne - Canberra - Gold Coast * - Adelaide * - Cairns *
  9. Sorry did not read your response fully, depending on your alliance and the size. It will automatically happen if that Airport is already at shared gate
  10. Nadi International Airport - NAN/NFFN Fiji Coordinates 17°45′19″S 177°26′36″E Runway - 10,739
  11. no says Melbourne Int twice with different codes
  12. My Idea, If not already been discussed, is to have airline alliances in game. Maybe, Top Players can create a Group/Alliance. Which can bring like passengers from Airline A to fly on Airline B for Example. Maybe should be implemented in late 1990s Also to have an option to create lounges at your hubs increasing your pax and can share lounges your with other airlines through the alliance system.
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