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  1. Sorry did not read your response fully, depending on your alliance and the size. It will automatically happen if that Airport is already at shared gate
  2. Nadi International Airport - NAN/NFFN Fiji Coordinates 17°45′19″S 177°26′36″E Runway - 10,739
  3. no says Melbourne Int twice with different codes
  4. My Idea, If not already been discussed, is to have airline alliances in game. Maybe, Top Players can create a Group/Alliance. Which can bring like passengers from Airline A to fly on Airline B for Example. Maybe should be implemented in late 1990s Also to have an option to create lounges at your hubs increasing your pax and can share lounges your with other airlines through the alliance system.
  5. Will there be are bigger variety of planes coming?
  6. I'm not sure if a big deal but Melbourne Int Australia comes up with 2 options when trying to create route?
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