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  1. Old topic but still relevant and I really really support this. Just had this come up. Would be very useful when needing to swap due to a lease expiring and you don't want to create the schedules from scratch (providing you re-replacing with the same aircraft). Though in due time as a long term road map item would be nice to move schedules between planes regardless of type if the scheduler could be intelligent enough to recalculate flight time etc, and/or flag for errors.
  2. I would like to suggest the ability to reconfigure your aircraft outside of a C or D check and/or give the ability to force the plane to perform X maintenance type. Obviously from a realism perspective you can't just reconfigure a plane willy nilly. So if you give the ability outside of a check you can simply charge a monetary fee. It could be scalable fee say based on plane size, etc. Airlines often use the heavy maint checks to do major changes/upgrades but not always depending on the situation so its not unrealistic of an option. Plus naturally it would cost money anyhow. Doing it
  3. Old thread but since its still relevant I wanted to say I really support #1, 2, 3. I know #2 would be more difficult to implement. So I'd throw extra weight behind 1 and 3. 4 is a given 5 and 6 don't bother me
  4. Cleveland, OH USA May 1959 ((Game World BIII)) WindSail Airlines (IATA: WS / ICAO: WSE) finally received their air carrier's operating certificate after over a year of intense planning and capital raising. WindSail is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio at the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. Upon finalizing their contract of carriage they began operations securing aircraft leasing, hiring personnel, and route arrangements. WindSail is initial offering daily service to Chicago - O' Hare and New York - LaGuardia. WSA has negotiated some long term commitments with the Cleveland Port Au
  5. I've noticed the city information for quite a few US airports is quite wrong. In some cases the city listed is actually the city of another major airport so I could see how that data easily got twisted during an import but in other cases some cities listed don't even have an airport so its just odd can't explain those. In one case like Chicago O' Hare its even reported in the wrong state, though the coordinates seem fine. Doesn't really effect the game but it bugs my OCD so figured I should probably start a list, lol. My list is kinda growing should I just post all of it here in a thread
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