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  1. maybe UK could be added but only untill 2021 world time, when it leaves EU.
  2. there are routes, such as HNL-HND/NRT and LHR or other london region airports to JFK/LGA, that have massive demand in the real world(JFK-LAX) that dont reflect the same kind of demand in the game. could these be added? or increased demand on places like resorts?
  3. that one is interesting, but i know that in the real world it needed so much fuel so it was impossible to operate directly.
  4. yes, i would love something like that.... AE is one of the other ones i like, and thats part of the reason.
  5. ok, i like this more. but that is so cool!
  6. by the way, i mean free games.
  7. hi, i like this game and airline empires. does anyone know of others in the category? i dont really like airline enterprise or airwaysim.
  8. oh, great! thanks.
  9. As long as one of the ends of a route is in your home country, could you be allowed to do flights from it, bypassing your hub? That way you can have business models other than hub-and -spoke. An example: if you are based in Seattle, you could fly Philadelphia to Miami, or Boston to London.
  10. particularly appreciated the seat arrangement tutorial.
  11. i love the idea of cargo airlines. perhaps people could also have the option to operate a lessor? frequent flyer programs? package abilities?(bundles; hotels, airlines, all in one fare) individual pax charts, ground competition like high-speed rail, bus, etc.
  12. it was good, but i am still having problems, like the fact that when i do that it doesnt actually fly the route.
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