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  1. sorry if i come across as a little full of myself i meant the "bragging rights" as a joke
  2. Sorry if this is not the correct place, but when on the dashboard and looking at the Airline value, its kinda hard to read it because its purple on black.
  3. I ordered 2 727s awhile ago and thought I'd make sumn about it Its currently 1970 in world B III and the 727 has already been out for a couple years now, but none of the other airlines based in Japan own any Jets, so I have bragging rights. "First 2 727s in Japan ordered by Emperor." "The right choice of aircraft keeps a leading airline a leader."
  4. Series Name NAMC YS-11 Model Name YS-11A-200 Base Cost: $10,175,000 ( I couldn't find a price for this plane new, so i just did some estimation based on the planes it competed with irl in the game ) Crew Count (pilots only): 2 Cabin Length: 26.3 m Cabin Width: 8.98 m Number of Doors: 6 ( 2 doors on each side and 2 emergency exits on each side ) [If double decked] Second Deck Length: Second Deck Width: Second Deck Number of Doors: [endif] Maximum Capacity: 64 passengers First Flight Date: 1962 Stop Production Date: 1974
  5. I'd like to have photos of the planes when you're on the aircraft marketplace or sumn but that's more of just a me thing so I guess you don't really need to
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