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  1. So currently I have trouble finding airports, since I cannot filter them by country etc. I have no idea why some airports show up in the result, even though the name does not include what I typed. Would be nice to see some result filtering or something to make searching airports slightly easier.
  2. Hong Kong does belong to china (they claim it to be) and demand depends, not sure about that.
  3. Personally, I am not playing due to external reasons. Mostly, I don't have the time. Another reason for me is because of the unresponsiveness of the game, I have trouble updating my routes. If that gets fixed, I can come back and hopefully be quicker.
  4. actually, interesting Idea, I think that would really work out. A crisis that badly affects large airlines, and benefits small airlines? Interesting...
  5. I think you'll need to use the formatting, so KJS can insert that into the data.
  6. I fully support this, this is a great idea.
  7. I don't really see the logic behind copters, airlines operate planes and not copters. You got a reason besides variety?
  8. Some cities have mutliple airports, like Singapore has Changi and Seletar. (maybe paya lebar air base is in there too)
  9. If there are any planes missing, you can go to the thread and add the details. Please note, as time passes, more planes will be available as they get developed. It is still 1974, so there are not that many advanced planes yet.
  10. Yeah, the implementation of worlds is really open, I've asked the dev to make a unending world like AM3, and that's possible, so I have no doubt that in the future, there will be these kinds of worlds too.
  11. Hello, and welcome to AirSimWorld! This thread will be a basic introduction to the game, so you have enough information to just hop in and enjoy! So, this place is split into 3 parts. My Airlines, Forums and Game Guide. (there is also the Discord that you can join at any time). Game Guide is this place, and is currently managed by me, Gibus Airline Group. If there are any topics that you want me to cover, just let me know here on the forums or in the discord server. The Forums is where things about the game are discussed. There are subforums for suggestions for the game, a
  12. I mean, it's still up to the dev to do this so...
  13. Remember: If there is any other error message that you're receiving, just let me know down here and I will add it to this list!
  14. I can imagine the game being on an app (which still needs to be online) because it would be more user-friendly. This idea is still pretty far IMO, because the game still needs to be finished and properly tested first.
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