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  1. So currently I have trouble finding airports, since I cannot filter them by country etc. I have no idea why some airports show up in the result, even though the name does not include what I typed. Would be nice to see some result filtering or something to make searching airports slightly easier.
  2. Hong Kong does belong to china (they claim it to be) and demand depends, not sure about that.
  3. Personally, I am not playing due to external reasons. Mostly, I don't have the time. Another reason for me is because of the unresponsiveness of the game, I have trouble updating my routes. If that gets fixed, I can come back and hopefully be quicker.
  4. actually, interesting Idea, I think that would really work out. A crisis that badly affects large airlines, and benefits small airlines? Interesting...
  5. I think you'll need to use the formatting, so KJS can insert that into the data.
  6. I fully support this, this is a great idea.
  7. I don't really see the logic behind copters, airlines operate planes and not copters. You got a reason besides variety?
  8. Some cities have mutliple airports, like Singapore has Changi and Seletar. (maybe paya lebar air base is in there too)
  9. If there are any planes missing, you can go to the thread and add the details. Please note, as time passes, more planes will be available as they get developed. It is still 1974, so there are not that many advanced planes yet.
  10. Yeah, the implementation of worlds is really open, I've asked the dev to make a unending world like AM3, and that's possible, so I have no doubt that in the future, there will be these kinds of worlds too.
  11. Hello, and welcome to AirSimWorld! This thread will be a basic introduction to the game, so you have enough information to just hop in and enjoy! So, this place is split into 3 parts. My Airlines, Forums and Game Guide. (there is also the Discord that you can join at any time). Game Guide is this place, and is currently managed by me, Gibus Airline Group. If there are any topics that you want me to cover, just let me know here on the forums or in the discord server. The Forums is where things about the game are discussed. There are subforums for suggestions for the game, and general discussions, along with a place for reporting bugs and exploits. The main section will be My Airlines. When you click on that, you will get a new tab with the game in it. when you want to create a new airline, just click on the world, then next. Then put in the details of your airline. Once you've double checked the details, click create airline! from there, you can head to my buying a plane and creating a route tutorial to learn the basics. Now, some information about the game. Each world has its time progression. Currently, the only world (world A) runs from 1970 to 2020. Each in-game day is 20 minutes IRL. As time passes, more planes will be available as they get developed. You are constantly fighting other airlines in the world for the passengers and demand for the route, so make sure to be competitive or you lose out. Also be sure to make use of your monopoly in one destination, before someone else comes in and tries to take the demand for that location too. If there are any more general tips, I will add them here. Anyways, that's it! There are more tutorials on the way, so keep an eye out! Once again, if there are any questions, suggestions, improvements or concerns, just DM me here or over discord (Gibus#3769). Until the next time, this is Gibus Airline Group, signing out!
  12. I mean, it's still up to the dev to do this so...
  13. Remember: If there is any other error message that you're receiving, just let me know down here and I will add it to this list!
  14. I can imagine the game being on an app (which still needs to be online) because it would be more user-friendly. This idea is still pretty far IMO, because the game still needs to be finished and properly tested first.
  15. Love the Ideas, anything to prevent exploiting and cheating.
  16. I can see that being useful, but in my opinion I don't think this is required. I can imagine an "easy world" being made, along with an "infinite world" that I suggested, but this will most likely be added later on.
  17. I am not sure about the dev's priorities, but I'm pretty sure that this is pretty high on the feature list.
  18. Yeah, this is important, and I'm sure that this will be added in the future.
  19. So, this might be a bit far-fetched, but it would be cool to see this idea implemented in the far future. Would be nice to have the option to be an aircraft lesser (either a dedicated company, or just leasing aircraft directly from the airline) which would add to the realism and assist smaller airlines. These planes could be a whole lot cheaper than buying aircraft, meaning smaller airlines can get the ball rolling quick. I mean, at the beginning at 1970s, there is little competition and small airlines have no problem. Later though, around 2000s, there is a whole lotta competition, meaning smaller airlines would have some trouble getting started.
  20. seems like my original plan of editing the main post is down the drain... so... new thread it is
  21. I agree with this, this could set a good standard. Same here, would be cool, but I doubt it'll be implemented until the actual game release, when we have a better host. I would prefer this the way it is right now, but I don't know which is better until more people drop their opinions on this one. True, this would add some realism. I personally have the update issue that it is too slow, not too fast. Wierd. Not sure how I feel about this one.
  22. I mean, sure, we could always discuss and tweak all this later, no real rush
  23. Maybe add the change of airports when 2019 rolls around? Because IST is no longer Atatürk, but it is just Istanbul Airport. They moved airports. Would be nice to see that happen in-game.
  24. I mean, maybe something else than 14 days, something that might be a little more consistent, like a punishment after too long of inactivity. I think after 7 days your airline starts to suffer, and slowly break down, so you have the chance to pull yourself out.
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