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  1. Beechcraft 1900D Base Cost: $1,470,000 Crew Count (pilots only): 2 Cabin Length: Cabin Width: Number of Doors: 1 Maximum Capacity: 19 pax First Flight Date: Sept 1982 Stop Production Date: October 2002 Maximum Cycles (if possible, not always easy to find): Take off Roll (m): Empty Weight (kg): 10,434 lb Max Fuel Weight (kg): Max Hold Payload (kg): 6,356 lb (2,882 kg) useful load MTOW (kg): 17,120 lb Turnaround time (min): 20 [For each engine option:] Engine Manufacturer: Pratt & Whitney Engine Model: PT6A-67D Turboprop Cost: Empty Range (nm):1,245nmi Full Range (nm): 382 nmi/439 miles Speed (knots):322mph, 280kn
  2. How can I change the registration of my aircraft? I want to have a uniform fleet reg of N848N... for example.
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