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  1. The game should also have more seat variety, like those sleeper berths for the old aircraft, or maybe even something like Etihad's The Residence
  2. How much are they willing to pay, I want to go for a luxury approach and I want to know the prices they are willing to pay?
  3. How do passengers behave? Do they simply choose the cheapest flight available or comfort has to do something, also give me some tips please.
  4. Also, add a bar that shows all the airports you own gates at, like Airline Empires
  5. I always get invalid values whenever i try to add something.
  6. I cant seem to add IFS to my routes, and without them I cant seem to make the profit. So how do you add IFS? Sorry, I'm new.
  7. You can only buy a an 2 at the time new
  8. Same with me, the only way to get a plan at the start is wait for someone to sell on the used market for under a 100,000 It is impossible to get a loan for even the cheapest of planes at the start.
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