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  1. Is anyone else seeing their ticket revenue not changing? It is now October 7 and I have zero ticket revenue. Just 3 quarters ago, I had almost 4 trillion in ticket revenue and over the last 3 quarters, it's gone down to averaging about 80 billion. For some reason, the game just randomly decides to not calculate ticket revenue at times. Sometimes more frequently than others. Thanks
  2. GARY


    Yes it is. Sometimes, it can go 7-8 days before it changes.
  3. GARY


    Notice nothing in the right hand column has changed although they are different days. That is some type of a programming problem. 😞
  4. GARY


    I know, but all my flights are profitable. Check these screenshots out. You can see that the gross revenue number doesnt change from one day to the next. Some days it does, and some days it doesnt. Something isnt right with that.
  5. GARY


    I've checked all that. Like I said, one day the numbers will go up almost 2.7 billion and then next days, they dont change at all. Right now, its 7/7 and Ive earned zero dollars but have spent 36 million in maintenance leaving me in the hole 36 million for the quarter. It just makes no sense. My airport fees last quarter were only 168 million so I know it isnt that. I learned that lesson when I first started playing the game. I wish the developers would take a look but so far, they havent responded to my requests.
  6. GARY


    It seems to change each day also but some days, it doesnt change at all even though my expenses go up. Seems strange that one quarter I can make 225 billion and then next only about 55 billion. Something is strange. Thanks for responding.
  7. Does anyone else sometimes see their financial numbers not change at all for days at a time? Last quarter I grossed about 225 billion and this quarter I'll be lucky to gross 70 billion with even more planes? I'd love to know if anyone else has this problem. Thanks
  8. Not yet. I just sent another message to the designer and it just happened again moving from 3/18/04 to 3/19/04.
  9. My gross revenue has not changed now in 4 days. I should be grossing about 1.7 billion per day with all of the planes I've got. It's very frustrating.
  10. is anyone else having this problem? My gross revenue does not change as the game moves to a new day all the time. Some days it updates, and some days it doesnt. Just wondering.
  11. Thank you. I actually figured it out ")
  12. How can I share gates between 2 airlines in an alliance? Thanks
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