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    Hey y'all! Some of y'all showed interest in having a bit more updates about the development as well as other stuff, so rather than having that one really outdated roadmap (which is still accurate in regards to features, just not time-wise), I want to try having this section of announcements to just give updates in regards to development and other stuff in regards to the sim. 0.2.2 0.2.2 is currently in the works and is about halfway done, I'm currently in the middle of finals for school so it probably wont be released until I'm done with those in a week or so, but 0.2.2 will fix many of the bugs in 0.2.1 (including the 502 bug hopefully), as well as add some new features including the ability to replace aircraft, buy from leasors/extend leases. It also sets out a number of important UI updates that wont really have an impact this time around (except for the airline selection and maybe flight research pages which are going to be the first pages to be updated), but will be important come 0.3 which will be released sometime late December/early January and feature primarily usability features and UI improvements that should make the sim a lot more stable. World B As per the poll, World B will be set in 1950. While everything is ready on development end for a second world, the biggest issue currently is that there is only about 2 planes in game that would be available then. @KJS607 is working on bringing more early era planes into the sim but obviously research takes time, if you want to help feel free to drop suggestions in the New Aircraft Topic. Just be sure to cite your sources so that its easy for Kai to verify and I'm sure he'd appreciate the help. World B will start as soon as there are enough aircraft in the sim to give some variety.
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    Hey Y'all! Just wanted to give you a bit of an update on 0.2 as well as give you all a bit of a roadmap regarding what to expect in future releases of the game as we go through the Alpha development stage. 0.2 is going to have a lot of new features and I hope that you will agree with me that these features are worth the wait. AirSimWorld 0.2 Alpha (Release mid to late June): More details on your airlines finances (including breakdowns of how each of your cabins, aircraft and configurations are performing as a whole, more detailed flight financials etc.) Credit Ratings, Loans and Leases Ability to Bankrupt your airline/go into Bankruptcy Protection Airport Gates and Terminals Alliances Airline Reputation and Reach Staff options (setting salaries, dealing with unions, employee morale etc.) Logos, graphics and branding options Better mail system (aircraft deliveries split from general mail, mail reserved for important information Various bug fixes AirSimWorld 0.3 Alpha (Release mid July): This update will primarily be a UI update, that wont add many features but will be a significant overhaul of the UI. This will include things like making all the tables sortable (currently only flights and aircraft pages have those), add ability to add other columns to tables as well as have the ability to customize the UI to your own needs (One such feature is the ability to customize what is shown on the dashboard). This update wont do too much in terms of new features except bug fixes and tweaking of some game mechanics. AirSimWorld 0.4 Alpha (Release early August): This update will primarily add depth to existing ingame features, examples include adding aircraft options (winglets, extra fuel tanks etc.), more maintenance options, have aircraft maintenance actually take aircraft out of service (currently it only charges your airline money), more facilities upgrades (lounges, maintenance facilities etc.), better alliance options, realistic flight delays (cascading flight delays) etc. AirSimWorld 0.5 Beta (Release late August/Early September): This update will primarily overhaul the way you interact with agents in game (aircraft manufactures, banks, airports) by adding contracts and negotiations to the game, so you'll be able to negotiate with an aircraft manufacturer or an airport to get a certain price on things etc. This will also add more complicated things like aircraft options, termination fees etc. This contract system will also be used for player interactions for things such as inter-lining agreements (potentially but probably not in this update) codeshare agreements, and leases between airlines. Its also worth noting that minor bug fixes will be released between updates similar to 0.1. I would love to also hear your feedback and thoughts. Thanks!
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    Hello Everybody, Since this new feature has rolled out onto the AirsimWorld Forums, We here at Venture Alliance have decided to try our luck at starting our alliance here. We are originally from Airline Empires, where we began operations over 2 years ago. Since then we have become an active community of over 15 members and staff. Alliance Details We like to think of yourself as the newcomers alliance. We want to create a constructive space and guide members in their game ability, as-well as their graphic design and with all of this connect people to one another. We put our focus on members and creating a positive, safe and of-course fun time at Venture. Alliance Interest If you are interested in learning more, or even joining our forum/game alliance, Feel free to message me here or on discord I will be happy to answer any of your questions πŸ™‚ Thanks, - The Venture Alliance Administration
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    That's actually not too far from how I was thinking of implementing cargo. Though that won't come until the existing features are where I want them to be
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    That can be done. 0.2.x/0.3
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    The poll is closed There were a few ties in the time and era questions, they were broken for slower speed (in favor of increased accessibility) and earlier era (World A will reset to 1970, while there is no world for 1950). As such the following will be World B, to be opened in a week or two depending on my time availability. Its worth noting however that I am not sure whether we have enough aircraft available in 1950 so I might have to talk to @KJS607 in regards to whether or not we'll be able to have planes for the time period. World B Time: 1950 - 2010 Speed: 20 minutes per day (30 minutes for the first week) Real world time: approximately 380 days. Please note that whenever World C gets started, it will be a modern and faster world.
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    Yes, although not in 0.2, but it is planned for 0.5
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    Choices usually aren't as cut and dry as far as "most profitable" imo, a lot of people went for the 727 series and I bought tridents, I think I was one of the few to operate Tridents in this game and I was fairly successful with it. Families are getting introduced soon which will allow more strategy as long as the price isn't negligible so for example, do you want to operate the A330 which leaves you with the A330-200 and A330-300 which gives you some flexibility or go with the MD11, does the MD11 give you additional options as far as range at the cost of blowing a family on one type or maybe the ER gets you there. Geography is also a factor, If you're operating from Australia for example, you're looking at long range where you're looking at fuel costs and range vs. if you're a European carrier you're gonna be looking at a lot shorter range planes with low turnaround costs where you have a lot more options. You could run ATRs or Dash 8s which is kind of the mainstream option, but Embraer has some turboprops that might work for specific cases, and the F50 could work. In jets you could run the A320 series or 737 which is mainstream but you also have the MD80 series, Fokker jets, or you could maybe run CRJ1000s later which would mean you'd want to start with the CRJ700, or ERJs. The other feature that's coming is negotiations so realistically, for more niche planes, airlines are going to be able to negotiate which adds a lot of possibilities there. I'm not sure if plane size categories for airport handling is a factor/is going to be a factor but that would also have an impact. This game seems to have a lot more viable countries than others I've played so I'm thinking overall you're going to be able to make more use of niche planes than usual.
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    Hey Y'all! I'm excited to announce 2 new staff members that will be joining our team, they are: @Northern, who has joined the data team and has already started helping us compile data that would help us to move to a more realistic flight model that will be implemented over the next few updates. @Xx757xx, who has joined as the Game Moderator. Although there is no need for a game moderator now, I will be adding some features over the coming updates that might be ripe for abuse, and wanted to have a game moderator ready so that as I implement those features, the anti-cheat system, and compile a set of rules for the game, I want to have a second set of opinions to advise me on how to prevent cheating long term.
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    I'll definitely look to add something like that following 0.2 update or maybe 0.3
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    AirSimWorld 0.1.6 Alpha Database Optimizations in Event Manager Database Optimizations in route management Night Mode (leaked in from early 0.2 build) Better Logging Support
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    Hi! I'm sure many of you noticed that there was a bug that emerged recently whereby flights werent updating, this has since been fixed. The problem was that the code that runs the background tasks crashed, I'll be investigating the reasons for this but in the meanwhile it has been restarted and any updates you run should work now. You will need to refresh affected routes. I apologize for the long wait as I was busy with exams.
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    A QSI (Quality of Service) model, along with some other industry standard network planning formulas will fix these issues. This will make it so spam can liners will have a low passenger preference compared to a L-1011 in a nice config with 5 star service. (for example). There is a way to balance it out so new airlines don't get hit as hard too. All the other sims don't have this model in place, you can tell because spam can liners ALWAYS win vs another airline. If you go down the the path of AirwaySim, and start nerfing the Boeing 757 and other planes because the model is wrong, well that will just make the game too hard. On the contrary, Airline Empires has too loose of a model, where you can basically create demand in the millions/billions from nothing. From what I see now, it looks like the implementation of certain formulas will fix it, along with a payload/runway calculator (so I can't fly L-1011s on MDW-LAX anymore), catchment area calculator, hubs/connections and realistic traffic rules. I am sure I will come up with more once I dig into my files further.
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    Leasing is going to be added in 0.2, I am not yet sure whether airline to airline leasing will be a part of 0.2 or not, but it will be added at some point for sure.
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    As far as I can tell, if you're leasing the aircraft then your company doesn't 'own' them, and is simply an operator of the plane. Therefore, it does not contribute to your value since you do not own it.
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    It should have various different world going on at same time and player should choose which one to play. All should have there own benefits like one should no political restrictions while other should have long time has one day,etc. So I think you will think of it and support it.
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    Well honestly, I don't think now's the time to worry about all this. Getting a finished-ish game, or at least a beta seems the most important thing to do first. also, there are not really enough airlines to make the market competitive enough that you could call it "realistic". I believe having at least double the playercount in each world would be a nice start. That's the main thing airlines are fighting for nowadays.
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    World A will be reset as soon as it ends when it reaches 2020 (fun fact, I originally scheduled it to end on the new year but due to various game pauses and world slow downs, especially early on it wasn't meant to be), which should be in about 22 days. World B will be added whenever the aircraft data is ready, the data team is working hard to implement it asap. World C will probably be a modern world (since we already are going to have two historic worlds) and will launch a few months from now (depending on the number of active players)
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    My Idea, If not already been discussed, is to have airline alliances in game. Maybe, Top Players can create a Group/Alliance. Which can bring like passengers from Airline A to fly on Airline B for Example. Maybe should be implemented in late 1990s Also to have an option to create lounges at your hubs increasing your pax and can share lounges your with other airlines through the alliance system.
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    1-- Custom Classes are actually already implemented. 2 & 5 -- You could run subsidiaries as part of an alliance (in 0.2) and contracts are coming later where you could (I assume create feeder contracts). 4 -- Leasing is coming in 0.2 7 --Seat config is already in the game and is getting expanded with more seat options I think in 0.2.
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    I support this and I want as many options as possible as a result of this, including every variant and sub-variant of specific aircraft, so that you can customise your airline's fleet as much as you wish and have the right aircraft for your fleet. In having these options, it should also make aircraft more competitive by not just having the best capacity and fuel usage, but also being adapted to your airline's niche, which some aircraft can do more so than others - pricing may also play into this.
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    Also to add something, I feel like limiting the options would be antithetical to goal of the game, that being to create the most realistic simulation possible, that is, anything that is possible IRL I want to be possible in game as much as possible. It's the same reason why you're able to sell a used plane for $1, because in theory there is nothing stopping an airline IRL from doing so, and setting arbitrary limits is inherently unrealistic. So the best thing to do for the sake of realism is to add as many planes as possible (and Kai and Northern have been doing fantastic job at adding planes with high quality information), and let the markets decide so to speak.
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    The number of airport is of no consequences, its the number of itineraries. Either way, I think I found a way to implement it with minimal sacrifices (namely setting a limit to the amount of itins it considers, its not perfect but its good enough, and probably fairly realistic anyway since IRL pax wont necessarily find every single itin imaginable)
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    0.2 has an aircraft explorer that gives all the aircraft in game and their production times that I think accomplishes this.
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    In 0.2 there is an aircraft information page that shows the current operators, no launch customers though
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    There actually used to be sequential registration numbers prior to the public release but I chose to ditch them in favor of randomly generated ones as I felt like a lot of the registrations just didnt feel very natural (ie N000AA etc.). I do plan to eventually add a feature whereby for certain countries where airline codes are often used as part of the registration (example in the US where airline code is often used for the last two letters) that would be implemented.
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    I've fallen a little behind mainly thanks to the banking system, so it's still a WIP. It is coming in the next week or two in the form of a pre release (I don't want to release such a major update onto the live world without proper testing) and then after a few days as a full release.
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    So currently I have trouble finding airports, since I cannot filter them by country etc. I have no idea why some airports show up in the result, even though the name does not include what I typed. Would be nice to see some result filtering or something to make searching airports slightly easier.
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    Hey y'all, The game is live again. No major changes for 0.1.5, just needed to make some changes for it to work on AWS: AirSimWorld 0.1.5 Alpha: AWS Support Changes to authentication When you first log in to the game, it will ask you to verify permissions with the forums and again every few hours.
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    Hey y'all! I am currently in the process of moving the game over to AWS, as such, the game server has been temporarily shut down. Should be back tomorrow hopefully.
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    I'll find a way to separate them to avoid confusion at some point
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    You might have noticed that most players are no longer actively playing. If the game is too easy or too fast, you can't retain players who get bored when the game is no longer challenging. In real world, airlines take about 7 years to earn back the money they spend on buying a brand new aircraft. So if done right, you can only grow to about 16 times the size where you started over the course of 30 years. In the game, it only take 7 days! It is funny to talk about more new features (which makes the game balance even harder to tweak) to improve realism when the basic math is unrealistic ... The game is currently too easy even for small / new airlines. The hardest part is you have to always remember to change the ticket price after setting up a new route, which some new players fail to realize.
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    Maybe It could be a scaling effect; for instance, if you have up to 20 routes, you take a hit of 10-20% of your revenue, but if you have more than that you take 30-50%. Also, instead of being a huge event out of nowhere, there could be some warnings before hand, and let the player decide if he wants to continue investing, or save for the rough times ahead. I should have said that this is a mechanic that already exists in other games, like airtycoon online. There's pre-defined events that trigger the skyrocketing of fuel prices, or market crashes, and there's no way of surviving without re-defining your routes. In fact, it presents an opportunity to smaller companies, because the bigger companies are forced to sell their aircraft, so there's tons of aircraft available at low prices in the used market. That could help with the hardest part of starting you airline, which is building a fleet.
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    All of those are planned for 0.2 although lounges might be pushed back to 0.3
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    I dont think this is going to happen, there might be in far future an app that people may use, and maybe an ability to have custom worlds (although I don't see any way for that particular feature to be free due to the computational requirements involved). I don't have plans to release the games source code both because of the effort that went into it and because the game benefits from the social network effect (the more people that play the game the more people it attracts), so having everyone play in their own world worsens the game for everyone. Although smaller worlds are definitely going to be a part of the game.
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    I personally think this game should have worlds with shorter days (e.g. 5 minute days, like S4E and S4B in Airline Empires). It would certainly help the pace of the game, in my opinion.
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    Those ideas sound fantastic and should actually allow a level of control over people trying to create a spamline by doing questionable activity
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    Yeah, the plan is currently to write rules (and make it impossible code-wise) to lease/sell to your own airlines but I havent got around to writing 'official' rules or anything like that. The plan to do that is something along the lines of: You cant have more than one airline in one country (unless its a subsidiary which will be added in the far future) You cant sell/lease planes between your own airlines You cant have a business relationship with your own airline (except maybe have it be in the same alliance) Another idea that I had as part of an anti-cheat system (which is coming later), have all transactions analyzed for 'fairness' and if they're deemed sketchy have them marked for manual review by an in-game mod or something similar. I want to avoid setting arbitrary rules since I want to have the ability for people to do anything that could hypothetically happen IRL. All of this will also be less relevant since over time the game is designed to run with lots of small worlds rather than one large one (in fact, there exists a set number of airlines (that I have not calculated) at which point creating a new world would be more computationally efficinent than adding an airline to an existing world).
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    Yea, I'd focus on the hubs I recommended and fixing bugs and adding the necessary features to make this a full game.
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    I believe this is an important feature for airlines, especially airline sim games. I'd love to see this feature.
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    I'll certainly see if game year-based changes is something we can do in future
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    I was thinking about this, its not an issue for now but definitely in the future I'll add some inactivity thing. What I was thinking was something along the lines of: 7 days inactivity if the airline has no planes and no revenue 14 days inactivity if the airline has operations but has negative balance + negative revenue 30 days inactivity otherwise
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    As promised I'm releasing the 0.1.3 update today. Unfortunately I didnt have time to implement all of the bug fixes I wanted to, and as such these have been pushed back to 0.1.4. Also, as I mentioned earlier I will now shift my focus to working on 0.2, as such no new features or improvements will be released until then (bug fixes will continue to be released) AirSimWorld 0.1.3 Alpha NEW: My Flights page now attempts to group by airport (if you operate SEA-JFK and SEA-SFO it will try to make sure SEA is the destination airport rather than having one flight be SEA-JFK and other being SFO-SEA) (#49) NEW: Total weekly revenue in My Flights page (#42) NEW: Weekly Profit shown in My Aircraft page NEW: My Aircraft Page Pagination/Sorting NEW: Better aircraft selecting interface when adding flights NEW: Aircraft which are unable to make the flight are no longer shown in the New Flight screen NEW: Route Marketshare chart on route page NEW: Aircraft delivery date shown on pending deliveries page FIXED: Correct local time shown on return flights (#65) FIXED: Aircraft delivery time per model not per airline (#62) FIXED: Used aircraft flights removed when sold (#61) FIXED: Used Aircraft seller doesnt get paid (#60) FIXED: Cancel Order now working (#58)
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    The MAX's are in as well, please check the configuration page. I dont want you to do research for nothing πŸ˜›
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    Join the Yang Gang, the finest airline alliance in the skies! What makes the Yang Gang the right choice for your airline? Well, ask not what you can do for the Yang, but what can the Yang do for you! Every airline is offered a free thousand gates at any alliance member's hub for easy connections!* Not convinced? All of our destinations offer you the luxury of a free extra one thousand feet of runway for excursion protection, so your hot and high landings are safe and sound! How does that sound? Remember, the Yang Gang is here for you, for no exorbitant fee, because all is free! Yang Gang! Fly like a thousand bucks. *We say this meaning 10.00
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