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    Hey Folks! Today is the one year anniversary of AirSimWorld going live. It was on this day last year that World A I first went live and I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank of y'all for sticking around. I would especially like to thank @Gibus and @erroneous for supporting the project on Patreon and @Peter Marxen and @monchichi for making a one time donation. This project would not be possible were it not for your support. I would also like to thank all of those that have stuck around since the very buggy early days, I realize that the sim was hardly playable at some points and I appreciate all of y'all sticking around. To recognize this, I want to honor the 10 oldest players that are still active (have logged on in the past 2 weeks) by giving them a Veteran status on the sim (as of right now that includes all active accounts created on or before 6/20/19), which both makes them stand out on the forums and discord (do let me know your discord username as I dont know all of y'all on there), and gives them the same perks as the second tier of Patreon for life (including access to early private builds and the cosmetic Patreon perks coming in 0.3). These people have stuck around through many of the unstable times on the sim, including some game-breaking bugs that have seen many leave the sim for good, I appreciate you sticking it out and providing me with valuable feedback along the way. I hope to announce new veterans every year, so stick around. Without further ado, here are the people receiving veteran status for the 1 year anniversary in the order of their seniority: @G.J. (Joined 3/12/19) @sk0step (Joined 3/12/19) @Saip (Joined 3/15/19) @Ryan_D96 (Joined 3/17/19) @frequentflier (Joined 3/19/19) @dragoon20005 (Joined 3/21/19) @AndrzejSzymanski (Joined 4/7/19) @Air Australia (Joined 4/20/19) @Mutation (Joined 5/18/19) @Erik (Joined 6/20/19) Its also worth mentioning that both @KJS607 and @Gibus (Previously @Gibus Airline Group) would have satisfied this criteria, but because they are staff members they already receive those benefits, and should they retire they'll become veterans as retired staff members. With that done a couple of announcements: Staff Changes A few changes to the staff are in order as well: First, as @Northern has been MIA these past couple of months and attempts to reach him have been unsuccessful, he will be retired as a staff member and become a veteran. He was an important member of the data team in the early days and his contributions to the sim will live on. Secondly, I am happy to announce that @Gibus has been appointed as a community moderator. We ran into some moderating issues on Discord recently and Gibus was great in helping setup the bots to help with that, so I decided to keep him on as a broader moderator on the forums and discord. Private Alpha Build I'm still working on finishing up the private alpha build of 0.3 which should be available shortly. Those of you who are eligible to participate will receive instructions by a PM from me here on the forums when it is available so please be sure to keep checking your PMs in the coming days. As of right now, the following are the people who are eligible All Patreon supporters All staff members All veterans @Peter Marxen and @monchichi who will receive access for 0.3 as a token of appreciation Overall this has been an awesome experience and I'm glad to have all of you here to enjoy the sim and watch it grow. Here is to more years to come! EDIT: Forgot to add a few things: 1. There is now a new role for 1 year, 2 year, 3 year, 4 year and 5 year members that will be given to you automatically when you reach those goals on the forum and have logged on in the last 14 days. You will maintain your last role even if you dont log on for 14 days until you logon at which point it will update to whatever role is appropriate at that time. 2. Open Challenge I has been sped up to 5 minute days as scheduled, this change will take place after the next day change.
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    This is outrageous! $1 fares! This is a trick because a fare of $1 means no one can compete with them! ExpressJet must be stopped! This message was paid for by CP Air and LAN Airlines.
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    Hey Y'all! Just wanted to give you a bit of an update on 0.2 as well as give you all a bit of a roadmap regarding what to expect in future releases of the game as we go through the Alpha development stage. 0.2 is going to have a lot of new features and I hope that you will agree with me that these features are worth the wait. AirSimWorld 0.2 Alpha (Release mid to late June): More details on your airlines finances (including breakdowns of how each of your cabins, aircraft and configurations are performing as a whole, more detailed flight financials etc.) Credit Ratings, Loans and Leases Ability to Bankrupt your airline/go into Bankruptcy Protection Airport Gates and Terminals Alliances Airline Reputation and Reach Staff options (setting salaries, dealing with unions, employee morale etc.) Logos, graphics and branding options Better mail system (aircraft deliveries split from general mail, mail reserved for important information Various bug fixes AirSimWorld 0.3 Alpha (Release mid July): This update will primarily be a UI update, that wont add many features but will be a significant overhaul of the UI. This will include things like making all the tables sortable (currently only flights and aircraft pages have those), add ability to add other columns to tables as well as have the ability to customize the UI to your own needs (One such feature is the ability to customize what is shown on the dashboard). This update wont do too much in terms of new features except bug fixes and tweaking of some game mechanics. AirSimWorld 0.4 Alpha (Release early August): This update will primarily add depth to existing ingame features, examples include adding aircraft options (winglets, extra fuel tanks etc.), more maintenance options, have aircraft maintenance actually take aircraft out of service (currently it only charges your airline money), more facilities upgrades (lounges, maintenance facilities etc.), better alliance options, realistic flight delays (cascading flight delays) etc. AirSimWorld 0.5 Beta (Release late August/Early September): This update will primarily overhaul the way you interact with agents in game (aircraft manufactures, banks, airports) by adding contracts and negotiations to the game, so you'll be able to negotiate with an aircraft manufacturer or an airport to get a certain price on things etc. This will also add more complicated things like aircraft options, termination fees etc. This contract system will also be used for player interactions for things such as inter-lining agreements (potentially but probably not in this update) codeshare agreements, and leases between airlines. Its also worth noting that minor bug fixes will be released between updates similar to 0.1. I would love to also hear your feedback and thoughts. Thanks!
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    Hey folks! Currently there are no requirements on activity in the game worlds, that said there is also no limit on how many airlines can be in any given world. As the sim grows this is going to have to change. The following are the limits and requirements I plan to introduce with the 0.3 update, I would love to get your feedback as I am definitely open to suggestions on this and anything else. Airline Limits (World dependent, but this is the general template) Maximum of 250 airlines per world Maximum of 50 airlines on any major continent (Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America), 25 in Oceania Maximum of 1 airline in a given country per user per world (2 in certain large market countries) Activity Requirements 1 Week of inactivity and the airline has no flights -> removal 2 Weeks of inactivity -> limbo, after further 1 week -> removal Balance of -1 billion -> removal Keep in mind this is only the rough draft of what I was thinking. Very open to suggestions as we move forward. Also, those of you who are Patreon Supporters will hopefully see a private build of 0.3 sometime over the next 2 weeks (since I finally have a weekend where I dont have to leave town and have time to work on it πŸ˜› )
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    Hey y'all! Some of y'all showed interest in having a bit more updates about the development as well as other stuff, so rather than having that one really outdated roadmap (which is still accurate in regards to features, just not time-wise), I want to try having this section of announcements to just give updates in regards to development and other stuff in regards to the sim. 0.2.2 0.2.2 is currently in the works and is about halfway done, I'm currently in the middle of finals for school so it probably wont be released until I'm done with those in a week or so, but 0.2.2 will fix many of the bugs in 0.2.1 (including the 502 bug hopefully), as well as add some new features including the ability to replace aircraft, buy from leasors/extend leases. It also sets out a number of important UI updates that wont really have an impact this time around (except for the airline selection and maybe flight research pages which are going to be the first pages to be updated), but will be important come 0.3 which will be released sometime late December/early January and feature primarily usability features and UI improvements that should make the sim a lot more stable. World B As per the poll, World B will be set in 1950. While everything is ready on development end for a second world, the biggest issue currently is that there is only about 2 planes in game that would be available then. @KJS607 is working on bringing more early era planes into the sim but obviously research takes time, if you want to help feel free to drop suggestions in the New Aircraft Topic. Just be sure to cite your sources so that its easy for Kai to verify and I'm sure he'd appreciate the help. World B will start as soon as there are enough aircraft in the sim to give some variety.
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    Hello Everybody, Since this new feature has rolled out onto the AirsimWorld Forums, We here at Venture Alliance have decided to try our luck at starting our alliance here. We are originally from Airline Empires, where we began operations over 2 years ago. Since then we have become an active community of over 15 members and staff. Alliance Details We like to think of yourself as the newcomers alliance. We want to create a constructive space and guide members in their game ability, as-well as their graphic design and with all of this connect people to one another. We put our focus on members and creating a positive, safe and of-course fun time at Venture. Alliance Interest If you are interested in learning more, or even joining our forum/game alliance, Feel free to message me here or on discord I will be happy to answer any of your questions πŸ™‚ Thanks, - The Venture Alliance Administration
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    Idea - Just an idea, To have events in the game, for example - FIFA World Cup in Russia - Demand goes up, or Civil war demand goes down. Also for situations like now with COVID- 19, demand everywhere could go down. Cheers
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    We've now expanded services to Paine Field (PAE) in Everett, Washington! Coyote Airlines: You yell, we yell, we all yell, cuz' we're going to hell
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    Expressjet loves its employees. #DOESYOURS?
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    Dear AirGEL, Thank you for showing interest for our opening. After carefully reviewing your qualifications, we have decided to pursue other candidates whom we feel more closely meet our needs at this time. We appreciate your interest in our company, and the time it took to post your feelings on the thread. Please feel free to apply for open positions with us in the future. Again, thank you for considering us as a potential partner. We wish you success in your airline simulation. Sincerely, [Expressjet] Monchichi
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    Hey! I'm thatloserben aka Soop. Here are a couple examples of my work! If you're interested in a logo, livery, and/or header, shoot me a message/reply either on here or on the Discord. My name is Soop#9487.
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    That's actually not too far from how I was thinking of implementing cargo. Though that won't come until the existing features are where I want them to be
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    Alright folks, the long awaited 502 fix is here. From this update I will be focusing on working on 0.3 (unless something catastrophic happens). More updates will be posted on the DevBlog subforum, so make sure to keep checking to stay up to date! AirSimWorld 0.2.2 Alpha New Features and Improvements: New Airline Selection Screen Adsense Optimizations Better Logging (doesnt dump all in one file anymore, support for error codes) Increased cost of terminal construction Ability to extend/terminate leases Bug Fixes Fixed no form validation on new airline screen #135 Fixed the 502 bug # 133 Fixed world leak bug on airport page Fixed terminals past Z not being named properly #139 Fixed unassignable gates error when changing schedules #137 Fixed Configurations unable to be deleted bug #122 Fixed aircraft registration crashing with certain countries #140 Fixed leases expiring prior to aircraft delivery #133 Fixed ranking page not displaying properly bug Fixed leases not working properly bug Fixed Gate Slots page under facilities not working
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    That can be done. 0.2.x/0.3
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    The poll is closed There were a few ties in the time and era questions, they were broken for slower speed (in favor of increased accessibility) and earlier era (World A will reset to 1970, while there is no world for 1950). As such the following will be World B, to be opened in a week or two depending on my time availability. Its worth noting however that I am not sure whether we have enough aircraft available in 1950 so I might have to talk to @KJS607 in regards to whether or not we'll be able to have planes for the time period. World B Time: 1950 - 2010 Speed: 20 minutes per day (30 minutes for the first week) Real world time: approximately 380 days. Please note that whenever World C gets started, it will be a modern and faster world.
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    Another little feature that could be rather useful at times, depending on what your plans are... Perhaps they change, so you need to delay the delivery? Can there be an option to postpone/delay an aircraft delivery, and the ability to set how soon the aircraft will be delivered? For example - ordering 10 planes but making the first delivery in 8 months time, instead of soonest available time. Or if you wish to simply delay a few deliveries! 😎
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    Again, I'm in two hearts, help me decide. All voting is anonymous and there is no right or wrong answer. If you want something else or something rather specific, please let me know by replying here or if it's a specific aircraft, reply here:
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    Hey y'all! It's finally here! The 0.2 update has arrived, although I wasnt able to finish everything I wanted to, most of the features are in and the rest will be implemented over the next few weeks as part of 0.2.x updates. With that said, here is the changelog: AirSimWorld 0.2 Alpha: Major Changes: Optimizations of the backend, massive speed improvements over 0.1 Some pages improved by as much as 6x the speed, most over double speed Gates, Gate Leases, Terminals All flights are now by default rent slots at airports, which charge per minute gate usage fees Airlines may lease gates for a monthly fee Terminals can be built for a modest fee Alliances Alliances able to share gates Alliances have logos/headers Airline-wide reputation (although the UI for that will be coming as part of 0.2.1) Airline reputation now impacts individual flight reputation Many more aspects are tracked for reputation, including employee morale and effectiveness, on time performance, maintenance record etc. Aircraft Loans and Leases (player to player leasing will be coming in 0.2.x) Staff Management Employee morale/effectiveness effects not just their own effectiveness, but effectiveness of their subordinates or other employees they interact with Different employees have a different effect on different aspects of your airline Minor Improvements: Map Night Mode Airline Logos/Headers Flight Research finance screen New UI on aircraft order page Aircraft Explorer Rankings page updated with sortable tables Most tables have been made mobile-friendly Some pages now have buttons at the top to make navigation easier Different seats are now able to have different reputation impacts beyond legroom/width (I'll work on adding additional seats later) IFS page now shows the prices of different options Ability to remove airline Bug Fixes: Its now impossible to delete configuration thats still in use Dark mode dropdowns fixed Aircraft that are out of cycles no longer fly That should be most of the updates, but there is a bunch that I'm missing. You'll just have to explore to find the rest πŸ˜‰ Patreon Although it was never my intention to monetize the game, ever since we moved to hosting it on AWS I have been paying roughly $100 per month in hosting fees. This was manageable while I was living at home on break, but now that school is back in session and I have to worry about living expenses, this is becoming unsustainable. As such, I would like to ask for your help if you can afford to by becoming a Patreon of ASW. There are a number of benefits, ranging from custom roles on here and Discord, to access to early builds, to ad removal (I'm in the process of getting approved from Google for ads, they will be on the website as soon as they get back to me), to regular dev blogs. If you also have any other ideas for perks you'd like to see, please let me know and I'll see what I can do. https://www.patreon.com/AirSimWorld Note: Although early access to dev builds will be primarily for Patreon subscribers and staff, I do reserve the right to give access to people on a need basis. Now that 0.2 is out, I will be taking a week or so off from working on ASW, both because I've been working on it pretty non-stop for the last month and need a break, and to catch up on some IRL stuff. As such, dont expect any updates within the next week or so unless some major bugs come up. I will also be posting an updated thread about features you can expect to see coming up in 0.2.x, 0.3 and 0.4 updates soon.
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    Yes, although not in 0.2, but it is planned for 0.5
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    I've now closed the poll, as there is a clear demand to improve the existing aircraft data and add new engine options/features at present, which myself and Northern are working on. (Northern is doing some amazing work as we speak!)
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    Choices usually aren't as cut and dry as far as "most profitable" imo, a lot of people went for the 727 series and I bought tridents, I think I was one of the few to operate Tridents in this game and I was fairly successful with it. Families are getting introduced soon which will allow more strategy as long as the price isn't negligible so for example, do you want to operate the A330 which leaves you with the A330-200 and A330-300 which gives you some flexibility or go with the MD11, does the MD11 give you additional options as far as range at the cost of blowing a family on one type or maybe the ER gets you there. Geography is also a factor, If you're operating from Australia for example, you're looking at long range where you're looking at fuel costs and range vs. if you're a European carrier you're gonna be looking at a lot shorter range planes with low turnaround costs where you have a lot more options. You could run ATRs or Dash 8s which is kind of the mainstream option, but Embraer has some turboprops that might work for specific cases, and the F50 could work. In jets you could run the A320 series or 737 which is mainstream but you also have the MD80 series, Fokker jets, or you could maybe run CRJ1000s later which would mean you'd want to start with the CRJ700, or ERJs. The other feature that's coming is negotiations so realistically, for more niche planes, airlines are going to be able to negotiate which adds a lot of possibilities there. I'm not sure if plane size categories for airport handling is a factor/is going to be a factor but that would also have an impact. This game seems to have a lot more viable countries than others I've played so I'm thinking overall you're going to be able to make more use of niche planes than usual.
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    congrats to both of you!
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    Hey Y'all! I'm excited to announce 2 new staff members that will be joining our team, they are: @Northern, who has joined the data team and has already started helping us compile data that would help us to move to a more realistic flight model that will be implemented over the next few updates. @Xx757xx, who has joined as the Game Moderator. Although there is no need for a game moderator now, I will be adding some features over the coming updates that might be ripe for abuse, and wanted to have a game moderator ready so that as I implement those features, the anti-cheat system, and compile a set of rules for the game, I want to have a second set of opinions to advise me on how to prevent cheating long term.
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    I've fallen a little behind mainly thanks to the banking system, so it's still a WIP. It is coming in the next week or two in the form of a pre release (I don't want to release such a major update onto the live world without proper testing) and then after a few days as a full release.
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    I'll definitely look to add something like that following 0.2 update or maybe 0.3
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    AirSimWorld 0.1.6 Alpha Database Optimizations in Event Manager Database Optimizations in route management Night Mode (leaked in from early 0.2 build) Better Logging Support
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    Hi! I'm sure many of you noticed that there was a bug that emerged recently whereby flights werent updating, this has since been fixed. The problem was that the code that runs the background tasks crashed, I'll be investigating the reasons for this but in the meanwhile it has been restarted and any updates you run should work now. You will need to refresh affected routes. I apologize for the long wait as I was busy with exams.
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    I mean part of what new features add are new expenses which are currently not modeled correctly. I do agree that finding a balance is a must right now, and it will continue being tweaked and worked on as time progresses. I honestly have just been too busy with school in recent weeks (end of semester) to be too involved in development, but an update is coming.
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    A QSI (Quality of Service) model, along with some other industry standard network planning formulas will fix these issues. This will make it so spam can liners will have a low passenger preference compared to a L-1011 in a nice config with 5 star service. (for example). There is a way to balance it out so new airlines don't get hit as hard too. All the other sims don't have this model in place, you can tell because spam can liners ALWAYS win vs another airline. If you go down the the path of AirwaySim, and start nerfing the Boeing 757 and other planes because the model is wrong, well that will just make the game too hard. On the contrary, Airline Empires has too loose of a model, where you can basically create demand in the millions/billions from nothing. From what I see now, it looks like the implementation of certain formulas will fix it, along with a payload/runway calculator (so I can't fly L-1011s on MDW-LAX anymore), catchment area calculator, hubs/connections and realistic traffic rules. I am sure I will come up with more once I dig into my files further.
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    Leasing is going to be added in 0.2, I am not yet sure whether airline to airline leasing will be a part of 0.2 or not, but it will be added at some point for sure.
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    I was thinking about this, its not an issue for now but definitely in the future I'll add some inactivity thing. What I was thinking was something along the lines of: 7 days inactivity if the airline has no planes and no revenue 14 days inactivity if the airline has operations but has negative balance + negative revenue 30 days inactivity otherwise
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    I'm happy to announce that @KJS607 has been appointed as the new Data Manager. He has been helping me recently to correct some of the errors in the database that will be appearing in game soon.
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    I have a few suggestions for the game: 1. Lounges Launch the "lounges" to attract business and first passenger. Airlines can also build more than one lounge in each terminal and the lounges can be shared between members negotiated (dont need to be in the same alliance I think) 2. Codeshare Airlines can negotiate with others and sign contract to have codeshare. This help the airlines to expand their network and can increase interactions between players in real life. 3. Moving the schedule of plane from one to another This is to transform all the routes from a plane (usually the old one) to another (the new one) with similar turnover time. This can help us to replace the old aircraft with new ones 4. R&D in new aircraft The aircraft manufacturer can ask for fund for investment for the airlines to make the aircraft. If the funds cannot meet the goal of the manufacturer, the aircraft will not be made and sold, if there is enough funds, there airlines invested the project can enjoy a discount the faster delivery that aircraft. 5. Introduce flat-bed seat or suites for premium classes I can only choose standard seat for business and first class right now. I don't know if there is new seat in the future or not. But I think this is interesting 6. More rankings Not just the rank for airline value, but also rank for the amount of passenger, best services, most passenger, etc. 7. Set up a regional brand (for regional flight) Same like delta connection or American eagle. This can promote regional lines and allow players to manage them more effectively 8. Stopover flight Although stopover flight is quite complicated (both in game and real life) but there are many real-life examples like emirates from BKK to HKG 9. Set up hubs in other countries This is an important point. Limitations to fly to other countries is quite unfair to players because the players have headquarter in US cities at first can fly planes from many large cities (like NYC, LA, SF) while players have headquarters set up in small countries like Singapore are difficult to expand. I think it is possible for airline to set up hubs in foreign countries (like virgin, airasia, easyjet) as long as you pay (or invest) to the local government there These are the features that I can think of. I hope the developer can have a look and get inspiration from them, I also hope other players can give comments on my suggestions, as well as other suggestions so we can discuss together.
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    Greetings! Since our establishment last Sunday, we have commenced operations! Utilizing our hub at Portland International Airport (PDX,) we have begun offering services to the following locations! Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) Tri-Cities Airport (PSC) San Francisco International Airport (SFO) More destinations are expected soon! Please stay tuned as we prepare to expand our business further with the acquisition of three new DC-6 passenger aircraft! Coyote Airlines: The only trick? Our affordable prices.
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    try hard. try soviet aircraft.
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    This is an obvious PR stunt. Expressjet is to big to charge everyone only $1.
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    Nope, you'd have to build a new terminal. I do plan to make it expandable by up to 30% in a future version.
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    As far as I can tell, if you're leasing the aircraft then your company doesn't 'own' them, and is simply an operator of the plane. Therefore, it does not contribute to your value since you do not own it.
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    I would look at IFS settings, upper class passengers expect a lot more in terms of in flight experience.
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    Hey y'all, The game is live again. No major changes for 0.1.5, just needed to make some changes for it to work on AWS: AirSimWorld 0.1.5 Alpha: AWS Support Changes to authentication When you first log in to the game, it will ask you to verify permissions with the forums and again every few hours.
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    I'll find a way to separate them to avoid confusion at some point
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    Most of this will be implemented programmatically, and even in cases of ip spoofers and stuff all deals will be evaluated by the anti-cheat and flagged for review of something seems sketchy (ie, someone sells a plane for way less than it's value). You may very well be right that I'm being too optimistic, but it's worth trying it to ensure maximum realism and avoid arbitrary restrictions.
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