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  1. I agree, I think we should have formats people can individually choose from. Personally, I think the route planner page needs a rework. Would love to see a much more easier way to plan routes rather than having to type the time in and worry about turnaround time & continuity.
  2. Well, how about a .zip file you can extract on lets say your Windows PC and then use some HTML and JavaScript or MySQL stuff (idk what this game runs on) and then run it on your own private server if you're ever offline or so you can make your own worlds or something idk.
  3. A version you can download and open in a regular .html file and ability to make your own worlds and add aircrafts and fictional airports (code by the user would be required or something, I don't know the game's system or whatever)
  4. Airport Name: Lublin Airport (LUZ) Airport Country: Poland/Polska Decimal Latitude: 51.236804 Decimal Longitude: 22.714766 Length of Longest Runway: 2,520 (m) / 8,267 (ft) Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lublin_Airport https://www.airport.lublin.pl/en/
  5. Series Name (eg. Boeing 737, Airbus A330 etc.): Cessna 208 Model Name (eg. Boeing 737-700, Airbus A330-200 etc.): Cessna 208 Caravan Base Cost: 1,750,000$ USD Crew Count (pilots only): 2 Cabin Length: 11m (meters) Cabin Width: 160cm (1.6m) Number of Doors: 3 (2 pilot, 1 passenger) [If double decked] Second Deck Length: Second Deck Width: Second Deck Number of Doors: [endif] Maximum Capacity: 11 First Flight Date: 1982 Stop Production Date: present (2050?) Maximum Cycles (if possible, not always easy to find): Take off Roll (m): 626 Empty Weight (kg): 2145 Max Fuel Weight (kg): N/A Max Hold Payload (kg): 3,629 MTOW (kg): 3,700 Turnaround time (min): 20 [For each engine option:] Engine Manufacturer: Textron Aviation Engine Model: N/A Cost: 2,000,000$ USD Empty Range (nm): 1,007 Full Range (nm): 948 Speed (knots): 186
  6. Yea, I'd focus on the hubs I recommended and fixing bugs and adding the necessary features to make this a full game.
  7. That would be great! Especially for switching aircraft.
  8. I hope so. Maybe even in the near future lol.
  9. I believe this is an important feature for airlines, especially airline sim games. I'd love to see this feature.
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