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  1. Else I will have confusion in purchasing modern aircraft later... so somebody please help
  2. Hello I started my airline in B I and i have enough money to loan-purchase aircraft but something is going wrong and even if i wish to pay more than half the amount as downpayment, it says that the bank doesn't believe that I have enough income, even tho I get about 30 million per week(in-game time) so csan somebody help me with the proper process?
  3. Airport Name: Kannur International Airport Airport Country: India Decimal Latitude: 11.915858 Decimal Longitude: 75.55094. Length of Longest Runway: 3050 m/ 10,007 ft (Runway 07/25) Source:Wikipedia and distancesto.com
  4. Can we have a window where we can test aircraft if they can complete routes and show stats like, time taken, fuel neededetc. This helps us organize and choose and order our planes and assign routes to them ore easily
  5. Could we have our own ground crews? and own sponsored buses and other stuff pls
  6. Can we have cargo and cargo aircraft?
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