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  1. Just a quick update: As of February 11, 2021, there are currently options to Loan or Lease an aircraft. You will see these options under "Order Options" after selecting your seating arrangement. Loaning and leasing are very similar, but the key difference is that with a Loan you keep the aircraft, but in a Lease you have to return it when the contract is fulfilled. With both forms of contracting, you enter the number of aircraft you want and how long you want to pay them off. Long leases are cheaper than short ones, but longer loans can be more expensive. You can select between 5 and 15 years
  2. Series Name: De Havilland DH-106 Comet Model Name: 4/4C Base Cost: 40,000,000/41,500,000 Crew Count: 3 Cabin Length (m): Unknown Cabin Width (m): Unknown Number of Doors: 4 Maximum Capacity: 109/119 First Flight Date: 1958 Stop Production Date: 1982 Maximum Cycles: 20,000 Take off Roll (m): 2,290 Empty Weight (kg): Max Fuel Weight (kg): 40,455 Max Hold Payload (kg): 5,670 MTOW (kg): 71,000 Turnaround time (min): 45 Engine Manufacturer: Rolls-Royce Engine Model: Avon Mk 524 Cost: 40,000,000 Emp
  3. I wouldn't mind a world that runs shorter, such as 1990-2020, 1990-2030, or 2000-2030.
  4. A very helpful feature that I haven't seen mentioned yet is the ability to view world data from the world selection screen. That way, you don't have to create a phony company to research airports. I have no idea how easy or difficult this would be to ad from a coding standpoint, and I also have no idea if it is actually a feature because I am a complete noob.
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