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Couple Suggestions

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Ability to change units. Currency, distance, weight etc.

Display cost of Inflight-Services so we know how much to charge without losing money.

Stopover flights.

Cargo? Cargoholds and full cargo planes? Probably something for way in the future.

Marketing? Your airline markets more and passangers are more likely to pick you over a competitor who is marketing less.

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Thanks for your suggestions! 

Costs of inflight services will be shown in 0.1.2c/0.1.3

Stop-over flights/5th freedom flights are planned but wont be implemented for a few versions I dont think

This is something that is on the back of my mind (the database has all the attributes to support cargo ops), but the programming and research required are definitely prohibitive for the moment. Something for the future for sure though. 

Marketing I'll work on implementing for 0.2 (that update is going to add airlne-wide reputation and airline exposure, in the current reputation only the route reputation matters). 

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