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Default ticket cost and handling of inactive airlines


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There are many try-and-error airlines with active flights for the default 100$. These flights are claiming a lot of pax and it is not possible to operate these routes with profit. So I suggest:

a. set the default price 100k$. All pax will choose the cheaper offers made by active players

b. Define a deadline for inactive airlines. E.g. 4 weeks inactive (in real time) causes the (temporary) cancellation of all flights. It shall be possible to re-activate the airline.

c. Implementation of a custom inactive mode. The player can define a time of e.g. max 4 weeks (real time). In this period the account/airline is not affected by b.

c-variation. The airline is completely frozen. No Profit, no airplane usage but the route supply is still mentioned.


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While I do long term want to do some inactivity cleanup, the the ability to 'freeze' airline would be a technically complex feature to implement and also one that I don't entirely agree with. The point of the sim is to try and create as realistic experience as possible, and 'freezing' your airline introduces some huge caveats into that as well as continuity of the game world, for example, do your planes still age while your airline is 'frozen' as aircraft age has a huge impact on maintenance cost, reputation and other aspects of the sim, the other problem is that it risks flights/airlines constantly disappearing and reappearing which worsens the experience for other airlines. 

For cleaning up inactive airlines, I do agree that long term this is something I want to do, though the exact mechanism is yet to be decided as I prefer to not implement hard and fast rules in favor of more realistic aspects that would drive activity (ie what would realistically happen if an airline stopped evolving etc.) 

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On 11/9/2023 at 5:01 AM, MoeKitsune said:

I feel like additional game worlds would lessen this issue somewhat, but I do understand if that's not feasible at this moment.

I am playing with an idea of an arcade world, so a new world might be coming. Whereby the world is unending (or at least runs for a predefined real world period), has all aircraft unlocked, no political restrictions and time advances by a week at a time. All of those features except the last are already supported (done through a world configuration). Was going to play with that idea this weekend but haven't had the time. 


Not sure if that will help with inactivity and I do plan to do something about that but since the idea of a new world was brought up 🙃

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