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Hi folks! 


As part of my testing I have a few different environments that I use, the last of which is the beta server. Although access to this server has historically been reserved for Patreon supporters, I have opened it to everyone ever since I automated deployments (deployments are now a click of a button for me rather than a manual and error prone process) which means that new features and releases spend a relatively short time on beta before being pushed out (usually less than a week, or just long enough for me to verify that they won't blow up), so the value proposition of keeping it reserved for Patreon is limited (I still need to work out how to add Patreon in such a way as to make it appealing without adding any pay to win features, this probably looks like more customizability features which although is not a priority at the moment, servers don't pay for themselves). 

Either way, the point is that I'm opening up my test world on beta for any testing you guys want to do (also a good stress test for pre-release versions). The beta server and the test world are available at https://beta.airsim.world/ (I have also put it as a subcategory of announcement section on the forums)


The world parameters are as follows: 

Sandbox World

Timeframe: 2020-3000

World Speed: 1 Min/day

Rules/Difficulty: Normal settings

Starting Money: $1 Billion 


Note: As this is on the beta server, I make no claims as to the reliability of the server. The world may get reset, deleted or get changed without warning, any issues are not bound to be prioritized etc. 

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