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  1. China Eastern and Air China both fly to and from Hong Kong IRL.
  2. I mean, maybe instead of countries coming into/out of existence, there could be sets of political restrictions coming into/out of existence. Like pre-1991 your airport's headquarters could be in Moscow but you could also have a hub/focus city and terminal in Kiev, but after 1991 standard international political restrictions apply, and some political restrictions no longer applying after certain dates?
  3. Are there any sites where I could find stats like cabin width, length, number of doors, etc.?
  4. Are there any plans to simulate the split and subsequent reunion of Germany and Vietnam, and conversely, the existence and then disintegration of the USSR? Or the decolonization of Africa?
  5. Series Name: Tupolev Tu-114 Model Name: Tu-114-200 (almost all 114s eventually upgraded) Base Cost: $62,700,000 (from AE) Crew Count: 5 Cabin Length: Cabin Width: Number of Doors: Maximum Capacity: 220 First Flight Date: 15 November 1957 Stop Production Date: 1963 Maximum Cycles: Rated for 14,000 flying hours. Not sure if that's the same thing. Empty Weight (kg): 91,000kg Max Fuel Weight (kg): 72,980kg Max Hold Payload (kg): couldn't find this, but I assume it's the MTOW minus the fuel? So like 99,000kg MTOW (kg): 171,000kg Turnaround time (min): 55 min (AE) Engine Manufacturer: Kuznetsov (Kuznetsov Design Bureau) Engine Model: NK-12 Cost: Only engine option Empty Range (nm): 5909 Full Range (nm): 4,830nm Speed (knots): 470 max, 420 cruise
  6. Never mind. Didn't realize return flights weren't automatic.
  7. I think I'm doing something wrong with the flight scheduler. I tried to do a daily flight between Ürümqi and Beijing (about 3 hours) and it said "error, aircraft discontinuity." I don't understand the problem.
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