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  1. I'm a full-stack dev myself, so I know pretty well how it feels be demotivated while working on personal projects 😞 If you need a hand here and there, just ask. I'd be more than happy to help!
  2. Ok, forget the distance suggestion. I realized it's right on the title! 😧
  3. Hi everyone! I'm new to Airsimworld, and I'm really, really enjoying it. Kudos to Sviridovt! Here's a couple of suggestions that could be added, in my opinion, to improve the gaming experience: On Flights > Market Research: it would be great to have a "Bookmark this flight" option. Sometimes you find a great combination but you can't create a flight at that very moment because you lack the proper plane, or maybe you are waiting for an order to arrive. Something like this: On Flights > Market Research: In the same vein, it would be nice to know the distance between two airports, so you can buy a proper aircraft if you need to, without overdoing it or realising down the line that the brand-new plane that you just got is still not enough for the required range: Facilities menu: I've spent like two hours to find a way to buy a terminal D: Yeah, it was probably my own fault, but I feel like it should be more accessible for the user. Something like this: Finances > Debts > View Debt: It would be nice to close loans without having to wait for the closing date: And last but not least, I think it would be good to not let new players join an already finished world (I started on OC III and spent a couple hours there until I realised that the game was already over): I know that there are probably more important things in future releases than these improvements. Anyways, there are my suggestions. Thanks for your hard work, keep it up!
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