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  1. Fixed. Notice that it's DIA, DOH didn't open until 2014.
  2. Going through the data and eliminating errors from the initial data collection stage is something that is being worked on as we speak. You will soon start to see the data being corrected, in addition to some growth in the options for aircraft.
  3. Should appear shortly 😇 Any other 70's and 80's aircraft you all want to see?
  4. Once of the few 'realistic' aspects of AE that I think would be a helpful implementation is on-time flights. This is something which could be gauged on how hard you're pushing your fleet, your staff happiness, union satisfaction, even the airports that you're using and how busy you are and what facilities you have at that airport could all play into this. e.g. using a jetway instead of aircraft stairs may help keep things on-time...but only if your aircraft has built-in stairs. Aircraft without these may actually take a time penalty by not using a jetway...if that all makes sense a
  5. Feel free to give me a shout for data admin, I'm boring like that
  6. Airport Name: Castellón–Costa Azahar Airport IATA/ICAO: CDT/LECH Airport Country: Spain Decimal Latitude & Longtitude: 40.209722, 0.069722 Length of Longest Runway: 8858 ft / 2700 m Source: http://www.aeropuerto-castellon.com/gp/Aeronautical-Documentation/273
  7. On the back of this, it would appear the current data is that of the One Eleven 200 series, which uses the Spey Mk 506 engines also. An easy fix to rename 500 to 200 for now?
  8. Series Name: BAC 1-11 Model Name: One Eleven 500 Max capacity is incorrect for this aircraft. It is current stated at 89 passengers. This is the data for the smaller 200, 300 and 400 series aircraft, the maximum capacity for the One Eleven 500 is 119 seats. Also note that the engine for this model was the Rolls-Royce Spey RB.163 Spey Mk 512. (The game currently lists this as Mk 506). Source for validation: https://www.baesystems.com/en/heritage/bac1-11
  9. Very excited for that update - I do enjoy micro-managing the routes as they are, but maybe a tick-box option for days would help when adding flights?
  10. 🤩 It's so good to see this coming together
  11. I am genuinely so excited about this project Sviri! If you need any assistance with admin or data collection, give me a shout.
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