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  1. The following aircraft have now been added: McDonnell Douglas DC-9 MD-82 MD-83 MD-87 (HGW option available by selecting JTD8-219 engine option) MD-88 MD-90-30ER
  2. I believe both of these are in the works, have you joined our Discord server yet? We've been discussing this in recent days on the server.
  3. Can you elaborate on what you mean by this?
  4. The following aircraft have now been added: Airbus A320 Series A320-111 A320-211 (already in-game but I have corrected name and data set)   A320-212 A320-214 A320-231 A320-232
  5. The aircraft will become available as deliveries began in real life, so for the 737-400 HGW & BGW, this will be 1988.
  6. So you can (for once) make be your bitch in a way.. I want to do what you guys all would prefer, so please do let me know which you would prefer to see by voting and I'll get to work once we've got some numbers in. All voting is anonymous and there is no right or wrong answer.
  7. If you get any quick questions or queries like this, you can also get a fast reply by leaving a message on our Discord server here: https://discord.gg/RAvPs5E
  8. The following aircraft have now been added: Boeing 737 Classic 737-300 BGW 737-300 HGW (already in-game but I have corrected name and data set)  737-400 BGW 737-400 HGW (already in-game but I have corrected name and data set)  737-500 BGW 737-500 HGW (already in-game but I have corrected name and data set) 
  9. Do you have proof of this aircraft being used in commercial airline service?
  10. I'm 100% in favor of this. AE's rather inaccurate so it was easy to swap there, similarly Airline Mogul's "hot swap" feature was rather basic. It'll be harder to implement with the schedules I'm guessing but some level of automated scheduling to do this would definitely make it smoother than the hardcore scheduling I've had to do to replace my high-cycle One Elevens...
  11. Fab to hear, this is definitely something I'd like to see myself
  12. I'll find a way to separate them to avoid confusion at some point
  13. I'd like to hear @sviridovt 's word on this one, but personally, I don't see it happening.
  14. Yes, I'm working on having one of the most extensive and comprehensive aircraft options out there for an airline simulation platform. (Watch out AE)
  15. The following aircraft have now been added: Boeing 757 757-200 HGW (ER) 757-300 757-300 HGW (already in-game but I have corrected name and data set)
  16. That sounds fabulous and I'm excited for 0.2
  17. I think it would be fair to allow people to be on their own, should it not work correctly, but it would be an extremely helpful feature
  18. The following aircraft have now been added: Boeing 707 707-320C Boeing 717 717-200BGW (already in-game but corrected name and data set) Boeing 727 727-200 Douglas DC-10 DC-10-15 DC-10-30 DC-10-40
  19. Those ideas sound fantastic and should actually allow a level of control over people trying to create a spamline by doing questionable activity
  20. Would it be possible to do this maybe for only aircraft within the same aircraft family (as they will most likely have best identical speed and close turnaround times)
  21. Once we are in a place where reputation actually matters when competing with other carriers, it's definitely something that would set ASW apart
  22. I was about to shift and up-gauge some flights between my aircraft...before realising just how difficult it is to change the aircraft schedules from one to another if it's a busy schedule on one aircraft. An option to simply move or swap the schedule from the aircraft management page would be a huge help.
  23. On that note, I'd be happy to start some research into real world aircraft seat types/versions/brands if required to allow some variety.
  24. I feel like a difference between a hub and a base/focus city should affect the cost involved and having them as different items would give a more realistic aspect
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