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New Release Schedule


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Hi Folks!


A lot of announcements today both minor and major so lets get the minor announcements out of the way,


  1. I have restored all the Veteran/Patreon roles from the old forum server crash, so that should be restored. If you use a different account now please reach out and I'll update it.
  2. I have now created an archive of the forum on https://archive.airsim.world/index0e5b.html?/forums/, so if you want to refer to the old forums for any reason its there should you need to for archive purposes.
  3. I have also fixed all the role badges and stuff.
  4. Forum Alliances are back!

Now for the major announcements. As most of you have noted 0.3 has been taking a while, this is in large part because of the huge time commitments I have with grad school as well as just the scale of the update. To this end, I feel like the idea of having a bunch of major updates is just not working insofar as I am unable to produce updates as quickly as I would like. Another part of it is the fact that it has become a bit of a wish-wosh of different features in different stages of completion which is also largely due to the large time frame of the release (I dont feel like working on the same things all the time, keep in mind this is a project I do in my spare time that I actually lose money on). I like having major releases both because of the hype that it creates (its great to see people excited for an update, and probably is my single biggest inspiration for working on this) but also because it allows me to more easily keep track of features and allows me to group the various database changing features together (since live database changes are both the riskiest and most painful part of deploying a new version, because although there is always a backup that is ran to ensure the safety of the data, restoring the backup takes a while, and the preparation I go through to ensure that the update runs smoothly (basically doing a practice run on a local build) takes a while). That said, having one major update a year is pretty slow pace.

And so to this end I think I will make a pretty significant change. First, probably tomorrow though no later than before A II resets, I will release 0.2.3, which will be mainly a maintenance update with bug fixes and auto-gate leasing (because that's the single biggest source of confusion for new players) as well as support for new parameters for the new demand model so that the data team could get cracking on those (those wont do anything until the new demand model update gets implemented). From there on out, we're going to switch to a rolling release type system, whereby rather than grouping a bunch of features together I will just work on what I can and try to get an update once a month, some months there will be major changes, some months very minor, some months there might not be an update and others there might be more than one, but thats the rough idea. Basically every month I will put out a Patreon test build, let it run for 1-2 weeks there to test it and the deploy it on the live server (BTW, if you want to help support ASW please feel free to support our Patreon here, I will be introducing Patreon only features into the sim (cosmetic non-game changing ones, so nothing that would give an unfair advantage) with the first rolling release as well). As for versioning we're going to move on to the calver versioning system, whereby the version will be YY.MM.Micro (so the first rolling release will be 20.11.0 Alpha) (ps, if you dont care for versioning schemes thats fine, I just always found them very interesting). This will probably need to change once we're out of Alpha/Beta but we'll deal with that when we get there. As such, the first rolling release will probably the November release whereby the Patreon early access will be released in late October/very early November, and then a full rollout a couple of weeks after. For that update it will have a bunch of UI updates, updates to maintenance and (maybe) the new demand model. The way that I will get these releases out is by continuing to work on 0.3 and then just merging finished features that get completed into the rolling release to ensure that no unfinished features break anything, which should allow me to also still keep track of progression and work on multiple features at the same time.

BTW, if we get more Patrons and there is significant interest I am willing to put the in development version of 0.3 or whatever version I'm working on a test server but currently its just not worth my time, but if the Patrons are interested I would be ok with it.


Either way, let me know what y'all think, I'm always looking for feedback and to see what you guys want to see. The support you guys have given me has been great and really keeps me going. Thanks!

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  • sviridovt changed the title to New Release Schedule

Also, just to clarify all Veterans and Staff Members get the same benefits as Patrons, so will be able to access the early releases and the exclusive graphical features. These features include everyone being able to update an airline livery, but Patrons will get to upload a livery per aircraft type, and get to further customize their 'My Airline' page with more exclusive features to come at a later time!

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