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Speeding up early game


A III Poll  

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  1. 1. Would you support raising the number of instant deliveries from 1 to 5 for A III?

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    • No

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Hey folks!

One of the main issues that I'm trying to tackle with the sim long term is the progression, currently the progression (in my opinion) is too slow in the early game, and too fast in the late game. Thus one idea I had was to increase the number of planes that you get an instant delivery on from 1 to 5 (and increase the starting cash accordingly to allow you to take advantage of that). I have my qualms about this solution as I am afraid that it will just speed up the rate at which one can get into the crazy progression stage of the sim, but that happens exponentially anyway so maybe its not much of a change. Either way, I set up a poll to address this for the upcoming A III reset, so let me know what you think.


The other change I was thinking (though one that wont be implemented for AIII) is to change how timing works in the sim, to have it run faster in the earlier years of the world (though still slow for the first 3 days to allow people to join), and then slow it down after 5-10 years or so.


I would love to hear your feedback about both of those ideas so let me know!

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