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AirSimWorld 0.1.2b Alpha


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Alright, it took me a while to figure out why the time wasnt advancing (it was working perfectly on my local machine), and after spending hours on this I just figured to try restarting the server and somehow that fixed it. I guess sometimes the answer is to just turn it off and on...


Either way, this is the second part to 0.1.2 although there will still be a third part


AirSimWorld 0.1.2b Alpha

- FIXED: Excessive Fuel Prices ( #50) (Although I think this only applies to new flights) 

- FIXED: 'Thursday' spelling in the scheduler (#51)

- FIXED: Time not advancing (#53) (hopefully) 

- FIXED: Negative pax (#48)

- FIXED: Profit on flights not-aligning to actual profit (#46)

- FIXED: Taxes not being deducted

- IMPROVED: Changed demand formula to have less of a distance decay, more demand between large cities, less demand between smaller cities


This was a pretty major update, requiring me to rewrite much of the demand functions. As such, all flights will have to be reset. This might take some time so please be patient. 

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