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Fuel Update + World C

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Hi folks! 


I am happy to announce the release of the Fuel Update! Here are the features (some have been released in preview or were already out but are still encompassed here). Please note, that even though I'm not enabling the fuel portion for existing worlds this update nevertheless introduces a lot of re balancing changes that make the sim harder. You might need to look at your finances. 

AirSimWorld 24.04.22 - Fuel Update

  • Fuel Model Update
    • Fuel prices now change dynamically and can have realistic ups and downs
    • Fuel prices now visible on the dashboard 
    • All aircraft fuel consumption has been audited, this resulted in a fair few changes for a number of aircraft where it appears unit confusion seemed to have effected fuel consumption
    • Aircraft order page now shows average fuel consumption for each engine option
    • Note: Fuel model/aircraft adjustments are not available in B IX and Arcade I as this is a disruptive update. World C I will have the new model and future iterations of B and Arcade will as well. 
  • New Dashboard
    • Dashboard now shows more useful graphs, allowing for more fine grained selection 
    • Top/Worst flights now have user selectable criteria, allowing users to sort by profit, load factor, passenger count or capacity
    • Competitive landscape section will now show any other airlines actions on routes where they compete with the player
    • Added Forum posts to the dashboard 
  • New Notification System
    • Notification system now replaces the old mail system
      • For UI support purposes we still have mail display supported. This will be refreshed in a future update
    • Aircraft delivery notifications are now grouped by aircraft type 
    • Notification details will now show more information, allowing you to navigate to the appropriate aircraft/route
    • Introduced new notification types 
      • New Airline/Welcome notification
      • Leases expiring soon notification
      • Leases expired notification
      • Loans paid off notification 
      • Aircraft repossessed due to non-payment notification (both loans and leases) 
      • Missed payments notification (both loans and leases) 
  • Staff System Rebalanced
    • Staffing requirements audited to be more realistic 
      • Number of maintenance staff, ramp agents, airport agents required increased 
      • Number of executives, and customer service reps required decreased
    • Flight attendant and pilot reserves will now be accounted in flight expenses rather than calculated separately, allowing for more visibility. 
    • Note: First quarter expect a lot of turmoil as training costs/effectiveness will be impacted by rapid change. This should effect every airline in the same way and balance out over time. 
  • Smaller Updates/Bug Fixes
    • Debt processing system has been rewritten to be more stable and optimal
      • Fixed bug whereby some aircraft that were leased would not be returned, and be stuck in zombie mode
      • Fixed bug where financial report would not accurately reflect lease/loans paid causing a discrepancy in totals. 
    • Fixed bug where gate leases were not showing up as expenses in Financial Reports
    • Gate Lease prices now calculate when gates are leased rather than once a month
    • Added World Initialization event for easier world creation 
    • Fixed a bug where ramp and airport agent attrition was miscalculated 
    • Fixed a bug where gate assignment would sometimes not find a an available leased/owned gate causing slot rental to be used
    • Fixed bug causing staff recalculations to occasionally fail
    • Temporarily disabled forum alliances in game, IPB does not provide an API for getting all of users alliances. I plan on deprecating IPB soon and so it's not worth creating a caching solution for the interim, so I'll just disable it for now
    • Deprecated event manager in favor of celery for background tasks

With that, I'm also introducing World C I, which will run from 1975-2000. Overall I have decided to go towards worlds that run about 3 months long with some exceptions, in general this is the road map worlds wise (not all coming soon, this is more of a vision):

  • Arcade world - Fast moving (7 days per turn), long term Arcade world (no political restrictions, aircraft restrictions etc.)
  • Dynasty world - Fast moving (7 days per turn), long term realistic world (will run from 1935-2035)
  • The letter worlds - Slower paced (1 day per turn), realistic world :
    • World A, "Dawn of Flight": 1935-1955
    • World B, "Jet Age": 1950-1980
    • World C, "Digital Age": 1975-2000
    • World D, "Modern Marvel": 2000-2030
  • Open Challenge - Occasional challenge worlds with special restrictions/rules. 


With that, announcing World C I:

World C I "Digital Age" 

Timeframe: 1975-2000 

World Speed: 15 Minutes/day (45 minutes/day until Thursday, April 25 to give people time to join and set up their airlines)

Starting Money: $7,500,000

Rules/Difficulty: Normal/5 Instant deliveries for new airlines


Let me know if you experience any issues or any other suggestions. I will be making a dev blog soon about my plans for the next major release. Thanks! 

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18 minutes ago, Aurora International LLC said:

I think another small but helpful suggestion which I think many people would use is the ability to follow an airline- see its weekly income, new routes, if it purchases aircraft, terminals, etc. 

It is part of the plan to add that in the future.

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4 minutes ago, Sky Global Holdings said:

I have a question on politial restrictions why cant I fly from Atlanta to Mexico when I am centered in nrt

NRT is in Japan, political restrictions are such that you have to fly either to or from your home country unless there is an open sky agreement in plafe (such as EU), whereby any EU airline can fly freely anywhere within EU. There are also some other restrictions between specific pairs of countries, such as US and Cuba (where any flights have to be in/out of specific airports) and some where flights are completely forbidden between two countries (such as US and North Korea). 

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