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Hi Folks! 

I am now putting the new dashboard into preview as I have achieved feature parity with the current dashboard, there are still a few issues to work out and notifications/competitive outlook is still not supported (though will be before full release). This is also the first step in a UI revamp, so general feedback about the look is appreciated as well. I do want to add some more color into the whole setup and plan to play around with it more. Further, while the new dashboard does show fuel prices, and those prices are 'real' in the sense that this is what the sim will use once the fuel update comes out, the flight model currently does not use those prices. 

As always, I look forward to hearing your feedback. To get a look into the new dashboard just go ahead to the dashboard and press the 'Try Now' button. 


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12 hours ago, OpenBeta said:

the words are a bit big

I might play around with fonts more, I am using TailwindsCSS with this redesign and am still figuring out the exact design as far as fonts and the exact color scheme. I do want to go with something a bit more interesting 

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I have added the new notifications which have been deployed throughout the sim as a replacement for the existing mail system, but also as part of the notifications card. I still have a few more notification types to add (as well as competitive outlook, which is just a different type of notification that is separate from all the others). Looking into the metrics everything appears to be doing well with regards to the new dashboard so once those new types get added I will enable the new dashboard as the default experience. I will leave the option to use the old dashboard for now as I am still working on getting all of the testing infrastructure in place to validate that breaking changes do not sneak into prod. 

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57 minutes ago, s219 said:

Maybe you can look into if it is possible to have a page where you can see your overall effectiveness, reputation, and other similar stats compared to the industry and country average.

I do actually have something similar planned for as part of the maintenance update coming after the fuel update is done. I want to also take that as an opportunity to revisit reputation since there currently isn't a good representation of reputation in game despite it having a significant impact on passenger preferences. 

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