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Willingness To Pay Update (23.12.27)


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Update 23.12.27

New Features 

  • Updated Willingness to pay formula to slightly increase pax willingness to pay on ultra short haul routes, decreasing it significantly for medium haul and long haul routes. Note that this change will not impact Arcade ∅ which will stay with the current algorithm but will impact Arcade I when that gets started, this change will also effect World B IX following any route updates.
  • Changed default price for routes to be slightly below median willingness to pay, such that assuming there are no competitors you should be able to capture majority (though not all) of the demand for a route given the default price. 
  • The Scheduler direction selector will now flip on flight creation to make it easier to create flights in the opposite direction 
  • Various Scheduler performance improvements

Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed an issue where updating the route in the Scheduler would not force a route update.
  • Fixed an issue where the Scheduler would allow creation of flights before the turnaround time.
  • Fixed Airline selector drop down on route research and some other pages not showing user's airlines. 

Please note that these willingness to pay changes are designed to make the game harder and will be applied to the current World B IX, as such you might need to re-adjust your prices down. I apologize for not getting these changes out earlier, I expected to get them out before the world reset but miscalculated when the B VIII was going to end. Also note that while this update changes how much pax are willing to pay, it does not change the demand itself. 

Please let me know if there are any issues or suggestions, I will continue to mess around with the values in the coming days to further tweak them for best in game experience. 



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