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World B IX


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Resetting world B 


World B IX

Timeframe: 1950-2025 

World Speed: 10 Minutes/day (Paused until tomorrow, 45 minutes/day until Thursday, December 28th to give people time to join and set up their airlines)

Starting Money: $5,000,000

Rules/Difficulty: Normal/5 Instant deliveries for new airlines


Note, that there will be a rebalance update for willingness to pay to reduce the amount that passengers will be willing to pay some point before the world accelerates to full speed. 


Further, this is likely the last iteration of World B (at least in it's current form), as I wish to move these longer running worlds to run at a pace of 7 days per turn to speed them up (currently World B runs for about half a year IRL, I want to make most worlds run at most 3 months or so to speed things up). I am working on plans to create new worlds and will share those details at a later time. 

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