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WindSail Airlines now flying


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Cleveland, OH USA May 1959 ((Game World BIII))

WindSail Airlines (IATA: WS / ICAO: WSE) finally received their air carrier's operating certificate after over a year of intense planning and capital raising. WindSail is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio at the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. Upon finalizing their contract of carriage they began operations securing aircraft leasing, hiring personnel, and route arrangements. WindSail is initial offering daily service to Chicago - O' Hare and New York - LaGuardia. WSA has negotiated some long term commitments with the Cleveland Port Authority by initially leasing 4 gates with a reserve right of first refusal to expand to 20 over the next 5 years. The airport opened in 1925 as a major US Air Mail transfer facility, and in 1927 built the world's first airport control tower. Since construction of the airport's new terminal building in 1956 it has been actively seeking to secure an airline to headquarter or establish a hub there.

WindSail has reported to us that it is using these two initial routes to fine tune its internal policies and procedures. To quote WindSail's CEO "We are using this time to make sure we are doing things internally the way we should be as well as evaluating all the ways we interact with our new customers. This is allowing us to fine tune our playbook so we can smoothly expand our footprint into other routes seamlessly." Additionally they are frequently surveying their customers, and is currently researching which markets to expand into next. They claim they full expect to expand their offerings before the end of the year.

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