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City Clustering Model


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Hey folks!


Although I didn't have time to work on ASW too much over the past few months with grad school deadlines coming (I am now done for the semester 🙂 ) , it doesnt mean I totally didnt do anything ASW related. One of my term projects for one of my classes involved developing an algorithm for clustering cities, a variation of which I plan to use for the new demand model in order to unify demand between two airports in the same city (JFK will compete with EWR and LGR etc.). Now that that class is done, and that this algorithm is not core the sim (there is nothing to be gained by knowing how the code works, its output will be public in the sim anyway) I have decided to release the term paper just for anyone interested. Although I do plan to further work on the code (its honestly a mess, but thats what happens when you write code on no sleep), but the general idea is there (also, since this code will only ever be ran once, there isn't really a reason to worry too much about its efficiency if its good enough).

My current plans are to mess more with the alpha value, probably going to set it higher and set A = A^3, thus making it so that cities can be clustered if they are within a longer distance iff they are connected by a close city in between. But either way, this is something I haven't thought too much about.

Either way, I'm just putting it out there in case someone is interested.


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