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AirSimWorld 0.1.2c Alpha


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Alright folks, here is the final of 0.1.2 updates. From this point on, I will have to take a few days break from working on the game due to midterms, but I will try to push out 0.1.3 update later this coming week after which I will start focusing on 0.2 unless major issues arise. Here is the changelog for 0.1.2c:


AirSimWorld 0.1.2c Alpha:

FIXED: Ability to change/remove new flights in the scheduler

FIXED: Scheduler save button gives visual indication when pressed

NEW: Ability to select multiple weekdays when creating new flights in the scheduler

NEW: Time selector in scheduler now uses a masked input when creating new flight

NEW: Airport Page

-> Ability to see a map, list of destinations and market share chart of an airport

-> Most places where you see an airport listed link to that airports page

NEW: Flight prices for other airlines flights are now shown on route research page

NEW: Flight schedules for other airlines aircraft are now shown on the aircraft page

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