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Announcing AirSimWorld


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After working on this game for over a year (admittedly very on-and-off), I am happy to announce that I will be releasing the first public Alpha release within the next few days. Although this is an initial Alpha release, which will be far from perfect, I am happy to be finally releasing it publicly. I hope to create something that a lot of fellow aviation nerds will enjoy, and I hope that you will stick around to see it. With that in mind, here is what ASW is and what its core features are: 

What is AirSimWorld?

AirSimWorld is an online Airline Tycoon Business Simulator that tries to accurately emulate what it would be like to run a real airline. The goal is to give player a choice to run the most RyanAir-esque, no frills, bringing your arms on board costs extra airline, to the most prestigious gulf carriers, or anything in between. You can run a hub-and-spoke airline, relying on connections at your hubs to give you traffic, or a point to point model. The choice is yours!


Dynamic Cabin Classes

Unlike most Airline Tycoon style games, ASW doesn't limit you to having only certain classes, there is no such thing as 'business class' passenger, instead every passenger has a price they're willing to pay and certain perks they expect for that price. This gives you freedom to classify your airline however you wish, but be careful, offer too many perks to the premium economy passengers, and you might just see that they wont buy that business class ticket after all. 


Real Passengers, Real Itineraries

The passengers flying your airline are real passengers with real itineraries and real connections. Cancelling one flight will have an impact across your network of routes, so plan carefully! 


Real Maintenance

In ASW, maintenance is not an ongoing cost, each plane has its own maintenance record, with its own maintenance needs. Different checks will require a different amount of money. You might want to sell off your planes before they require a D check! 




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A brief update. Everything is ready on my end, I'm just testing out the final production server. However, the person I hired to do data entry is still working on it and (according to her) it will be done tomorrow. Once its done, I'll import the aircraft into the game and release it. 

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