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  1. A "flight configuration", like the already existing aircraft configuration. You could save and load flight configurations from the flight creation screen. Then it'll be much faster to make flights.
  2. I'd like to compare how much fuel planes use when I buy them, so that I can think of the demand/supply/fuel ratio. Is there anywhere that shows the fuel/nm of an aircraft?
  3. I've been looking at the issue tracker, and there are some absolutely devastating sim-breaking ones that have been there for months without being fixed. I've recently come across a bug that several other people seem to also have found, which is that leasing gates at any airport with multiple terminals all named "B" causes an error. It seems to me like a pretty major problem, so I thought maybe the issue tracker is being forgotten?
  4. Me too. I think Mr Sviridovt forgot to start the world
  5. No, It's all rental. I found out that KIX doesn't have gates available for lease and you need to build a terminal to get your own gates
  6. I'm quite new to this game. I only have one plane. I was going good for a while, but then my gate rentals of $21,787,920 caught up with me, and all my saving were gone in 2 seconds. All of my flights stop at KIX, and most of the gate rentals are from there. My saving are in the minus zone so I can't make a terminal. Can someone tell me how to get out of this situation?
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