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  1. In the current iteration of the demand model the demand is determined based on distance and relative populations served (which is a formula depending on population within a 50 nm radius of the airport distance adjusted), along with international considerations. I am a few weeks away from releasing a new update with the new demand model that makes demand much more dynamic by having 7 different types of demand (from tourists to business demand etc.) determined based on parameters that each city and nation has in regards to its tourism appeal, industrial activity, income inequality etc. (btw if someone wants to help out with assigning these attributes feel free to reach out). Further the new demand model works by metropolitan areas, with each airport within the same metro area competing with all the others in the same area (so Newark-LAX flights compete with JFK-LAX flights for example). I'm also planning on adding flight connections in but its a slightly different beast altogether (I still have PTSD from the first time I added flight connections in the sim).
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