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  • How to make a flight!

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    Gibus Airline Group

    Ok boys, since there is no proper documentation, this will serve as the temporary solution until the documentation is finished. If there are any concerns or suggestions, just DM me here or over discord (Gibus#3769). 

    So, you've got a plane, and you're itching to start making some green, but don't know how to make a flight? Well, you've come to the right place! Here I will explain the basics of using the Flight Scheduler to assist you in making your first flights!

    Firstly, you need to plan your route. Go to the Market Research tab under the Flights category.


    Now search your main hub and the destination airport in the provided search boxes. 


    Once you have the route, you'll get some information about the route. 


    The only important thing right now, is the distance. 


    You need to make sure that your aircraft has enough range. 


    In this case, the aircraft can make the trip. Now just click on select aircraft. You'll get a popup window, which is the flight scheduler


    This may seem overwhelming at first, but let's break it down.


    This represents time. Every 2 bars stand for 1 hour. On the top is the legend, which gives the 3 main timezones. GMT, the starting airport, and the destination airport. 


    This is the place where you input the data for the flight. The flight route is the direction of the flight. You need to make a return flight eventually, as you cannot just fly there and not fly back. The Departure day is the days that you want to schedule the flight to, and the Departure Time is the time when the plane will depart.

    Let's make an example. Say I want to fly at 8:00am Local Singapore time on Monday, Thursday and Saturday. I would set the settings like this. 


    As you can see, I want to fly there, Monday, Thursday and Saturday at 3:00AM GMT time. You need to insert the time in GMT, not the local time. Once you click add flight, you'll see this. 


    The blue sections is where the aircraft is in the air, meaning it's not available. One more thing, before hanging on more flights, make note of the turnaround time. You need to leave this amount of time between scheduled flights as that is the time the ground staff need to turn the plane around and make it ready for the return trip.


    Also,  you must make sure to schedule return flights and always remember to SAVE the planned routes, or else they will not be planned. 


    Now close the tab, and voila! you've got a planned route! But what's this? you're making losses?


    This is because you need to adjust the ticket prices. You can adjust them here. image.thumb.png.daad387712141f498ff2755e977ab1e5.png

    Make sure that the prices are resonable, or else passengers will not take the flight!


    once you find the right price point, you'll have a profitable flight! Don't worry about the load factor, you can always improve the experience and load factors later when you modify the route. 


    Anyways, that's it! There are more tutorials on the way, so keep an eye out! Once again, if there are any questions, suggestions, improvements or concerns, just DM me here or over discord (Gibus#3769). 

    Until the next time, this is Gibus Airline Group, signing out!


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    Renaissance Air

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    Explains everything!

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    it was good, but i am still having problems, like the fact that when i do that it doesnt actually fly the route.


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    The Last Baron

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    And how do you pay for an aircraft? New to your sim and it is packed with great features but with $5 m  start up I cannot even buy any planes so how am I to begin? The guide does NOT explain that...

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    I followed the tutorial but... I can't see my flight scheduled

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