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Aircraft Reconfiguration Options

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I would like to suggest the ability to reconfigure your aircraft outside of a C or D check and/or give the ability to force the plane to perform X maintenance type.

Obviously from a realism perspective you can't just reconfigure a plane willy nilly. So if you give the ability outside of a check you can simply charge a monetary fee. It could be scalable fee say based on plane size, etc. Airlines often use the heavy maint checks to do major changes/upgrades but not always depending on the situation so its not unrealistic of an option. Plus naturally it would cost money anyhow.

Doing it during a check is fine but technically even then it should cost money, so implementing the above might be a great way to go.

A temporary solution though might be to just add the ability to force a C or D check. As of right now I see no way to reconfigure a few of my planes for the next 2 years until their next C check takes place. A simple forced heavy maintenance cycle could remedy that.

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