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  3. It would be very useful if there is information when the next day starts, located under the navigation bar.
  4. Alright, I want to look into starting a new world within the next few weeks. Please vote on what time period y'all are interested in and whatever wins out will be the new World B. Please note that World A will be reset once it reached 2020 in game and will be reset back to 1970. Feel free to select multiple options, if everyone selects options that they are ok with then the winners in each category will be what is acceptable to the most number of people!
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  6. Thank you for keeping these coming, I'll start working on a large all-in-one airport update and implement it in a single go as a kind of data update in the next few weeks. Once I know a schedule, I'll let you know.
  7. Airport Name: Gorna Oryahovitsa Airport Airport Country: Bulgaria Decimal Latitude: 43.151402 Decimal Longitude: 25.712900 Length of Longest Runway: Source: https://ourairports.com/airports/LBGO/
  8. Yeah, The demand model will probably be adjusted for 0.3, although I can't guarantee changes for specific countries since the demand is generated dynamically based on a number of factors. It will expand for 0.3 though.
  9. That's already a part of the next update that will be released soon. 🙂
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  11. Hi, the demand for Sweden is currently just crazy. There is a demand of around 60 people from arlanda to lulea/umea, to Luxemburg its around 680. In real Life its nearly the opposite... btw: thanks for your work! Very cool!
  12. Airport Name: Chuuk International Airport Airport Country: Micronesia Decimal Latitude: 7° 27′ 43″ N Decimal Longitude: 151° 50′ 35″ E Length of Longest Runway: 6,006 ft. | 1,831 m https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chuuk_International_Airport
  13. Airport Name: Pohnpei International Airport Airport Country: Micronesia Decimal Latitude: 6° 59′ 6″ N Decimal Longitude: 158° 12′ 32″ E Length of Longest Runway: 6,001 ft | 1829 m https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pohnpei_International_Airport
  14. Airport Name: Kosrae International Airport Airport Country: Micronesia Decimal Latitude: 5° 21′ 25″ N Decimal Longitude: 162° 57′ 30″ E Length of Longest Runway: 5,750 ft. | 1753 m https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kosrae_International_Airport
  15. Airport Name: Marshall Islands International Airport Airport Country: Marshall Islands Decimal Latitude: 7° 3′ 53″ N Decimal Longitude: 171° 16′ 19″ E Length of Longest Runway: 7,897 ft | 2,407 m https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marshall_Islands_International_Airport
  16. Could we get an option to buy the aircraft from the lessor?
  17. Maybe, I'm working on aircraft schedule transfers
  18. nice, would love this. Also, could it be possible to assign the same schedule to multiple of the same planes on the same route? I'm kinda sick of assigning 10 74's to the same route with the same schedule lol
  19. This would make transferring flights between planes and retiring them easier, especially with high-density short range routes, which take forever to delete one by one.
  20. Series Name : Airbus A340 Model Name: A340-600 Base Cost: $275,400,000 Crew Count: 2 Cabin Length: 60.98m Cabin Width: 5.28m Number of Doors: 8 Main, 2 "emergency" Maximum Capacity: 440 First Flight Date: 23 Apr 2001 Stop Production Date: 2011 Maximum Cycles (if possible, not always easy to find): Not Found. Take off Roll (m): 3,400 Empty Weight (kg): 174,179 Max Fuel Weight (kg): 155,539 Max Hold Payload (kg): 66,224 MTOW (kg): 381,018 Turnaround time (min): 62 Engine Manufacturer: Rolls Royce Engine Model: Trent 556 Cost: 50 Million (for four) UNSURE ABOUT THIS INFORMATION Empty Range (nm): 7,900nm Full Range (nm): 7,550nm Speed: 470kn cruising
  21. Airport Name: Hamad International Airport Airport Country: Qatar Decimal Longitude and Latitude: 25°16′23″N 51°36′29″E Length of Longest Runway: 15,912 ft. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hamad_International_Airport
  22. Series Name : Airbus A320neo Model Name: A321LR Base Cost: $129,500,000 Crew Count: 2 Cabin Length: 44.51m Cabin Width: 3.63m Number of Doors: 4 Main, 6 "emergency" Maximum Capacity: 240 First Flight Date: 31 Jan 2018 Stop Production Date: 2050 Maximum Cycles (if possible, not always easy to find): Not Found, estimated same as A321neo Take off Roll (m): 1,988 Empty Weight (kg): 50,122 Max Fuel Weight (kg): 26,835 Max Hold Payload (kg): 25,492 MTOW (kg): 96,978 Turnaround time (min): 45 Engine Manufacturer: CFM Engine Model: LEAP-1A33 Cost: 29 Million (for two) Empty Range (nm): 4,700nm Full Range (nm): 4,000nm Speed: 450kn cruising Engine Manufacturer: Pratt & Whitney Engine Model: PW1133G-JM Cost: 24 Million (for two) Empty Range (nm): 4,700nm Full Range (nm): 4,000nm Speed: 450kn cruising
  23. Airport Name: Istanbul Airport Airport Country: Turkey Decimal Longitude and Latitude: 41.2599° N, 28.7427° E Length of Longest Runway: 13,451 ft. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Istanbul_Airport
  24. Airport Name: Beijing Daxing International Airport Airport Country: China Decimal Longitude and Latitude: 39.5098° N, 116.4105 Length of Longest Runway: 12,467 ft. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beijing_Daxing_International_Airport
  25. I think I have have fixed the bug of when entering the Alliance
  26. As one of the world's largest operators of 752s, I've been looking into what I should start ordering once they go out of production. Boeing seems to recommend the 739ER, but the data here has a major hiccup. Airsim lists the cabin length of the base 739 correctly, at 37.11m, but the 739ER seems to have a typo, at just 17.11m (which is much shorter than even a 731). Any chance we can get that corrected before they become available for order?
  27. How do we change aircraft configurations on aircraft that have more seats than the max? Thanks.
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