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  1. Hey neville2020, do you have a general idea for what your plan is? For my airline, British Atlantic Airways, would focus on flights to European cities from London. I won't add more transatlantic destinations until the jet age, but will increase frequencies on flights to New York and Toronto. If you plan on flying to either of those two cities, let me know, I think we can share gates.
  2. Just wondering, what determines the demand on a specific route? Does demand match what year it is? (So it increases as time goes on?) Why do some airports such as Guangzhou and Dubai have very little demand? Why do fights to and from Shanghai Hongqiao have a higher demand than Shanghai Pudong even after Shanghai Pudong opened and became the main airport of Shanghai?
  3. We currently have an alliance with the same name in world B IV! Feel free to join. I am British Atlantic Airways with headquarters at London Heathrow, the United Kingdom.
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