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  1. I would look at IFS settings, upper class passengers expect a lot more in terms of in flight experience.
  2. 1-- Custom Classes are actually already implemented. 2 & 5 -- You could run subsidiaries as part of an alliance (in 0.2) and contracts are coming later where you could (I assume create feeder contracts). 4 -- Leasing is coming in 0.2 7 --Seat config is already in the game and is getting expanded with more seat options I think in 0.2.
  3. Choices usually aren't as cut and dry as far as "most profitable" imo, a lot of people went for the 727 series and I bought tridents, I think I was one of the few to operate Tridents in this game and I was fairly successful with it. Families are getting introduced soon which will allow more strategy as long as the price isn't negligible so for example, do you want to operate the A330 which leaves you with the A330-200 and A330-300 which gives you some flexibility or go with the MD11, does the MD11 give you additional options as far as range at the cost of blowing a family on one type or maybe the ER gets you there. Geography is also a factor, If you're operating from Australia for example, you're looking at long range where you're looking at fuel costs and range vs. if you're a European carrier you're gonna be looking at a lot shorter range planes with low turnaround costs where you have a lot more options. You could run ATRs or Dash 8s which is kind of the mainstream option, but Embraer has some turboprops that might work for specific cases, and the F50 could work. In jets you could run the A320 series or 737 which is mainstream but you also have the MD80 series, Fokker jets, or you could maybe run CRJ1000s later which would mean you'd want to start with the CRJ700, or ERJs. The other feature that's coming is negotiations so realistically, for more niche planes, airlines are going to be able to negotiate which adds a lot of possibilities there. I'm not sure if plane size categories for airport handling is a factor/is going to be a factor but that would also have an impact. This game seems to have a lot more viable countries than others I've played so I'm thinking overall you're going to be able to make more use of niche planes than usual.
  4. Yeah that's ideal for me, but I don't want to rain on anyone's parade...
  5. Would it be possible to get sequential tailnumbers to keep track of planes in a meaningful way? As my fleet grows it's kind of hard to keep track of planes with random tails. I'm looking at replacing 100+ Tridents soon... So it's going to be kind of a disaster with random tails where as I could say CE0029 to CE0130 and so on in a spreadsheet and do them sequentially
  6. Are we going to replace say 30 planes at a time through the wizard or would I need to go individually replace each plane in a group of 30 one at a time?
  7. Ideally maybe have aircraft fleets, so we could do replacements/refits on a larger scale, so for example if I have an A340 pacific long haul fleet I could say, refit these to a new layout on their next C or D check, or as they hit C or D rotate X fleet's aircraft in to replace them.
  8. +1 for this, with leasing coming, I'd like to be able to start gradually pulling older planes out of service and leasing them out for the last part of their life and replacing them with new planes as they get delivered. As a bonus thing, I don't know how heavy of a load this would be or if its planned for the UI update phase, but it would be really cool to be able to see current cycles and what routes a plane is on in table format for planning purposes.
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