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    Gibus Airline Group

    So, I see some people having some error messages, who then turn to the Discord to ask there. This inspired me to create this little thread. 

    If there is any other error message that is not included, DM me over the forums or over Discord (Gibus#3769) and I'll add it to the list as soon as I can. 


    • ERROR: Discontinuity in Aircraft Schedule
      • This means that you have some kind of inconsistency in the flight planning. Double check the flights. Do you have a flight to the destination, but no return flight? Then that's your issue!
    • ERROR: Aircraft is overbooked
      • If you don't take the turnover time into consideration, you need to add the turnover time before letting the plane fly again. 
      • Make sure that the plane flight does not overflow the day, meaning it flies from (example) 19:00 to 01:00. This will also give the error.
    • ERROR: You cannot operate this flight due to political restrictions!
      • This means that your hub is not included in the route that you've plotted. Make sure that your hub is included. (Stopovers will be added in a future update)


    So, that is all the errors I have for now, remember, contact me if you have an error that is not on the list. This guide will be updated as errors pop up. 

    Anyways, until the next time, this is Gibus Airline Group, signing out!

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