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Found 2 results

  1. Ok, so you started a airline, and don't know what to do? First, if you start in world A, you'll have 5 million but in world B you'll only have 1 million. Usually at start you should buy a AN-2. It's the only plane you can afford if you play World B. But if you starts with World A you can also buy AN-26 which can carry more passengers(If you join later, you'll have more plane which is bigger that you can afford too). Then, you should have some new routes. Click into the "Market Research" tab. Choose a route that is not longer than the distance your plane can fly. Note that your origin must be in your country. Otherwise you'll see a message telling you "You cannot operate this flight due to political restrictions!". Then click into the flight planner. Your plane have to be back to where it start before next day or you'll see another error "Discontinuity in Aircraft Schedule." Also keep an eye on your plane's "turnover time". It's the time that the plane prepares for its next flight. Then, click "save" and wait for a while. After it shows "Success!" close the flight manager tab. Wait... you're losing money? You should change the price. It's default is $100 and you should try another new price that you can earn money but people doesn't feel so expensive. Great! You've created your first route! Now wait for the money to roll in!
  2. Hi! I started a new airline, but I don't know how to get started because for starter money, it gave me $1,000,000 and everything else is above that. So is there anything I can do or do I have to wait?
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