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  1. try hard. try soviet aircraft.
  2. Hi! Playing this game for a couple moths, and it's really interesting! But, like a Russian, I want to fly between russian cities and regions, but it's impossible, only Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and couple of big cities is able to fly. It's really funny then there are 8 people flying KJA-NSK) That's impossible. Of course this number can't be a 10.000, but at least 1000? Can you check Russian numbers of passengers? And, one more thing. Is it possible to add a small pictures of aircraft type/modification? Regards, and thanks.
  3. Series Name (eg. Boeing 737, Airbus A330 etc.): Tupolev Tu-154 Model Name (eg. Boeing 737-700, Airbus A330-200 etc.): Tupolev Tu-154M Base Cost: 30000000 Crew Count (pilots only): 3 Cabin Length: 43.0 meters (plz fix it for Tu-154B-2) Cabin Width: 3,56 м Number of Doors: 4 [endif] Maximum Capacity: 180 First Flight Date: 1982 Stop Production Date: 2013 Maximum Cycles (if possible, not always easy to find): 245000 Take off Roll (m): 2300 Empty Weight (kg): 55000 Max Fuel Weight (kg): 39750 Max Hold Payload (kg): 18000 MTOW (kg): 104000 Turnaround time (min): 30 min [For each engine option:] Engine Manufacturer: Soloviev Engine Model: D-30KU-154 Cost: $24,500,000 Empty Range (nm): 2423 Full Range (nm): 4101 Speed (knots): 510 I am not sure about costs, but please add, this is the best and most produced modification of Tu-154, it's not B-2 at all. Regards. Source: https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ту-154#Ту-154М https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Д-30КУ
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