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    That can be done. 0.2.x/0.3
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    The poll is closed There were a few ties in the time and era questions, they were broken for slower speed (in favor of increased accessibility) and earlier era (World A will reset to 1970, while there is no world for 1950). As such the following will be World B, to be opened in a week or two depending on my time availability. Its worth noting however that I am not sure whether we have enough aircraft available in 1950 so I might have to talk to @KJS607 in regards to whether or not we'll be able to have planes for the time period. World B Time: 1950 - 2010 Speed: 20 minutes per day (30 minutes for the first week) Real world time: approximately 380 days. Please note that whenever World C gets started, it will be a modern and faster world.
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