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  1. that's strange, because Carnation Airlines was a member before me, but he (erroneous) didn't become the leader
  2. so, the Blue Horizon that I (CP Air) am suddenly the leader of is not the real one!?
  3. I fix it on the aircraft configuration it's self, I change the seat type to something other than lie-flat, then change it back. That makes the slider go up to 39.1
  4. I got the lie-flat width to go to 39.3 in
  5. Cheap DC-9-10s available! Contact me for details.
  6. also, registrations in some countries have the aircraft type in them such as Kazakhstan, an Airbus A321 would be UP-A2101, A21 meaning A321. Could this be implemented too?
  7. Could there be a way to select registrations for aircraft when you order them?
  8. Can there be away to not serve alcoholic beverages on flights, aka operate a dry airline, like Saudia?
  9. Like, single and double jetway gates, or no jetway at all?
  10. AirGEL


    might want to add B too
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